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Jan 29

Aurel Systems Cadsim Plus v2.5.6

Aurel Systems Cadsim Plus v2.5.6


Aurel Systems Cadsim Plus v2.5.6 | 171 Mb

CADSIM Plus is chemical process simulation software that can perform mass and energy balances and simulate dynamic conditions. It is a first-principles dynamic chemical process simulator and a full-featured Computer Assisted Drawing (CAD) front-end in one package. CADSIM Plus includes a comprehensive set of generic process modules and has a number of optional module libraries for various applications.

CADSIM Plus 2.5 – What’s new.

OPC and Dynamic Data Reconciliation
– Standard CADSIM Plus package now includes these previously optional packages at no extra charge:
. Dynamic Data Reconciliation library
. OPC library

Automated Controller Tuning Wizard (Autotune)
– Bump tests, and process response analysis
– Process model identification (self regulating/integrating, direct/indirect)
– Setting Lambda tuning parameters (user can fine tune and test proposed settings)
– Response quickness and stability are tested on simulation before committing
– Simulation is restored to the state that existed prior to the tuning operation to avoid simulation upset

Computer Based Manuals for Training
– HTML pages can be integrated with ‘intelligent’ CADSIM Plus P&ID drawings
– CADSIM Plus v2.5 has the ability to launch HTML content via Internet Explorer
– Links within the HTML content can highlight predefined areas of a specially prepared drawing
– Embedded links in a drawing can select HTML content in the browser
– HTML content can be developed using standard HTML editing tools

New & Improved Unit Modules
– Pass-Through unit – new (adds the ability to suspend a unit from participating in the simulation model)
– Flash unit – improved (optional holdup and level control)
– Uptime unit – improved (now with Weibull distributions)
– Heat Exchangers – improved
– Heaters / Coolers – improved
– Dynamic Data Reconciliation – improved (allows pre-conditioning and filtering of individual measurements using Kalman)
– Pipe unit (proportioning of viscosities of mixtures – improved)
– Compressor unit – improved (now works within pressure flow networks, includes performance curves)
– New Excel spreadsheets that help set up pump and compressor curves, and valve characteristics

Streams & Chemistry
– Improved stream flashing and vapor/liquid equilibria calculations
– Improved water/ice liquid/solid equilibria including freezing point depression

Physical Properties
– Improved saturation temperatures
– Improved enthalpies and entropies
– New mineral compounds

Online Applications
– New Startup Dynamic Profile (process snapshot file) stores and retrieves startup values including unit dynamic profiles
– CADSIM Plus drawing can spawn an external application
– Support for cloning a simulation from an existing online tracking reconciliation simulation to:
. Display current data for the full process with stream details
. Run into the future
. Form the basis for online optimization trials
. Form the basis for ‘what-if’ scenarios starting from current operating parameters
. OPC client is now included in the Standard Library of process module

Graphical User Interface Improvements
– Find Furthest Off function now displays steady-state convergence status in toolbar
– New chart cleanup tool right-justifies and sorts open charts on your screen
– Better window management on multiple screen workstations
– New text tools can convert text from an object to independent text and remove extra text from an object without deleting the object
– Ctrl + Windowing can be used to select multiple areas of a drawing

Help System
– Updated Help system

System Requirements: PC
Supported Operating Systems: Windows Vista or newer.


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