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Nov 15

BMW Road Map Europe NEXT 2018.1


BMW Road Map Europe NEXT 2018.1 | 31.38 GB


List of countries on the disk: Full coverage
Andorra, Belgium, Denmark, Germany, Finland, France, Gibraltar, Great Britain, Ireland, Italy, Liechtenstein, Luxembourg, Malta, Monaco, Netherlands, Norway, Portugal, San Marino, Sweden, Switzerland, Spain, Czech Republic, Turkey, Ukraine, Hungary and the Vatican.

Partial coverage
Bulgaria, Estonia, Greece, Croatia, Latvia, Lithuania, Poland, Romania, Russia, Slovakia, Slovenia and Belarus.
Main road network only
Albania, Bosnia and Herzegovina, Macedonia, Moldova, Montenegro and Serbia.
Supported languages: English, German, Spanish, Italian
Compatibility with systems: F01, F02, F03 from 07 / 2012-
• F06 from 03 / 2013-
• F07 from 07 / 2012-
• F10, F11 from 09 / 2012-
• F12, F13 from 03 / 2013-
• F15 from 08/2013-
• F18 from 09 / 2012-
• F20, F21, F34 from 03 / 2013-
• F22, F33 from 11/2013-
• F25 from 04/2013-
• F26 dated 04 / 2014-
• F30, F31 dated 11 / 2012-
• F32 from 07/2013-
• F35 from 01 / 2013-
• F36, F80, F82 dated 03 / 2014-
• F56 from 11/2013-
• I01 from 09/2013-
• I12 dated 12 / 2013-
Description: This USB update is (609) to be used in conjunction with High (HU-H) car stereos exclusively for the BMW Professional navigation system.
We will need:
– USB flash drive (volume from 64Gb and formatted in FAT32)
– Actual cards)
– ENET wire
– E-Sys
– Update code generator
1. Get the FSC file using E-Sys:
– 1.1 For NBT:
First you need to pull the FSC out of our NBT. To do this, turn on E-sys, connect to the machine and go to the FSC Extended menu.
Next, fill in the fields:
Diagnostic Address (hex) = 0x63
Base variant = HU_NBT
Application ID = 0xDE
Upgrade Index = 0x1
Click “Identify”. Then select the line “Store FSC” in the list and move it from the left to the right column. Click Read. Then click Save and save the file in the VINAVTO.FSC format, where VINAVTO is the last 7 characters of your VIN (if the NBT was upgraded, then enter the last 7 characters of the VIN of the donor NBT)
– 1.2 For CIC:
All the same, but the fields are changing to fill:
Diagnostic Address (hex) = 0x63
Base variant = HU_CIC
Application ID = 0x1B
Upgrade Index = 0x1
2. Generation of FSC codes:
– copy the “tools” folder to the root of the C drive;
– copy the file “BMW_CIC_NBT_FSC_Generator.exe” to the root of drive C;
– in the folder “tools” throws our saved file VINAVTO.FSC. As a result, the following files should be in the “tools” folder: Lookup.xml, FSC.exe, NBT.exe base64.exe and our VINAVTO.FSC.
Go to the “tools” folder. Open the command prompt. At the command prompt, type:
base64 VINAVTO.FSC VINAVTO_000DE001.FSC and press Enter.
As a result, a new file VINAVTO_000DE001.FSC appears in the “tools” folder;
We perform the procedure described above once. The next time she will not need.
We start our BMW-FSC-NBT-Generator.exe. Click Browse and find the file VINAVTO_000DE001.FSC in the “tools” folder. From the list, select the map that we install, for example, the desired Road Map Europe Next 2018-1. Click Generate. Drum roll and code appears to update maps.
We enter it with the help of the iDrive washer and the update process starts.
3. The update process.
The process itself is not fast, since the system needs to upload 32Gb of information from a flash drive to an internal hard drive. The update will take 40-45 minutes.

Year / Release Date: 2018
Version: 2018-1




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