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Aug 20

Clo Enterprise v2.4.66 Multilingual (x64)

Clo Enterprise v2.4.66 Multilingual (x64)


Clo Enterprise v2.4.66 Multilingual (x64) | 283.27 MB

This is 100% 3D. And the result of over 10 years of R&D in cutting-edge computer graphics technology. Our sophisticated algorithm simulates the physical properties of fabrics to accurately visualize the way they drape in real-life.

How It Works:
– First things first: CLO is neither mobile app magical clothing-scanning device. It’s design software that runs on your computer-desktop or laptop, Mac or PC.
– It begins with a 3D body – avatar, body scan, or dress form, available in different shapes and sizes.
– Like real-life, 3D garments are made using 2D patterns. Import ones made in third-party 2D CAD systems, or draw them from scratch directly in CLO.
– Utilize our quick and easy sewing tools to pair each seam of the garment.
– And last but not least, Simulate: Gravity is applied, patterns sewn and fabrics simulated.

Stop Chasing. Start Designing.
With CLO, lead times are reduced from weeks to more minutes*. Confirm and fine-tune the 3D before you cut, make, trim, and ship the physical. Eliminate the need for excess sample rounds and over-development, not to mention the costs that come with them. It’s time to shift the focus away from the chase and back to what really matters the most: your product.

Sample Your Heart Out.
Instantly visualize any number of variations, no matter how crazy or experimental they may be-after all, that’s the beauty of Save As and Ctrl+Z. Fine-tune your designs in real-time as you make adjustments to the pattern. Make informed decisions on the spot, from the overall silhouette down to the shape, size, and placement of each pocket.

Design is in the Details.
And that’s where our robust collision detection engine really shines. Nerdiness aside, it’s the technology that allows you to create 3D garments that go beyond simple t-shirts – to articulate complex components like folds and quilts, and layer garments to style complete looks.

Materials to Fuel Your Creativity.
Introducing the world’s first Virtual Fashion Marketplace. Shop for 3D fabrics and their corresponding swatch cards, as well as avatars, buttons, pattern blocks, and more. We’re open 24/7, so you can work whenever inspiration strikes.

Rooted in the Way We Work.
Designed by fashion-industry veterans and programmed by the best cloth simulation engineers in the world, we’ve built a user-experience that mimics the art of garment-making in an intuitive and familiar way. It’s an ever-growing set of easy-to-learn, easy-to-use tools essential to the design development process, that’s also quite easy on the eyes.

What’s New in CLO Enterprise 2.4:

CLO Fabric Kit and Emulator
Accurately virtualize fabrics with the CLO Fabric Kit and Emulator.

Merge two patterns into a single pattern.

De-wrinkle and even out smaller areas of 3D Garments, just like you would with a garment steamer.

Apply puckering effects along seams and Topstitches.

Keep track of tasks performed on a 3D Garment. Revert back to and/or save versions of different ‘3D States’.

Slash & Spread
Easily slash and spread patterns.

Change Line Lengths
Make adjustments to patterns by entering specific line lengths.

Intersect & Merge Points
Intersect and merge the end points of 2 Internal Lines into a single point.

Symmetric Sewing
Symmetrically sew symmetrically pasted patterns.

M to N Sewing
Sew ‘M’ number of segments to ‘N’ number of segments, and edit them as a group.

High-Definition (HD) Garment
Easily enhance the quality of a 3D Garment by applying specific garment, avatar, and simulation properties, all in one go.

Sublayers for Sewing
Use Sublayers to dictate the order of sewing lines for areas that have overlapping sewing lines, such as seam allowance and pleats.

Copy / Paste Buttons and Buttonholes
Copy and paste multiple Buttons and Buttonholes. Specify an interval between copies to keep them evenly spaced.

Hardware Simulation
Enter the weight of hardware pieces to simulate them with 3D Garments.

New Render Presets
New background and lighting options have been added as presets.

Library Thumbnail Preview
Preview the front, side, and back thumbnails of Garment and Project files in the Library Window.

Garment Descriptions for Project Files
Garment Description pages can now be saved and loaded with Project files.

Save Multiview Snapshot Settings
Save and load the size, resolution, and layout settings used for 3D Multiview Snapshots.

MCX File Export
Animations can now be exported in the MCX format, which can hold larger amounts of animation data.

Style Line Improvements
Change the thickness of Style Lines. Select and hide unnecessary Internal Shapes / Lines when using Style Lines.

Negative Layer Values
Negative values can now be used for the Layer function.

Reference Lines for Rotation
Rotate patterns, as well as Internal Shapes / Lines and Baselines, based on a specific reference line and axis (X, Y).

Offset Multiple Internal Lines
Generate multiple Internal Lines while using the Offset as Internal Line function.

Input Values for Round Corners
Enter a specific length or radius to generate Round Corners.

Edit Round Corners
Edit the radius of Round Corners.

Relative Axes for Internal Lines
Hold down the Ctrl / Command key while moving Internal Lines to display axes (X, Y) relative to the line’s midpoint.

Symmetry for Cut and Cut & Sew
Symmetrical patterns now retain symmetry when modified using the Cut and/or Cut & Sew functions.

Cut and Cut & Sew with Trace
Cut and/or Cut & Sew patterns while using the Trace tool.

Reset Button Arrangement
Reset a Button’s arrangement to where it was originally placed in the 3D space.

Select / Move Buttons and Buttonholes
Select and/or move multiple Buttons and Buttonholes at the same time.

Sewing Layer Settings
The number of sewing layers are now configured after, not before, a Button and/or Buttonhole is added to a 3D Garment.

Add Graphics from Library Window
Add Graphics directly from the Library Window.

Normal Maps for Graphics
Apply Normal Maps to Graphics for a more realistic visualization.

Save with Transparent Background
Save rendered images with a transparent background.

Shortcuts for Zooming
Zoom in and out of the screen using the + and – keys on your keyboard.

Arrangement Preview
Preview the way patterns will be arranged before selecting an Arrangement Point.

Drag & Drop to Change Background
Drag and drop image files directly onto the background of the 3D Window to change the 3D Background.

Reset Background
Reset the 3D Background to its default settings.

System Requirements:

– OS: Microsoft Windows XP/Vista/7/8/8.1/ 32- or 64-bit
– CPU: i5 2.4 GHz (Sandy Bridge, Ivy Bridge, Haswell, and Devil’s Canyon Microarchitecture)
– GPU: NVIDIA GeForce GTX 745 and above; graphic card with a G3D Mark between 4000-5000.
– RAM: 4 GB

– OS: Microsoft Windows XP/Vista/7/8/8.1 32- or 64-bit
– CPU: i5 3.0 GHz (Sandy Bridge, Ivy Bridge, Haswell, and Devil’s Canyon Microarchitecture)
– GPU: NVIDIA GeForce GTX 560 and above; graphic card with a G3D Mark above 5000.
– RAM: 8 GB and above





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