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Sep 02

Cadence Orcad Spb v17.20.045 Hotfix

Cadence Orcad Spb v17.20.045 Hotfix

Cadence Orcad Spb v17.20.045 Hotfix | 2.9 GB

To thrive in a competitive market, you need to have differentiated design to deliver better product quality and bring highly innovative products to market more quickly than competitors. OrCAD® provides you production proven, scalable and robust PCB solution with broad ecosystem support to help you meet your product creation goal.

Complete Design Environment OrCAD PCB design solutions provide a complete set of tools to help you achieve the results you need. From the initial schematic to the final artwork, the platform delivers a complete, integrated workflow.

Comprehensive Circuit and Signal Analysis
The OrCAD environment offers proven analysis tools for signal integrity, analog and mixed signal, EMI analysis, and much more. All of these tools are seamlessly integrated so there are no translation errors.

Customizable to Meet Your Needs
OrCAD tools have a fully open architecture platform. This means you can add unique functionality that is integrated into the program in the form of apps, or you can also build capability and flows yourself.

Choose the OrCAD Suite that Best Fits Your Needs
We offer mainstream, cost effective and feature-rich PCB design solutions available as standalone products or in comprehensive suites starting with a fully functional free to use version. OrCAD PCB design suites can be expanded and upgraded as PCB challenges and the level of design sophistication grows.

Fixed CCRs: SPB 17.2 HF045
CCRID Product ProductLevel2 Title

1934956 ADW DBEDITOR Footprint missing from part in release 17.2-2016
1945005 ADW DSN_MIGRATION Right side of Migration dialog box is cut off
1933245 ADW FLOW_MGR ‘Open last Project’ button should open the last opened project
1953210 ADW LIBDISTRIBUTI Library Distribution is not distributing all symbols. No errors for the missing schematic models.
1953727 ADW LRM LRM missing two symbols when migrating from release 16.6 to 17.2-2016
1952923 ALLEGRO_EDITOR DATABASE PCB Editor crashes on trying to delete layer
1957171 ALLEGRO_EDITOR DATABASE Pastemask offset not working when creating a symbol that requires two top-paste masks
1960059 ALLEGRO_EDITOR DATABASE Stackup definition causes custom script to crash
1932864 ALLEGRO_EDITOR DFM Exporting DFM Constraints losing the association to design level
1957467 ALLEGRO_EDITOR EDIT_SHAPE Compose Shape copies lines to wrong subclass
1938536 ALLEGRO_EDITOR GRAPHICS Multiple crashes on different boards after installing hotfix 040
1954075 ALLEGRO_EDITOR SHAPE Dynamic Crosshatch shapes should be clipped inside RKI if RKI Autoclip is enabled
1957803 ALLEGRO_EDITOR SHAPE Wrong dynamic shape status
1949923 ALLEGRO_EDITOR UI_GENERAL Focus lost from command window when any command is active
1963245 ALLEGRO_EDITOR UI_GENERAL Alias behaves as Funckey in release 17.2-2016, hotfix 044
1892126 ALLEGRO_PROD_TOOLB CORE Clines disappear and then reappear suddenly on using Route – Shield Generator
1931127 ALLEGRO_PROD_TOOLB CORE ZDRC not working for Xhatch Shape
1932563 ALLEGRO_PROD_TOOLB CORE allegro_legacy_board_outline environment variable not set in PCB Design Compare.
1929855 ALLEGRO_PROD_TOOLB OTHERS Outline not exported correctly for PCB design compare if Design_Outline and Cutout exist
1956494 APD DATABASE DBDoctor removes pads
1956291 APD INTERACTIVE axlSpreadsheetSetStyleProp should accept 0 and 1 as Boolean values for protection style
1960127 ASDA ARCHIVER Using the Tcl command ‘archiveproject’ crashes SDA
1953718 ASDA CONSTRAINT_MA SDA Import Pin Delay fails with extra columns, does not explain why
1924498 CAPTURE SCHEMATIC_EDI Cannot place part ‘B’ for heterogeneous part if ‘Preferences – Miscellaneous – Auto References’ not set
1927129 CAPTURE SCHEMATIC_EDI unable to place heterogeneous part section directly from place part window
1928255 CAPTURE SCHEMATIC_EDI Unable to place a specific section from Place Part
1945207 CAPTURE SCHEMATIC_EDI Part selection pull-down reverts to part ‘1|A’ when placing heterogeneous part
1945661 CAPTURE SCHEMATIC_EDI Section drop-down in Place Part window is not working
1958121 CAPTURE SCHEMATIC_EDI Preview and placement of sections of Heterogeneous parts is not correct in New Symbol Editor
1956535 CONCEPT_HDL CORE DE-HDL crashes on Import Pin Delay for a CSV file
1960922 CONCEPT_HDL CORE DE-HDL crashes on moving netgroup on Windows 10
1964016 CONCEPT_HDL CORE In DE-HDL moving around nets connected to Netgroups causes crash on Windows 10
1907040 F2B PACKAGERXL Export Physical output board file name reverts to old when changing options
1957862 ORBITIO ALLEGRO_SIP_I allegro2orbit failed to translate rounded rectangle padstack

System Requirements: PC
Supported Operating Systems: Windows XP / Vista / Seven / 10
System Requirements: Cadence SPB OrCAD OrCAD 17.20


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