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Feb 07

CAMWorks 2019 SP1.0 Build 2019.01.18

CAMWorks 2019 SP1.0 Build 2019.01.18

CAMWorks 2019 SP1.0 Build 2019.01.18 | 1.4 Gb

GeometricPLM is pleased to announce the availability of CAMWorks 2019 SP1.0, is a modern CAM programming solution that automates the creation of toolpaths inside SOLIDWORKS. Powering the SOLIDWORKS CAM, there is now a seamless associative path for all the SOLIDWORKS users machining and turning requirements.

What’s New in CAMWorks 2019 SP1.0:
new – Option to 3-D print multiple instancesof a part model in single AM job.
Purpose: Toprovide the optional functionality of 3D-printing multiple instances of the active part model (seed part) withina single Additive Manufacturingjob.
Implementation: The Create AM Jobwizard is a series of dialog boxes that allow you to assign properties and parametric values associated with executing an additive manufacturing job using the Additive Manufacturing module of CAMWorks. If creating a unidirectional array, use the parameters in Direction 1group box tocreate the pattern of instances in the desired direction. If creating a bidirectional array, use the parameters in Direction 1and Direction 2group boxestocreate the patternof instances in two directions.From CAMWorks 2019 SP1 version onwards, an additional dialog box (fourth dialog box in the series) has been added.This dialog box provides the optionto 3-D print multiple instances of the seed part model in the form of the Create Patterncheckbox.Selecting this checkbox option activates the functionality and displays theassociatedparameterswithin the dialog box.Peruse the parameters of this dialog box to create a linear pattern of multiple instances of the seed part in either one(unidirectional array)or two directions(bidirectional array).This dialog box also provides theInstances to skipoption to skip specific part instances within the linear array pattern that you do notwant 3-D printed.Theindexes of the skipped instances(mapped position of a part instance within a linear arrayin x,y format)Will be listed in theInstances to skiplist box.
Illustrative Example of Indexing fora Bidirectional Linear Array Pattern of Part Instances:
Consider a bidirectional linear array pattern of 4 instances in the Direction 1(X direction) and 3 instances in the Direction 2.The seed part [with index(0,0)] is highlighted within a red square. The indexingfor the various part model instances within such a bidirectional linear array pattern will be as illustrated below:


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