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Feb 04

Athentech Lucid 1.0.4 Multilangual | MacOSX


Athentech Lucid 1.0.4 Multilangual | MacOSX | 54.6 MB

LUCiD was designed to help every photo look its best without the work. We all want great-looking photos, a chance to capture a memory and share it with others. But sometimes your smartphone doesn’t quite get the job done. LUCiD lets you improve photos in an instant while you’re on the go and share those perfect moments with friends faster than ever.
The Power of Presets
Lucid provides an amazing amount of automatic image correction technology – all packaged into a few different Presets to let you tune how you want your images to look. To apply these presets to your image, just click the button in the right panel for the Preset you’d like to use.

Details & Vivid
These top two presets are our most popular and provide a great starting point for all types of photos. Details will provide better details in the shadows/ dark areas and also better details in the bright areas. On the other hand, Vivid will provide more “pop” and depth to your photo.

Beautify & Beautify +
This preset works wonders on portraits and shots of people. It automatically scans each face in the photo and determines just how much of each of the Portrait and Eyes corrections to apply to each face. Beautify is more gentle, with Beautify + applying more corrections and higher values of other corrections. These also work great on images of newborns.

Fix Dark
This preset is great when working with dark images – it boosts the exposure more than Details or Vivid, enables Noise Correction, and makes several other subtle changes to give you a great looking image.

Fix Noise
The Fix Noise Preset enables noise correction without boosting the exposure like Fix Dark can. This is great when working with indoor photos in low light – where the camera was able to expose the image properly by boosting the camera ISO sensitivity. That high ISO setting is what is creating the noise, so let the Fix Noise preset take care of that.

Fix Tint
When the color in your photo is wrong, like blue snow, use this preset to make it right.

Use this preset to give your photo lots of color, pop, and punch to it.

Perfect Exposure is the most important algorithm and forms the core for all other corrections. Perfect Exposure optimizes the light exposure in every pixel. This patented approach corrects the image to emulate what the photographer and subjects saw at the time of taking the photo.
A quick note on overexposed photos: We distinguish between overexposed (which will benefit from the correction process) and clipped images. The clipped portions of an image are considered to be those portions that exceed 255 on the RGB spectrum. Portions of the image which meet these criteria have no data in these areas, and where this occurs Athentech doesn’t guess what might have been there.

The patented Perfect Exposure correction automatically optimizes the light exposure in every pixel. It is as if your 20 megapixel photo was taken with 20 million different apertures – with the aperture properly exposed for each pixel. Perfectly Clear will never clip your exposure (meaning lose details in the highlights). Exposure will automatically be determined for every photo. This is why you’ll notice a different exposure value as you load different photos. If you’d like to make a change, you can manually adjust the Exposure slider bar.

Due to the way digital camera sensors capture light (the digital camera sensor is linear), your photos often look washed out. Our patented color vibrancy adjustment will bring your photo back to life with the stunning colors that you saw when you took the photo (if you’re really curious…we use a logarithmic scale which more natural and the same manner that our eyes and film cameras both see).

Abnormal tint occurs in situations where the sensors of the camera have inappropriately picked up and reflected in the image excess green from fluorescent lights, or excess red from the infrared heat of a person in the image, or excess blue from ultraviolet, or excess yellow from tungsten lights.

TINT CORRECTION: adjustments
When turned ON, this algorithm will look at each image and if there is an abnormal tint, remove it. You can adjust how much tint is removed – simply move the slider bar further to the right for more tint removal. If there is no tint, no correction will be performed and it will say “no tint detected”.

Our noise engine is the fastest and most effective on the market for removing high and low ISO noise in photographs, grains in scanned images, JPEG compression artifacts, Moire´ pattern effects and much more. It is the first photo noise reduction algorithm that allows for fully automatic operation. The algorithm will first analyze the photo to determine if noise exists, and only then apply the proper amount of noise removal. Specific algorithms and settings are applied depending on whether the photo was taken with a digital camera, camera phone, or scanner.

The algorithm includes modules of noise detection, noise analysis and noise filtration which are statistically trained to provide optimal balance between photo noise reduction and preservation of image details. Unlike other noise removal algorithms that blur photos after removing noise, our algorithm is unique in preserving the crisp details. The noise in digital photos is reduced by 2 – 3 stops, so that the noise level of the photo shot at ISO 1600 is effectively reduced to ISO 200 – 400 levels

Skin Tone
People emit Infrared Red (“IR”). Digital Camera sensors capture IR. The human eye doesn’t see IR. As a result, captured and correct photos often appear redder than they appear in the real world. This is especially true for indoor photos when taken with a flash. The Skin Tone Correction will automatically detect and remove the spurious IR from flesh tones while maintaining the proper reds in the other portion of the photo.

Perfectly Smooth
Perfectly Smooth was invented to smooth and diminish wrinkles automatically, while making sure the details in the hair, eyes, etc are preserved.

Blemish Removal
Unlike common approaches that simply employ a blur over the targeted area and have a limited effect on hot spots, blemishes, or pimples, our solution scans the skin area for these sorts of imperfections and employs a localized correction that does not affect the surrounding skin areas

Face Contouring
For those times when a slimmer, natural looking face is desired. The correction is made naturally, so the final image does not look overly manipulated and the content and detail around the face is preserved. See the sample in the next section (Teeth Whitening) for both corrections.

Teeth Whitening
Whitens teeth naturally without the painful need to see the dentist. It automatically finds teeth in the photograph and applies just the right amount of whitening to make teeth brighter without looking artificial.

Eye Enhance
Eye Enhancement will brighten and sharpen eyes in your photographs without distorting any other aspects of the photo.

Dark Circle Removal
Freshens tired eyes. Retouching the dark circles that appear underneath the eyes requires high precision for distinguishing the actual circles for other natural details present around the eyes. Our solution handles this task flawlessly, reducing the dark circles but at the same time preserving the fine details of the eyes.

Auto Red-Eye
Using advanced recognition techniques, the presence of red-eye is automatically detected and removed. The technology is so sophisticated that it carefully retains those important glints and sparkles in the subjects’ eyes.

New in version 1.0.4
Fixed a rare crash with some images on newer Macs.

System requirements: Mac OS X 10.8 or later
Language: Multilangual


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