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Jan 14

Antenna Magus Professional 2017.2


Antenna Magus Professional 2017.2 | 3.5 Gb


Magus (Pty) Ltd. and CST – Computer Simulation Technology AG (CST) announce the release of Antenna Magus 2017.2, the latest version of the leading antenna design tool. The latest edition sees a number of small new features and improvements, such as the reduced size and download time of our updates as well as a number of new antennas.

Antenna Magus includes over 300 antennas, and the Specification-based workflow introduced in 2016 allows users to find, design and export suitable antennas based on their requirements. Version 2017.2 sees a number of small new features and improvements, such as the reduced size and download time of our updates as well as a number of new antennas.

New Antennas

High data speeds and multiband operation of modern wireless communication systems have significantly increased the demand for broadband antennas that are capable of supporting such requirements. In general, the systems need low-cost solutions with desired performance in terms of impedance bandwidth, polarisation and gain. The five new planar monopole antennas added to Antenna Magus fall into this category and expand on the collection of wideband planar structures within Antenna Magus.

These new antennas (which brings the total number of devices in Antenna Magus to 321) are:

– Planar Inverted Cone Antenna (PICA)
– Teardrop-Shaped Planar Inverted Cone Antenna (Tear-Shaped PICA)
– Leaf-Shaped Planar Inverted Cone Antenna (Leaf-Shaped PICA)
– Rectangular Monopole with Trident Shaped Feed
– Bevelled Rectangular Monopole with Shorting Strip

More info: HERE

Release Notes: Version 2017.2 (21 June 2017)

New or improved functionality
– The size of the patch installers has been reduced significantly, resulting in a smaller download and faster update when using the Update mechanism. [MAGUS-23634]
– When exporting a model to CST Microwave Studio, the name and date are appended to the history list for debug purposes. [MAGUS-18481]
New Antennas
– Planar inverted cone antenna (PICA) [MAGUS-23992]
– Teardrop planar inverted cone antenna (PICA) [MAGUS-24021]
– Leaf-shaped broadband monopole [MAGUS-23993]
– Bevelled rectangular monopole [MAGUS-23970]
– Trident monopole [MAGUS-24143]
Antenna improvements
– The performance estimation of the planar dualband monopole has been improved. [MAGUS-17528]
– The secondary export model for the Parabolic focus-fed axisymmetrical truncated reflector antenna has been updated. [MAGUS-24422]
– The secondary FEKO export model for the Wideband Splashplate reflector has been improved. [MAGUS-24507]
– The bounding box dimensions for the Inclined-arm turnstile antenna were incorrectly calculated for certain designs. [MAGUS-24392]
– Some CST Microwave Studio Export models may have given model update errors relating to picked edges in the 2016 and 2017 versions of CST Microwave Studio. These have been fixed. [MAGUS-24418]
– The 3D preview of the Axial choke horn with lens did not represent the lens geometry correctly. [MAGUS-24271]
– When designing the Cassegrain reflector with a partial specification, Smart Design may not always have suggested sensible values. This has been improved. [MAGUS-24343]
– One of the sketches of the Conical Cornucopia horn was incorrectly rendered. The image has been updated. [MAGUS-24215]
– Add shark fin as an alias to blade. [MAGUS-24363]
Bug fixes
– When changing unit settings from SI to Metric, the display values did not update immediately. This has been fixed. [MAGUS-24394]
– On some machines, when exporting images or data to the clipboard the export may repeatedly have failed due to permission problems. This has been improved. [MAGUS-24242]
– When designing a static antenna prototype, the design may have been assigned a transparent colour. [MAGUS-24484]
– In the specification editor, certain text boxes may have incorrectly become un-editable. [MAGUS-24249]
– The estimated performance for some waveguide antennas may have shown duplicate extracted performance values. [MAGUS-22639]
– In the Connector Library a scroll bar below each connector group should only appear when the window becomes too narrow. [MAGUS-19703]

About Magus

MAGUS (Pty) Ltd develops antenna design and information management software. Antennas designed using its software can be used in a wide variety of applications at various frequency bands, including, but not limited to, telecommunications, mobile devices, aerospace, satellite, automotive, radio astronomy and defense.

About CST- Computer Simulation Technology AG

Founded in 1992, CST is a market leader in delivering 3D electromagnetic (EM) field simulation tools through a global network of sales and support staff and representatives. CST develops CST STUDIO SUITE, a package of highperformance software for the simulation of EM fields in all frequency bands. Its growing success is based on a combination of leading edge technology, a user-friendly interface and knowledgeable support staff. CST solutions are used by market leaders in a diverse range of industries, including aerospace, automotive, defense, electronics, healthcare and telecommunications. On September 30 2016 CST joined the SIMULIA brand of Dassault Systemes

Product: Antenna Magus
Version: 2017.2 (version 7.2.0) Professional
Supported Architectures: x64
Website Home Page :

Language: english
System Requirements: PC
Supported Operating Systems: Windows 7even / 8.1 / 10 / Server 2012 R2
Software Prerequisites: CST STUDIO SUITE 2017.01



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