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Apr 18

BlurBeta plugins for 3ds Max


BlurBeta plugins for 3ds Max | File Size: 31.17 MB


BlurBeta is a collection of shaders and plug-ins that extend the program’s capabilities: 3ds Max. In particular: maps & materials, modifiers, space warps
The content of the collection is divided into 7 types of plug-ins and shaders. * .dlm – Modifiers
* .dlo – Objects
* .dlr – Atmospheric effects
* .dlt – Maps & Materials shaders
* .dlu – Utillities
* .dlv – Render Effects
* .flt – Videopost filters

Plug-ins from the 2010 version are also suitable for the 2011th.
Plug-ins from the 2013 version are also suitable for the 2014th.
Plug-ins from the 2015 version are also suitable for the 2016th.

Blur Gradient –> Material
A gradient for Max that has gain, center and width settings.

Blur Matte –> Material
A modified and extended matte material – supports bumpmaps, etc.

Blur ONB –> Material
A different version of the Oren-Nayar-Blinn shader.

Alpha Compositor –> Videopost Filter
A compositor filter that composites using a pre-multiplied alpha algorithm.

BlurDecayNoise –> Modifier
A noise modifier that decays off from its center.

BlurDeflector –> Spacewarp
A particle deflector with variable speeds.

BlurLib –> Utility
The library required for several of Blur’s plugins.

Blur Falloff –> Material
This is basically the original version of the Falloff map that ships with Max.

Blur Fire –> Atmospheric
Similar to combustion, useful for doing campfires, torches, muzzle flashes etc.

BlurNoise –> Material
An alternative Noise texture map.

BlurPartForce –> Spacewarp
2 particle spacewarps – BlurWind and RandomWalk. Wind doesn’t accelerate endlessly like the Max default.

Camoflage –> Material
A camoflage texture.

Cast Shadows Only –> Material
This material makes the object invisible, but lets it cast shadows. Note: Shadow maps do work, but cannot be tinted.

Color Clamp –> Material
Clamps the colors coming out of materials so they won’t mess up atmospherics, etc.

Dirt –> Material
A dirt texture map.

Distance Blender –> Material
Blends between 2 texture maps based on the distance to the camera.

Do Nothing –> Material
Works as a pass through in composite textures.

Drip –> Material
Designed as a bump map for the ‘drop of water in a bucket’ effect.
A shaded atmospheric with lots of controls for doing smoke, steam, fire, dust, etc.

DynoSkin –> Material
A bumpy skin texture map.

Electric –> Material
A tendrily noise texture map with exponential falloff.

Film Grain –> Videopost Filter
A controllable film grain filter for Videopost.

G-Buffer 2 RGB –> Videopost Filter
Converts Material ID’s or Object ID’s to an RGB mask image.

Gas Giant –> Material
A texture for creating gas giant planets.

Gimp Oilify –> Render Effect
A render effect that makes your rendered images look like oil paintings.

Highlight Only –> Material
Only generates the highlight part of the shade equation – for use with Shellac.

LightBoy –> Utility
A tool for managing scene lighting from a lightboard.

Linear –> Material
A specialised 3D gradient.

L-System Object –> Object
An L-System Object plugin for experimenting with L-Systems. Fractal-like forms are easy to describe with an L-System, and plant models or other natural-looking organic forms are easy to define.

Maelstrom –> Spacewarp
A whirlpool effect material, like water running down a drain.

Maelstrom Map –> Material
A whirlpool texture map, like water running down a drain.

Math Compositor –> Videopost Filter
A compositor that does add, subtract, multiply, divide and mix compositing.

MultiBlend –> Material
A multichannel material compositor with stacking controls and masks.

Null Material –> Material
This material seems to map objects to screenspace, green being the top left corner and red being the lower right corner.

Null Texture –> Material
This just seems to be a falloff material with no settings.

Lets you interrogate, rename and cleanup objects in Max.

PathCylinder –> Object
Grows a cylinder out along a spline, and adds thorns to it.

Rain –> Material
An extension to the Drip texture map. This does animated rain, like rain falling on the surface of a pond.

Raytraced Shadow Transparency Override –> Material
When using raytraced shadows, this material allows you to map the apparent transparency of the object differently than the default shadow color/density. This gives you a lot more control of shadows than regular materials do by default.

Shadow Light –> Material
Blends between 2 colors/maps based upon the amount of light hitting the surface.

Shellac –> Material
Additively composite 2 materials together to ‘shellac’ on a second highlight.

SideFade Material –> Material
A combination of ShadowLight and SideFade, but this one works as a material rather than a map.

SideFade –> Material
Blends between 2 colors/maps based upon viewing angle.

SolidColor –> Material
Some maps don’t have color swatches when you need them – just use this.

SuperNoise –> Material
Over the top noise texture map – everything’s mappable and has perturbation.

Surface Descriptor –> Material
Renders the bent normals of the object it’s applied to.

Texmap Clipboard –> Utility
Like the color clipboard, but this lets you drag and drop texture maps.

Toner –> Videopost Filter
A filter for doing brightness, contrast, color toning etc.

ToonAsisstant –> Material
A material that helps set up and convert Ink’n’Paint materials.

Twist-O-Rama –> Modifier
A bend modifier for curling things up. Does sea shells, corkscrews etc.

Utility Material –> Material
Allows you to set material requirements, such as rendering reflections of objects without rendering the objects themselves, etc.

Wake –> Modifier
Creates waves, like water flowing around an obstacle.

WaterCell –> Material
Cellular-based watercolor splatter.

WaterWash –> Material
Creates watercolor washes.

WaterWash2D –> Material
The WaterWash material for creating watercolor washes implemented as a 2D map.

WireTex –> Material
Paints the objects mesh as a map.
System requirements:
3ds Max 2008-2016




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