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Nov 02

CorelCAD 2016 build


CorelCAD 2016 build
x86 : 214.72 MB/x64 : 239.47 MB

CorelCAD 2016 – a high-performance computer-aided design with support for DWG format at an affordable price. The ability to open, edit and save files in DWG format makes it easy to work together. A complete set of industry-standard tools and features you can immediately get to work. Customizable two-dimensional and three-dimensional design to help turn ideas into precise drawings and models. VoiceNotes and other innovative features to let you add messages and instructions to the drawings, and will work with CorelDRAW and Corel DESIGNER expands opportunities for collaboration.

The main arguments in favor of 10 CorelCAD:
– CAD application affordable. Take advantage of high-performance CAD solution at an affordable price. In CorelCAD uses DWG format as its own file format, as well as supported versions of the file formats DXF and DWF versions up to AutoCAD 2010. The ability to open, edit and save files in DWG format enables easy collaboration with suppliers, colleagues and partners. In addition, you can save projects in legacy formats, starting with DWG and DXF version R12, as well as repair damaged file formats DWG and DXF for all versions.
– All the necessary functions of CAD. A complete set of familiar tools and functions increases productivity. CorelCAD application is compatible with all major CAD programs, so experienced users will be convenient to use familiar command aliases, the command bar, menu items and toolbar items. The interface also supports a floating toolbar, caused by right-clicking the context menu and the Properties palette.
– Tools of two-dimensional and three-dimensional design. In addition to a complete set of functions for the two-dimensional design CorelCAD includes a set of tools for modeling three-dimensional objects. The project can be added to the basic three-dimensional figures, and then use to perform Boolean operations union, intersection, or subtraction of bodies. You can create solid objects by stretching and rotating the two-dimensional objects, creating elements along the path, as well as the creation of a loft between the two-dimensional objects. You can perform a three-dimensional figures of the cutting operation and intersections, as well as change their edges, faces and bodies.
– High performance in Windows. CorelCAD application optimized for Windows, and for Mac OS, so you can work quickly and efficiently using a more convenient platform for themselves.
– Compatibility with CorelDRAW for better interaction. Export to a file in CorelDRAW X5 (with the extension CDR) and Corel DESIGNER X5 (with the extension DES) makes it easy to use projects for other purposes – for example, when creating presentations and other marketing materials. Supports major file formats, including PDF, SVG, ACIS SAT and DWF, easier collaboration and file sharing with colleagues and customers.
– Tools for accurate and efficient design. Intelligent tools CorelCAD, such as binding sites, the binding sites and guides polar guide, accelerate the development and construction drawings. You can create custom coordinate systems to align the construction plane with the object of design. You can also save time, use the “object handles” for fast moving, alignment, copying or resizing objects. Palette “Properties” allows you to control the attributes of objects, such as layer, color, line style, etc., and also copy the properties of other objects.
– Create notes and working together. Innovative means VoiceNotes allows a new level of collaboration with the ability to add voice messages, reminders and instructions directly to the project. In addition, you can easily tag elements drawing sketches by hand and set the mask to avoid drawing elements of the notes.
– Organization of work with multiple tabs. You can create several separate tabs – one for each sheet – to create a print layout. The pages can be placed mosaic types for different types of organizations or design details on a different scale. On the sheets can be placed frames, stamps, specifications, accessories, and other information. On the tab sheets you can also switch between the model space and paper space to customize the presentation of the model and its changes. If necessary, you can configure a set of layers to selectively display each mosaic effect. Mosaic types of sheets are attached to prototyping using rectangular shapes or freeform.
– Customize the interface to improve performance. To configure the interface CorelCAD programming knowledge is required. You can create different configurations of the interface and save them as user profiles. Accelerate the performance of routine actions also help aliases for frequently used commands.
– Achieve maximum performance with the help of specialized expansion modules. With the use of LISP and means of Microsoft Visual Studio Tools for Applications (VSTA) CorelCAD automation interface allows you to create your own functions, procedures, and plug-ins. In addition, the online store plug-ins for CorelCAD presented third-party tools that can help automate tasks and extend the functionality of the application.

new features CorelCAD 2016:
• Support the format of AutoCAD. DWG. Open and save, and work with files in .DWG, which is used as its own file format. It provides full compatibility and support, as well as the availability of all functionalities.
• Native support for 64-bit Windows. The new 64-bit version of CorelCAD 2013 provides high-speed processing and systematization of large CAD files, and significantly increases productivity.
• Increased speed and performance. With an optimized memory usage, the process of downloading large drawings are now runs much faster.
• Tool “Align viewport.” The new tool makes it easy to assemble the elements of the drawing. This provides a more precise alignment sheets – viewports are aligned in accordance with the internal geometry of the screen.
• Tool “The cloud changes.” The process of editing and preview tool became easier thanks to “Cloud Changes.” This tool is designed for the application of different marks to the elements of the drawing. Form for the cloud changes can be selected from a set or draw by hand.
• The substrate DGN. Just as you would with substrates PDF, you can now insert the file format in MicroStation .DGN main drawing as auxiliary drawings specify the layer visibility settings, manage cropping (masking regions) substrates DGN, and align the new elements of the drawing in accordance with the location in the substrates DGN.
• Direct editing of the text. Text editing tool allows you to modify the definition of the components and see the results of changes in real time.
• automation capabilities. Toolbar VSTA (Microsoft Visual Studio Tools for Applications) allows you to record, edit and run macros VSTA, which provide the ability to automate routine tasks and repetitive commands. In addition, from this, support teams Sontinued LISP makes it possible to use more of the existing procedures in LISP CorelCAD without recompiling.
• Expanded support for operating systems. Now it supports the latest operating systems, including Windows 8 and Mac OS X 10.8 (Mountain Lion).


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