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Feb 12

Curio Pro 11.0 (Mac OSX)


Curio Pro 11.0 | MacOSX | 45 MB

Curio is the premier brainstorming and project-management application designed to promote visual thinking. Using Curio’s innovative freeform interface and tools, you can intuitively gather, associate, and recall your ideas, while easily managing all the notes and documents associated with your project.

The heart of Curio is the idea space. Think of idea spaces as your whiteboard, notebook, and sketchpad all wrapped up into one. Within a Curio project, you can create an unlimited number of idea spaces where you can place anything anywhere on the page. Brainstorm or organize your notes with freeform collages of text, images, URLs, documents, Mail messages, movies, and sounds. Give the idea space a note paper or graph paper style, or perhaps a linen paper texture. This is your idea space, with your notes and ideas. Make it the way you want it to look.

What’s New Version 11.0:

Master Styles:
A figure or idea space style private to a project that, when changed, is reflected to all uses of the style throughout the project. For instance, tweak the coloring or font for a heading figure style and instantly dozens of instances are updated.

Master Figure Stencils:

Master Idea Space Templates:
The ultimate. Create a master idea space template, styled as you wish with figure content including boilerplate items. Then use that master to create idea spaces. Change anything on a master and all uses refresh. You can even base a master on another master for nested inheritance.

Automatic Backups:
Let Curio automatically handle periodic backups of your projects, as well as its support and personal repository folders.

External Project Asset Library:
Curio can now store a project’s assets in an external folder which sits alongside the project file which allows Spotlight to search your project’s asset library.

Sleuth Shelf:
A mini Sleuth readily accessible in the shelf for quickly finding images, definitions, or inspiration.

Stencils Shelf:
You can now view and manage collection stencils in the Stencils shelf such as mind map and index card stencils. In addition, Pro users can see their master figure stencils.

Organizer Trash:
A project Trash which holds deleted Organizer idea spaces and other items until you close the project which allows for quick and easy recovery from accidental deletions.

Organizer Archive:
A special section in the Organizer for long-term storage of idea spaces, with optimized searching and memory management.

Auto Layout:
Set figures so they dynamically move and resize themselves when the idea space dimensions change.

Search Scope:
The Search shelf can now search within a specific section or section hierarchy, an idea space or idea space hierarchy, or the new Archive and Trash sections.

Library Scope:
The Library shelf can now display assets within a specific section or section hierarchy, an idea space or idea space hierarchy, or the new Archive and Trash sections.

New Project File Format:
Curio 11’s new project file format is more compact, more efficient, more robust, and more compatibile with sync services such as Dropbox.

Finder Tags for Project Categories:
Project categories that you create in Curio are now automatically mapped to Finder tags. This allows Finder searching and organization of categorized projects.

Shape Enhancements:
Vastly improved multipoint orthogonal line drawing, plus better left/right arrow shapes.

Text Enhancements:
New typeface popup for choosing a specific weight, a font size stepper for quicker size changes, and a handy capitalization popup that will transform text into various capitalization schemes right before rendering.

Mind Map Enhancements:
Support for the new iThoughts v4 file format, plus support for MindNode’s zip file format.

List Enhancements:
More flexible line spacing options, a new line prefix style, and smarter paste as list.

Print Enhancements:
Change page orientation on the fly in the Print dialog and a new Fit with Auto Expand option for better scaling of large idea spaces.

Work Schedule Enhancements:
Easier access to work schedule options plus new internationalization support for automatic date calculations.

Project Milestone Enhancements:
Improved ability to search a project for changes based on specified project milestones.

Hyperlink Enhancements:
Curio now supports more inconvenient in-project relative hyperlinks, plus other new hyperlink features.

Versioned Support Folders:
New versioned application support and personal repository folders establishes a more robust and protected structure for major version upgrades.

New Welcome Project and Docs:
Curio now includes a fantastic new Welcome to Curio project with a revised guided tour to Curio’s major features, the complete user manual, and sample gallery.

Plus Much, Much More:
Numerous other improvements including code updates and updated 3rd party frameworks.

Requirements: Intel, 64-bit processorOS X 10.10 or later
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