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Jul 22

DS V5 CATIA-DELMIA-ENOVIA hotfixes for all SPs x86/x64 (2009-2016) (Update 22.07.2016)


DS V5 CATIA-DELMIA-ENOVIA hotfixes for all SPs x86/x64 (2009-2016) (Update 22.07.2016) | 13.78 GB

See “composition distribution” for information about the changes

Year / Release Date: 2009-2016
Developer: Dassault Systemes
Bit depth: 32bit, 64bit
Language: Multilingual (Russian present)
Medicine: Present (TeAM SolidSQUAD-SSQ)
System Requirements: Pre-V5 CATIA-DELMIA-ENOVIA Win32 / 64
Description: The current hotfixes for all service pakam V5 CATIA-DELMIA-ENOVIA Win32 / 64
Extras. Information: Composition distribution (will be updated as new hotfixes)
V5R19 SP0 HF005 release date 05.10.2011 (support discontinued)
V5R19 SP1 HF014 release date 11.12.2012 (support discontinued)
V5R19 SP2 HF016 release date 12.09.2009 (support discontinued)
V5R19 SP3 HF095 release date 11.16.2011 (support discontinued)
V5R19 SP4 HF057 release date 02.01.2013 (support discontinued)
V5R19 SP5 HF109 release date 01.28.2014 (support discontinued)
V5R19 SP6 HF088 release date 12.12.2012 (support discontinued)
V5R19 SP7 HF089 release date 02.04.2013 (support discontinued)
V5R19 SP8 HF050 release date 02.04.2013 (support discontinued)
V5R19 SP9 HF138 release date 03.30.2016
V5R20 SP0 HF009 release date 01.17.2013 (support discontinued)
V5R20 SP1 HF010 release date 12.01.2011 (support discontinued)
V5R20 SP2 HF080 release date 06.26.2013 (support discontinued)
V5R20 SP3 HF106 release date 05.09.2016
V5R20 SP4 HF113 release date 02.26.2014 (support discontinued)
V5R20 SP5 HF101 release date 09.16.2014 (support discontinued)
V5R20 SP6 HF099 release date 10.16.2015 (support discontinued)
V5R20 SP7 HF057 release date 05.25.2016
V5R21 SP0 HF016 release date 06.02.2014 (support discontinued)
V5R21 SP1 HF016 release date 10.23.2013 (support discontinued)
V5R21 SP2 HF148 release date 07.08.2016
V5R21 SP3 HF080 release date 05.13.2015 (support discontinued)
V5R21 SP4 HF080 release date 06.09.2016
V5R21 SP5 HF027 release date 03.31.2014 (support discontinued)
V5R21 SP6 HF036 release date 03.21.2016
V5R22 SP0 HF025 release date 08.21.2015 (support discontinued)
V5R22 SP1 HF005 release date 10.02.2014 (support discontinued)
V5R22 SP2 HF023 release date 03.09.2015 (support discontinued)
V5R22 SP3 HF116 release date 06.07.2016
V5R22 SP4 HF122 release date 03.17.2016
V5R22 SP5 HF032 release date 11.13.2015 (support discontinued)
V5R22 SP6 HF027 release date 02.11.2016
V5R23 SP0 HF025 release date 11.19.2015 (support discontinued)
V5R23 SP1 HF009 release date 11.19.2015 (support discontinued)
V5R23 SP2 HF056 release date 11.19.2015 (support discontinued)
V5R23 SP3 HF051 release date 05.03.2016
V5R23 SP4 HF069 release date 07.01.2016
V5R23 SP5 HF096 release date 07.12.2016
V5R23 SP6 HF010 release date 01.15.2016
V5R24 SP0 HF022 release date 05.24.2016
V5R24 SP1 HF080 release date 05.07.2016
V5R24 SP3 HF088 release date 07.01.2016
V5R24 SP4 HF075 release date 07.07.2016
V5R24 SP5 HF043 release date 07.08.2016
V5R24 SP6 HF018 release date 07.05.2016
V5R24 SP7 HF008 release date 07.15.2016
V5R25 SP0 HF008 release date 05.24.2016
V5R25 SP1 HF009 release date 03.17.2016
V5R25 SP2 HF040 release date 07.07.2016
V5R25 SP3 HF022 release date 07.01.2016
V5R25 SP4 HF012 release date 07.13.2016
V5R26 SP0 HF005 release date 07.12.2016
V5R26 SP1 HF001 release date 03.15.2016
V5R26 SP2 HF015 release date 07.12.2016
V5R26 SP3 HF001 release date 07.01.2016


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