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Apr 10

Ashampoo Snap Business 10.0.0 Multilingual


Ashampoo Snap Business 10.0.0 Multilingual + Cracked | 55.56 MB

Ashampoo® Snap Business is tailored to fit seamlessly into your business environment. We add your design, logo and watermark + copyright notice to protect your corporate identity and intellectual property. For tighter network integration, we will also add the ability to upload screenshots and videos to a predefined network address, if desired.

Ashampoo® Snap Business turns capturing screenshots and videos into a smoother experience than ever before. Less complexity, a smarter workflow, more creative freedom and enhanced sharing capabilities. Capture images and videos right from your screen in seconds and with pixel precision, illustrate your sceenshots with texts, notes, hints, arrows, shapes and stamps and share your work with others at the click of a button. Ashampoo® Snap Business is the ideal solution to capture, illustrate and share your viewing experience.

• Capture rectangular regions
• Use free form capture for maximum flexibility
• Use timers for interval capturing

… you have the tools to express yourself visually

• Get your message across with texts, hints and notes
• Command attention with arrows, shapes and stamps
• Use the pencil tool to draw freely

… sharing becomes a breeze

• Save your screenshots to common image formats
• Create PDFs without extra tools
• Upload with ease

Ashampoo Snap 10 Highlights:
• Ashampoo Snap screenshotScreenshots and videos with up to 4K resolutions
• Precisely timed video capturing with counter, effects and pause feature
• Live video editing
• Integrate external applications for image editing and processing
• Lightning fast text recognition for websites, images and scans
• Easy content sharing through Facebook and Twitter
• Smart Microsoft Edge support
• Display keyboard input during video recordings
• Movable capture window during video recordings
• Video recordings stop automatically when no further actions occur
• Export all objects to Photoshop

Ashampoo Snap 10 uses intelligent backups to preserve the original state of your images. Time-based capturing offers many interesting possibilities to document developments over time and capture the “real” action as it unfolds. Record partially overlapped or completely covered windows – Ashampoo Snap makes it possible.

Release Notes
New Features:
– Video Editing (WMV only, WMV is the default and prefered video format)
o Trim or cut parts of a video. Strip the end of an oversized video or cut ads from within a video.
o All operations work lossless. No video quality is lost when editing a video! Every cut may be undone once.
o Export parts of a video into standalone video files. This can be used to seperate different episodes into different video files. Or to export a short movie scene (it even may be exported to a GIF animation).
o Append video files with the same width and height. This can be useful to concatenate different episodes of a movie into a single file.
o An easy to use timeline interface to do the actual work.
– Full Per-Monitor-DPI Support
o Modern Multi-Monitor-Systems nowadays often use different DPI settings for each monitor.
o The GUI of Snap (eg Editmode Window) does automatically detect each monitor DPI and reloads and scales the interface accordingly to the monitor it is shown on.
– Edit Mode Windowed Support
o For the first time in 10 years it is now possible to use the Editmode GUI in windowed mode!
o The user can switch between fullscreen and windowed display and the application automatically saves this setting.
o In windowed mode the Editmode can be used on monitor chosen by the user.
– Capture Website URL
o Snap automatically detects if the screenshot grabbed is part of a website and saves the URL accordingly (Firefox, Chrome, IE, Edge).
o The URL is saved within the metadata of the screenshot (PNG, JPG).
o The URL is shown as a text object below the screenshot.
o When sending the screenshot from within Editmode by email, then the screenshot is automatically linked to this URL in the email window (outlook only). The URL is also shown as text link.
o The user may adjust the detection of URL.
– Video Capture
o Greatly improved watermarking for video recording.
– All settings may be changed in the video effects dialog.
– Activated watermark settings are shown instantly within the video recording area, so that the user knows how the watermarking will look like in the video.
o The video control window may be dragged at the title bar.
o The default video recording preset automatically adjust the used bitdepth depending on the size of the resolution the video will be recorded in. So, the higher the resoltion, the higher the bitdepth.
– Fullscreen 3D Games Capture
o A new technique offers the possibility to capture most fullscreen 3D games.
o It is sufficient to press the PrintScreen key for this to work, as Snap automatically detects if a fullscreen game is running and uses the correct capture automatically.
o This requires Win 8.1 or later.
o Some games do not work with this technique. Most of the time, however, this is caused the capture hotkeys (the trigger) being blocked by the game. In such a case only a timed capture works. (For example: Set a timer for every 10th second, and then start the game).
– Restructured Settings
o All settings have been moved and restructured into a single main settings dialog.
o The option “single capture / multiple captures” has been replaced by the option to set the output (output to Editmode, output to directory, output to Clipboard,
output to App). This way it is easier to use and easier to understand for novice users.
– Editmode Tools
o The Hilight-Marker auto-detects whether the capture contains mostly a dark or light background and adjusts the color accordingly. This is ideal when marking dark areas as many modern GUIs and websites use black interfaces.
o Numbered buttons may be configured to use bold or outline text style.
o Select/Cut operations have been optimized for easier use.
– Other Improvements
o Audio capture device detection improved (primary sound capture device)
o Progress animation when doing time consuming operations (eg export big video file)
o Hotkey for capture only main monitor (Shift+Printscreen)
o General speed optimization throughout the whole application.
o CloudCopy: Detects OwnCloud client.

– None.

Bugs Fixed:
– Capturebars wrongly positioned on Multi-Monitor-Systems with great DPI difference.
– Website Freestyle Capture in Google Chrome.
– Tray Icon visible after Edit Mode close.

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