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Nov 05

EZTitles & 3DTitles Enterprise 4.1.13 Multilingual


EZTitles & 3DTitles Enterprise 4.1.13 Multilingual + Crack : 39.6 MB

EZTitles with 3DTitles Enterprise Editions included.. The package additionally contains tutorial PDF documents as well..

Open/DVD, Teletext and DVB Subtitles, Closed Captions.. EZTitles is designed to work as a world-class professional subtitling software. It meets all the requirements of the TV broadcast, film, DVD and Blu-ray standards.

SD and HD resolutions
The subtitles can be prepared both in SD and HD resolutions in different aspect ratios. PAL and NTSC resolution in 4×3 and 16×9 (anamorphic) mode, HD 720, HD 1080 are supported.

For most popular DVD authoring systems
In SD and HD resolutions. Text script formats and high quality anti-aliased images are available for the following systems: Sonic Scenarist HDMV (Blu-ray) and Advanced Contents (HD-DVD), Adobe Encore DVD, Apple DVD Studio Pro, Spruce DVD Maestro, Final Cut Pro, etc.

Aspect Ratio and Letterbox Options
We are aware that there might be additional requirements for the texts position for letterboxed videos and thats why EZTitles introduces several options which are designed to help you in this case.

Furthermore by setting the correct Aspect Ratio and Letterboxing you will have an instant view of how your subtitles fit to the picture.

In most popular subtitle formats
PAC, 890, EBU, ASCII, Unicode ASCII, Windows Media Player SAMI, Win2020 ASCII, DAS, Softitler TXT as well as Custom defined format.

In any language
EZTitles supports all European languages plus Chinese, Korean, Japanese, Arabic, Hebrew, Vietnamese, Hindi and Thai.

Digital Cinema Ready
Supports Texas Instruments CineCanvas XML- based subtitles for DLP Cinema projection system and the SMPTE 428-7-2007 DCDM (Digital Cinema Distribution Master) XML specifications.

Comprehensive checks
Done in background, they indicate inconsistent cues, reading speed and safe area problems. The Checks command allows you to check against various conditions: cues and reading speed problems, safe area, raised subtitles, intervals between subtitles, etc.

In Colors
EZTitles supports color subtitles in Teletext and Open/DVD modes. The limitations of the currently chosen format or authoring system are considered.

Subtitles are turning to a new dimension
Experience is everything when watching a 3D movie. It has to be shot wisely and the scenes have to be edited with precision otherwise the feeling will be ruined. The same applies towards the subtitles too.

Displaying 2D text over а 3D movie will simply not make it. Subtitles need to be positioned perfectly in the X and Y directions but they also need to perceive the depth of the picture behind and blend nicely with the action.

Hopefully, 3DTitles is here to help you prepare and deliver high quality 3D subtitles.

Lots of automation
With its brilliant automated features 3DTitles will perform in-depth analysis of every frame and scene in the 3D movie, detect each change in the depth and position the subtitles for the best viewing experience. Once the analyses are performed the results are stored in a so called Z-Map file to help you fine tune the subtitles further.

We did not forget that the editor may want to adjust the subtitles on his own and as result weve added some nice tools that everyone will appreciate.

The most impressive of which being the Depth Graph. It displays in graphical fashion how the depth of the picture is changing for the duration of each subtitle. It is incredibly useful during the final review and the manual fine-tuning of the subtitles.

Compatible with the most significant technologies
Using 3DTitles you can create subtitles for 3D Blu-ray Disc authoring and it is fully compatible with Sony Blu-print, Sonic Scenarist BD and DoStudio 3D.

3DTitles is compatible with the Digital Cinema standards and allows you to prepare both text or image based DLP XML subtitles with ZPosition.

3DTitles could be used to create 3D Closed Captions according to the CEA-708.1 standard and export them as MCC which is known to be the only offline file format that carries true CEA-708 captions.

And finally, you can feed the 3D subtitles and closed captions to ProMedia Carbon, Adobe Premiere, Avid Media Composer, Final Cut Pro and Final Cut Pro X or any NLE system using our plugins or specialized exports.


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