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Oct 24

DS ICEM Surf 2016.1 Win64-SSQ


DS ICEM Surf 2016.1 Win64-SSQ | 1.06 GB

In the world of industrial design ICEM Surf is a recognized leader in software for modeling, analysis and visualization of complex-shaped surfaces. Designed specifically for the design of the exterior surfaces of products with high aesthetic properties, ICEM Surf is actively used in the design of cars, motorcycles, commercial vehicles, agricultural and household appliances, sports equipment and other consumer goods.
Simulation of the class “A”

ICEM Surf is rightly recognized as the highest authority in the field of car design in many ways thanks to its exceptional capabilities in the design of high-quality surfaces, known as surface class “A» (Class-A), and combine the industrial aesthetics and functionality.

Diagnosis and quality
Diagnosis of the projected surface by the method of reflected light lines allows more adequately assess their quality. For example, joints surfaces, smooth only on tangents, will be provided by this method in the form of sharp bends or kinks. Only smooth transition with continuity in curvature gives smooth forms and the most harmonious.
For the quality control of surfaces in ICEM Surf are available as digital diagnostic methods, and various visual – along the lines of glare, reflections, using a slit light sources ( “isophots”), dynamic sections with the diagnosis of curvature.

ICEM Surf provides a set of powerful features “pulling” and smoothing surfaces, as well as a number of tools for pairing them with high quality and with a choice of smooth level.
Ability to convert mathematical representations of curves and surfaces NURBS / B-Spline and Bezier in the back allows you to use the strengths and avoid the weaknesses of both methods, as well as optimize and smoothes geometry taken from other modeling systems.

Conceptual design
Design sketches in ICEM Surf can be used as a scanned paper, and developed with the help of integrated software tools ICEM Style (with the visualization in real time); can be created on surfaces through the existing curves frame either individually modify them independently of the curves.
The process of obtaining model variants in ICEM Surf has a unique dynamic and detail study – created or imported model can be easily adapted to new forms constructed by means of the functions “global modification.”

The development of the press and die tooling
In ICEM Surf offers special tools that facilitate the construction of forming surfaces of the dies and molds. Among them – the extension and smoothing edges, creating a smooth transition surfaces for closing gaps, powerful profiling. ICEM Surf allows you to take into account the compensation of shrinkage along different axes, as well as other, more complex forms of change, such as sink marks in the molded product or the effect of the return springing in stamped (deep-drawn) details. These changes can be easily and quickly adjusted to the appropriate functions that are applicable both to the entire model and its individual parts, which is more efficient.

Also offered are special analysis tools:
• Checking “recoverability” parts of the matrix;
• calculation and optimization of mold parting line;
• diagnosis of the presence of flat land for stamped parts, and so on. D. The latter allows to avoid the undesirable effects of reverse deflection or elastic recovery in manufactured parts made of sheet metal.
This method involves the use as input for modeling surfaces digitized data from measurement of the dimensions of contact measuring devices or optical scanning systems layouts (prototyping) of developed products or existing product designs.
In ICEM Surf has all the tools to analyze and filter the data, combining the functions of individual sections in the entire scanned point cloud, as well as tools for rapid tightening surfaces.
An example of the use of ICEM Surf in reverse engineering may be the “Ode-Universal” (production of “IL-AUTO”) wings modernization project and the car hood designed on the basis of plasticine layout using all the opportunities the program complex diagnostic, smoothing and finishing quality surfaces to “A class”.
Integration and Compatibility

The presence of direct interfaces to the most common CAD / CAM system, including associative topology bus (Associative Topology Bus – ATB) in Pro / ENGINEER, allows you to combine the work of designers, engineers and technologists in a single project. So when changing designer appearance of the product technology does not have to re-import the corrected geometry, and then to develop treatment processes. It is enough to perform the update operation changed objects – and further actions the system will automatically!

ICEM software products can be combined with control systems of the enterprise life cycle products through PLM-Link module. This ensures consistency of automated workflows and data integrity, as well as accessibility to the project data of all participants lifecycle: developers, manufacturers, contractors, customers and other interested parties and individuals.
ICEM Surf Compatible with all common platforms CAD / CAM provided through a direct interface with the CATIA, Pro / ENGINEER, Unigraphics, I-Deas and CADDS, and communicate with other CAD systems provide industrial-standard interfaces IGES, VDA-FS, and SET.

Visualization realtime
Fast real-time while generating visual representations of designed models with instantaneous changes in working off the light settings, shadows, reflections, etc. distinguishes ICEM Surf from other design systems. The models are presented in real time, not in simplified forms, and with the smallest details and with photorealistic quality. And in ICEM Surf, this is the dynamic visualization fully integrated functionality and an integral part of the modeling process.
ICEM Surf allows you to harmoniously combine design ideas and industrial functionality.
Having modeled in ICEM Surf, users do not usually return to the previously used methods and systems …

Year / Release Date: 2016
Version: 2016.1
Developer: Dassault Systemes
Developer website:
Bit depth: 64bit
Language: English
Medicine: Present (TeAM SolidSQUAD-SSQ)
System requirements: Windows 7/8/10 64-bit


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