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Apr 05

ChronoSync 4.6.6 Multilangual | MacOSX


ChronoSync 4.6.6 Multilangual | MacOSX | 34 MB

ChronoSync is the professional choice for periodic backups, bootable drive clones and folder synchronizations. Target any device or folder visible in Finder such as a volume, thumb drive, NAS, disk image, server or (with ChronoAgent) another Mac! ChronoSync replaces your backup utility, drive clone utility, and folder sync utility with a single, powerful application. Add InterConneX (free for iOS) and use ChronoSync to push files and folders to your iDevice!Effortless to setup synchronization and backup utility featuring a clean and organized design
Finding your way around the ChronoSync main window is fairly intuitive: start by setting up the source and target volumes, and then select the synchronization method and direction from the drop down menu placed in the center of the configuration panel. ChronoSync is able to work with most volumes connected to your Mac.

Note that you have to synchronize files if you want to have access to them on more than one device: that means that ChronoSync will automatically copy the changes between the two volumes. Backups, on the other hand, represent a one direction transfer from the source folder to the backup storage location.

Enables you to backup entire operating systems or drives by creating bootable backups
ChronoSync is capable to create a bootable backup of your system on an external drive, or on another internal disk: this way, you will have an exact replica of your system that can be run immediately in case your primary installation breaks down. In addition, ChronoSync also allows you to store the bootable backup on a remote network location.

On top of all the data handling rules that can be personalized via the ChronoSync panels, the application also enables you to schedule specific tasks. This way you can make sure that your data is backed up or synchronized periodically.

Reliable solution for backing up information and synchronizing data between multiple locations
ChronoSync provides versatile solutions for setting up backup and transfer rules between various drives connected to your network. This way you can work on the same files on multiple devices, or backup important documents on more than one volume.

Amazingly there are more than 80 different backup and file synchronization programs available for Mac OS X. With so many choices, it can be confusing to pick the right one. Here are some reasons why ChronoSync is the smart choice:
MULTIFUNCTIONAL – ChronoSync isn’t just a backup tool. It isn’t just a sync tool. Nor is it just a cloning tool. ChronoSync is all three!! Not only does it do all that, it excels at each and every one of those tasks! Why buy a unitasker when you can have a multitasker that outperforms it.

INTERACTIVE FEEDBACK – ChronoSync offers the ability to preview every operation a sync or backup will perform and allows you to make changes before committing them. Other tools don’t provide any option for interaction, leaving you to run blind and hope for the best.

BUILT-IN RESTORE – Most backup programs leave you on your own when it comes time to restore data. The same goes for retrieving older versions of files that have been archived. Of course, that’s if they even have an archive option (which most don’t). ChronoSync offers a full user interface for restoring files and retrieving older files from an archive.

NOTIFICATIONS GALORE – Email notifications, notification center, and push notifications to your iPhone keep you informed of any sync or backup task as they are completed. No other sync/backup tool offers this many notification options.

EVENT BASED SCHEDULES – Sure, we all have schedulers for allowing you to specify a time for a sync/backup to run but what if you want it to run when some specified event occurs? Like, having it automatically run when you mount an external drive? Or maybe, have a sync/backup run when you get home from work and open your laptop? ChronoSync can do that … and a whole lot more!

BETTER THAN FILE SHARING – ChronoSync + ChronoAgent allows you to sync/backup data between Macs MUCH faster than built-in file sharing. Not only that but you get full access to remote file systems, control over mapping ownership permissions plus an encrypted connection. No other sync/backup tools have something like this to offer.

POWER USER FEATURES – ChronoSync is pretty easy to use even when configuring extensive backup regimens. Most users will just configure it and let it do its thing in the background. For power users, however, there’s a whole slew of configurable options to fine tune it for your needs. Things like sync triggers, programable rules, detailed log reports, script execution, package file handling, error pre-determination, etc. These are Professional-level features at a Consumer-level price!

What’s New Version 4.6.6:

Compatible with the latest versions of ChronoAgent (1.6.0) and InterConneX (1.2.1).
Improved SmartScan performance when connected to a ChronoAgent.
More efficient “Optimal host routing” logic.
Enhanced recovery from broken/bad network connections (when connected to ChronoAgent).
More optimal WAN settings are used when connected to a ChronoAgent over the internet.
Better handling of file systems that are dynamically changing while being scanned.
Better compatibility with local iCloud Drive storage.
The background scheduler now deals with system sleep cycles much better.
More efficient Analysis Report generation.
Post sync dismounting or ejection now only occurs if the sync runs through to completion.
Now tries harder to preserve sync state history after changing connection profiles.
More efficient display of entries in the Trial Sync Selector window.
Displays the correct remote machine icon when connected to ChronoAgent v1.6.0 or later.

Automatic exclusions at root level of volumes were not working.
More accurate updating of readiness messages when a target connection state changes and/or failures.
Any backup that targeted the root level of the boot volume would not reconstruct alias files that get copied.
Closing a sync document window within 1-2 seconds of sync completion could potentially cause a crash.
Archive deletion and restore operations did not have their initial log entries bookmarked.
User/group mapping on a ChronoAgent connection could be temporarily disabled when encountering large folders and updating the the Sync Document UI at the same time.
The “Saving…” progress indicator at sync completion was not visible on OS X 10.10 Yosemite and OS X 10.11 El Capitan systems.
In rare instances, closing a sync document window while actively editing text in a field could have caused a crash.
A flaw in the networking logic could have terminated active connections erroneously.
The Document Organizer was erroneously displaying duplicate entries after performing duplication and rename operations in a certain sequence.
The Sync Log window could not be opened in the midst of performing a Restore, Delete, or Archive Restore operation.
Eliminated some long stalls that could occur when a large number of files were selected on the Analyze Panel and those files changed state in the file system.
If opening a bootable backup document that could not connect to either target, it was possible the document would spontaneously change to a ‘regular’ (non-bootable) backup.
A layout problem with the readiness popover window could clip its content.

Requirements: Intel, 64-bit processor, OS X 10.8 or later
Language: Multilangual


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