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Jul 21

Autodesk Maya 2015 (Win X64)


Autodesk Maya 2015 (Win X64) | 4.46 GB


Software for 3D animation, modeling, rendering and compositing Maya provides a universal set of functionalities for computer 3D animation, modeling and rendering based on an easily expandable production platform.

Maya provides tools for creating high-quality characters and effects, as well as improving performance for performing modeling tasks, working with textures, and creating tinting modules.

Additional Information:
Dynamics and Effects
– Procedural platform for creating effects Bifrost
– Modeling and rendering of realistic liquids using Naiad technology.
– XGen Arbitrary Primitive Generator
– Creating and combing hair, fur, feathers, grass, foliage, trees and rocks.
– Geodesic fusion of voxels
– Generating high-quality characters is often just a few clicks away.
– Bullet Physics (improved)
– Creation of realistic models of solid and amorphous bodies.
– Maya nHair
– Hair creation and dynamics based on curves.
– Maya nParticles
– Modeling complex 3D visual effects.
– Maya nCloth
– Creation of realistic deforming materials.
– Maya Fluid Effects
– Modeling of the atmosphere, liquids and open water surfaces.
– Dynamics of solid and amorphous bodies
– Modeling of several rigid and flexible objects.
– Maya Fur
– Create a realistic fur, short hair, wool and grass.
– Geodesic fusion of voxels
– Get high-quality skinning in less time.
– Tools for general animation
– Tools for working with animation on keyframes, procedural and programmable animation.
– Creating characters
– Performing skinning, snapping and positioning for even greater authenticity of characters.
– Animation for reuse
– Reuse existing characters to save time.
– Sets the sequence of frames
– Accelerate the creation of pre-visualization and the production of virtual films.

3D modeling
– Optimized tools for reusing topology
– Optimizing workflows to simplify the reuse of the topology.
– OpenSubdiv support
– Increase productivity through interactive workflows.
– Modeling polygons (improved)
– More rapid and reliable modeling.
– UV texture tools (improved)
– Create improved UV textures in less time.
– Simulation of polygon networks and smoothing networks
– Create and edit networks using intuitive tools.
– Surface modeling
– Creating mathematically smooth surfaces.
– UV-textures, normals and color coding
– Optimize the creation and editing of UV-textures.

Workflow integration
– Scripts and API
– Adapting Maya by creating scripts and accessing the API.
– Integration of 2D and 3D
– Take advantage of optimized workflows.
– Tools for managing data and scenes
– Manage large data sets and complex scenes.
– Scene build tools for smart data
– Simplified creation of large complex graphical environments.
– Additional work with file paths
– Quick diagnostics and repair of damaged files.

3D rendering and image processing
– ShaderFX
– Easy creation of 3D shading effects.
– Ptex support in mental ray
– Rendering textures without UV Ptex in mental ray.
– Built-in rendering engines
– A wide range of built-in rendering engines.
– Drawing in Maya
– Use of intuitive tools on the basis of brushes.
– Animation
– Create character animation in 3D scenes.
– The viewport display and the shading (optimized) of the new generation
– Work in an interactive high-definition environment.
– Functions of rendering, shading and camera
– Create high-quality images with a wide range of tools.
– Maya Composite
– Get high-performance layout with support for HDR.
– Tracking the camera at a professional level
– Inserting elements of computer graphics into a scene with a natural movement.

System requirements:
– Operating system: Microsoft Windows 7 (Service Pack 1), Windows 8 and Windows 8.1 Professional
– Browsers: Autodesk recommends the latest versions of these browsers:
Apple Safari web browser
Google Chrome web browser
Microsoft Internet Explorer web browser
Mozilla Firefox web browser
– CPU: 64-bit version of Intel or AMD multi-core processors
– RAM: 4 GB of RAM (8 GB or more recommended)
– Disk space: 4GB of free disk space for installation




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