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Jul 14

Eos Systems PhotoModeller UAS 2017.1.1


Eos Systems PhotoModeller UAS 2017.1.1 | 103.5 mb


Eos Systems Inc. has released an updated PhotoModeller UAS 2017.1, i
s a version of PhotoModeler that has features for customers executing projects with photographs from a drone or UAV.

Release & Date : Version 2017.1.1 : Sep. 25, 2017

– Speed Improvements. Some user interface speed improvements for a) projects in a geo-system defined by an EPSG code, and b) when displaying 3d color by height.
– Color-by-height range. The color-by-height render style in the 3d viewer now allows user to pick the range (defaults are still computed automatically).
– Contour Improvements. Contour intervals are whole numbers in geo systems now, and contours can now be optionally added to an existing PointMesh.
– Camera Review. Your camera calibration data can now be easily uploaded to PhotoModeler support for an expert review (if you wish). Can also be used for community sharing of calibration data.
– New Check Values. The Check Points table has new columns to show the delta errors for points computed by projection. Helps with projects that use fixed control.

8727 Fixed a crash that could occur when an existing Surface Draw Curve was being extended, and while extending, the ‘remove last point’ option was used.
8751 Fixed a crash that could happen while generating quality textures for certain projects with a specific surface shape.
8741 Fixed a crash when manually activating with a registration key in certain improper formats.
8743 By default, all images assigned to a camera must now share the exact same image size.
8748 Fixed a crash that would happen when opening a 3D viewer with camera station image planes enabled when photos are missing from the project.
8729 Fixed a crash that would occur when an invalid file name was entered for a camera being loaded from disk during the automatic SmartMatch wizard.
8731 Fixed a case where creating a large number of contours could produce an out of memory error.
8728 When the Photo List is resized, the first selected photo chip will remain on screen.
8734 Improved the progress indicator when exporting 3D contours.
8735 A new preference setting on the Imports/Control pane determines if the Locate button opens photos tiled or tabbed.
8739 When importing column data from a file, if there are fewer columns in the file than the default for that type, the text file importer will default to the minimum columns. Eg. for a point format the default would be X,Y,Z.
8742 The color by height 3D view option has been improved, made faster, and now includes an option to define the height range min and max values.
8744 The Check Point Table has 7 new columns displaying the X,Y,Z,Delta,DeltaX, DeltaY, and DeltaZ of control points based on their uncontrolled and unprocessed positions. When updating to this version, all columns are visible (full installers install a new configuration and only limited columns are shown). You may want to hide columns after an update by clicking a column header and dragging off the top header row.
8747 The Modify Import dialog box has a new control to rename points in the project that are assigned to import points, which facilitates re-import and assignment. Improve
8750 Camera calibration information can now be shared online with the PhotoModeler community. When a calibration is complete (either a regular or field calibration/camera optimization), a prompt appears to upload the calibration project to PhotoModeler. The project file, without images or other personal data, will be uploaded. This information is used to help those in the community using similar cameras in PhotoModeler. If requested, PhotoModeler will provide expert feedback.
8754 A minor improvement to the speed of importing non-mesh files.
8733 For projects with a geographical coordinate system (especially when defined via an EPSG code), certain operations that perform extensive coordinate conversions (eg. 3D export, large table views, etc.) will be much faster.
8737 The default major contour spacing is now rounded to the nearest whole number.
8746 When creating contours, if it is the only modify mesh option selected, a new prompt allows you to choose between adding the contours to the selected mesh, or creating a new copy of the mesh with contours added.
8732 Fixed a problem when using the Send Files to Support tool when uploading relatively large zip files.
8749 Improvements made to the check for running on a virtual machine.
8753 When defining the columns for a text file import if a column is set to ignore it now shades the column indicating it won’t be used and the column will be correctly ignored.
8730 Improved how contours are created when the project had geographic control points and the coordinate system was not UTM. The status bar and table now show correct heights of each contour and the contours are on correct intervals.
8738 Importing files into a project with an EPSG geo-coordinate system, that uses non-meter units, will now correctly apply the correct unit conversion to elevations.
8740 Fixed a problem where the Geo-units dialog comes up twice when setting up a SPCS coordinate system – it now just appears once.
8752 Fixed a typo in an activation failure warning message.
8736 The default contour spacing is now set correctly after a SmartMatch automated project is run from the wizard.
8745 Setting the Center About point from a point mesh imported into the External Geometry Explorer now works after the initial selection without needing to reset the 3D view.


About Eos Systems PhotoModeller UAS. PhotoModeler UAS (PhotoModeler for Unmanned Aircraft Systems) is a version of PhotoModeler that has features for customers executing projects with photographs from a drone or UAV. PhotoModeler UAS is a super-set of PhotoModeler Scanner and contains all its features. The additional features are aimed at improving accuracy and capability for customers using a UAV.

About Eos Systems Inc. Eos Systems Inc. is a privately owned research and development company with headquarters in Vancouver, British Columbia. We develop and market 3D modeling technology designed to bring the power of computer vision and photogrammetry to the Windows desktop for practical application in industry.
PhotoModeler, our flagship product, is an award-winning software program widely used by industry professionals for measuring and modeling real world objects using photographs.

Product: Eos Systems PhotoModeller UAS
Version: 2017.1.1
Supported Architectures: x64
Website Home Page :

Language: english
System Requirements: PC
Supported Operating Systems: Windows 7even or newer




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