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Jul 23

Divinity: Original Sin 2 Early Access


Divinity: Original Sin 2 Early Access | 13.5 GB


Name: Divinity: Original Sin 2
Released: 2016
Genre: RPG
Developer: Larian Studios
Publisher: Larian Studios
Platform: the PC

«Divinity: Original Sin 2″ is a sequel to the highly successful RPG, which is tuned for multiplayer. The past is often calculated to four players, but they do not have to play as a team and help someone, any player can do whatever he wants, in fact, one player may substitute another if it is to be profitable. In the new series, nothing has changed, the game continues to respond to all the players in different ways.

Developers «Divinity: Original Sin 2″ significantly improved the abilities of the system, so that, the player has the opportunity to create their own abilities by combining several existing ones. For the most part, developers are trying to preserve and multiply the advantages of the past. Plus, we added all sorts of useful features that make the game a lot better.

The choice of the player will be five races: Human, Elf, Dwarf, pangolin and the undead. After choosing a hero class, which can then be developed in the most unexpected directions. For example, you can easily give avid magician two-handed sword, and send in the thick of things, where he surprisingly quickly cope with it.

Features of the second part of the game:

– The original platform will interface PC with English and subtitled in Russian, French and German. Introduction of other platforms and languages is planned in the future.
– Initially, the player is given the choice of race, origin and characteristics of the character. One of the main parameters is the origin of it depends on the situation in the game and further chances.
– To help players access hiring companions, detailed as well as the main character. Companions are equivalent participants in the gameplay.

– In multiplayer mode, the game is available to a maximum of 4 players, regardless of the way – cooperative or competitive play.
– Competitive mode offers not a single pursuit of the goal, and the different subjects for each participant, depending on the motivations and conflicts in the party. Competitive multiplayer, in fact, offers no competition, gamers can balance all the interests.
– Compared with the previous part it remains possible to change the environment, added only new opportunities for cooperation.
– Improved dialogue system, offers a great opportunity to convince partners and neutral NPC. A notable point is that the dialogues of each character are different.
– The original “chip” of the game was the system of crafting, which includes not only the creation of a variety of items, but also an opportunity to create a new skill. How it works: let’s say a gamer has two skills – “call the spider” and “silence”, when combined have a new ability – “call secretive spider”.
– qualitatively changed and the combat system has changed in general mechanics and tactics. To use magic tricks require special glasses, which do not get so easy.

Changing the language in the game:
go in the game folder D: \ Divinity: Original Sin 2 \ Data \ Localization
Next, open the file lenguage.lsx notepad and edit the line




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