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Apr 22

Esko ArtPro+ 16.0.2 (Mac OSX)


Esko ArtPro+ 16.0.2 | MacOSX | 234.1 MB

ArtPro is one of the world’s most productive and effective editors for the pre-production of labels and packaging. This workstation software includes dedicated functions and tools to prepare the graphics for a wide array of packaging production (litho printing, flexo printing, gravure, silk screen…).

ArtPro Modules
ArtColor is ArtPro’s image manipulation module, with complete functionality to edit images in any production job. ArtColor’s functionality includes comprehensive image corrections and effects, sophisticated masking tools including soft edge masking, brushing capabilities, and support for “real” transparency, while keeping all objects at their respective resolutions. All image objects remain independent and editable at all times, and no compositing (or rendering to one layer) needs to take place at any stage in the assembly phase of the production.

ArtLink is the ArtPro module for database-driven layout or package assembly. Based on one template file where graphic elements contain links to dbase fields, ArtLink can render the different flavors or versions of the series based on the records in the database file. ArtLink increases productivity tremendously by automating the package assembly stage. The level of automation is even more elaborate when combining ArtLink with NexusProcessor.

ArtRender is the ArtPro module that allows you to create three-dimensional images or movies from your two-dimensional artwork. 3D animations can be rendered for boxes (e.g. folding cartons) as well as for conic shapes (e.g. cups). The animations can be exported to QuickTime or QuickTime VR movies, which are ideal to send to the customer for approval or as visual check of the final package, even before the package is proofed or printed. In production, ArtRender is also useful to verify the seamless joins on the cups or cartons, or to use TIFF images of the 3D objects on other packaging, e.g. to display the other flavors or versions from the same package.

PowerLayout is ArtPro’s Step & Repeat module offering a variety of ways to create repetitions or to assemble separations of one or different jobs for film or plate output. Industry standard formats such as PostScript®, EPS, DCS, native ArtPro data, PDF, TIFF/IT and Scitex CT & LW files, can be repeated easily. The repetitions are based on a preview of the job. This not only makes step & repeat fast and interactive, it also means that when the original single job is modified, the Step & Repeat layout is updated automatically. ArtPro can be configured with PowerLayout as a module, or PowerLayout can also be provided as a standalone program. PowerStepper as well as PowerOptimizer are optional modules for PowerLayout for dedicated step and repeat purposes. PowerStepper executes the repetition process based on CAD information, while PowerOptimizer calculates the optimal distribution of different labels on one sheet or plate.

PowerStepper is the ultimate Step & Repeat program for packaging. As the system uses CAD information to define and position the repeat, it is the ideal solution for Step & Repeat for carton packaging. PowerStepper can import CAD files in CFF2 and DDES format. PowerStepper is an optional module running on PowerLayout that can be used as a module inside the basic application ArtPro, or the combination of PowerLayout and PowerStepper can be purchased as a standalone software package.

PowerLock is the module of ArtPro that allows security screening on packaging designs. The goal of PowerLock is to hide security elements in your packaging graphics. These elements use PowerLock screening instead of regular screening. Thanks to ArtPro’s object based screening capabilities these protection screens can be applied to any object (such as company logos), as well using images, flat paint or vignettes. The PowerLock screened objects are not visible to the consumer but can be checked using an authenticity checker. PowerLock can thus prove the authenticity of the label or package on the shelve. Combined with ArtPro’s microtext, PowerLock protects your package against unallowed copying of the design. PowerLock jobs can be generated on any device that allows PostScript screening and can be combined with Artwork Systems’ FlexoCal technology.

PowerOptimizer is an add-on module to PowerLayout. PowerOptimizer™ calculates the most economic label imposition based on a set of rules and specifications from the user. The calculation part of PowerOptimizer can be used on a separate station in for example the estimating department.

PowerTrapper is a fully automatic trapping tool which allows the user to trap a complete job or any part of it, based on the selected objects. This accommodates the need for specific trapping requirements for different parts of the job. Trap widths can be set separately for traps from color to color, to black, or to images. PowerTrapper’s default trapping color matrix, which contains the trapping parameters for the different objects in the file, is based on the luminance of the colors used, while taking opaque inks into account. This matrix, which is fully editable, defines trap directions, widths, and colors.

PowerWarp is an optional ArtPro module that allows powerful and technical deformations of line-art, text and images. PowerWarp allows deformations of any kind as the system is based on warping a source grid onto a destination grid. Grids can be entered freely and therefore typical deformations to achieve drinking cups, metal cans, ceramic plates, rounded cardboard boxes, blister packs, bottles, etc. are easy to define. To use the PowerWarp module to deform images or vignettes, the ArtColor module is also required.

Native PDF prepress editor
– ArtPro+ is a native PDF editor for packaging prepress. With ArtPro+ you can work directly on PDF files. ArtPro+ comes with a solid set of editing features to prepare artwork for printing production.
– ArtPro+ equally opens normalized PDF and imports ArtPro files, saving metadata such as barcode information or screening information.
– ArtPro+ complies with latest PDF for packaging standards, such as ISO 19593-1.
– PDF files edited with ArtPro+ are self-contained. They hold all image, font and profile information for trouble-free output and file sharing.

Revolutionary interface: one swipe, all tools
– The revolutionary intuitive user interface makes prepress easier than ever.
– A tool selector wheel, working like a compass, provides instant access to the right tools anywhere on the screen. Just by moving the mouse in a certain direction, the information, like ink readout, is displayed when you need it and where you need it. This leads to higher efficiency and faster job turnaround.
– Tool panels no longer scream for attention or claim working space on your screen. When working on a project in ArtPro+ you have a full and clear view on your document.
– Focus only on what really matters with this highly productive user experience.

Blazing speed
– The new state of the art 64bit core of ArtPro+ is reading and rendering PDF content with blazing speed and uncompromised accuracy.

Work smarter, not harder
Increase your productivity thanks to ArtPro+’s revolutionary user interface. The task driven tool switcher is unique for desktop prepress applications and enables prepress professionals to work faster.

ArtPro+ has packaging at its core
ArtPro+ is a native PDF editor for packaging prepress. This means you no longer have to convert PDF files, allowing you to work easier and more efficient.

Reduce errors with integrated software
ArtPro+, combined with other Esko prepress solutions, significantly reduces the risk for errors. Esko offers a wide range of solutions for the packaging supply chain. ArtPro+ seamlessly integrates with Color Engine, Automation Engine and Imaging Engine.

Extremely short learning curve
Because of the intuitive user interface you are able to perform complex editing operations without the need for extensive training.

Hassle free color conversions
With ArtPro+ you are ensured of best in class color management technology when rendering PDF content. ArtPro+ uses true spectral color data, which guarantees an accurate and superb color experience. This saves time and avoids risks in color conversion.

What’s New in Version 16.0.2:
– ArtPro+ (with Color Managed Preview enabled) no longer crashes when third- party application “f.lux” is running
CS00686334 CS00670699
– Issues with opening and rendering specific ArtPro files have been resolved CS00706057
– Barcodes remain visible after save, close, reopen (file specific) CS00686373
– Printing methods are not lost anymore when saving Normalized PDF files in ArtPro+

Operating Systems: (Mac OSX) 10.9+
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