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Mar 03

FXhome HitFilm Pro 6.2.7325.10802 (x64)


HitFilm Pro 6.2.7325.10802 (x64) + Loader-countryboy | 322.53 MB


A unique mix of video editing, visual effects and 3D compositing for filmmakers and professional motion artists. Everything you need in one product. Want to create epic videos on a budget? HitFilm brings even your biggest ideas to life. Create beautiful title sequences and sophisticated motion graphics. Take your channel to the next level with HitFilm’s all-in-one video editing.

Professional editing and compositing platform

Visual Effects
Bigger and bolder visual effects

Color Grading
Comprehensive color correction and analysis tools

Motion Graphics
Animated title sequences and 3D objects

Easy integration and customization

What’s New in HitFilm Pro 2017:

Vectorscopes, Waveforms and Histograms.

Export Queue
Queue up a number of high quality tasks to export.

Next-generation support
8K support, 32-bit floating point color and RAM preview.

Ignite Pro 2017
Expanded plugin compatibility and effects.

Visual effects
Stunning library with over 500 effects and presets.

Editing platform
Second monitor preview, updated trimmer and keyboard shortcuts.

Audio tools
Auto sync and advanced audio mixer tools.

Action cam & 360° video
Work with Go Pro and 360° video.

Titling sequences
2D/3D titles and 3D model import courtesy Boris FX 3D Suite.

3D rendering
Improved load times and Autodesk FBX format support.

Advanced tracking
Easier long-distance tracking and mocha plugin support.

User interface
Dynamic search and new effect presets.


What’s new :

* Behavior is changed when duplicating layers, so new layers appear above the existing layer and layer order is retained when duplicating multiples.
* Adjusting the track size of the Editor Timeline Preview no longer resets the View.
* The Curves effect updates more consistently to the viewer.
* Clarified the wording of the Error message that is shown when trying to export AAC audio using an unsupported sample rate.
* When you copy/paste effects from one clip to another on the Editor, the order of the effects now remains consistent.
* 16-bit and 32-bit video files containing Superwhite video colors are no longer clipped on import.
* Changing the frame rate of the editor now behaves properly, and no longer loses sync between audio and video assets.
* Changes to layers now update correctly when working in multiple views.
* Scopes now update properly when a predefined Curve is selected.
* Improved handling of AC-3 or E-AC-3 audio.
* Selecting Make composite shot on a clip that has the speed modified now takes the adjusted speed into account.
* Improved handling of Layer Pickers in instances where multiple copies of the picked layer are present on the timeline.
* Variable Frame Rate footage now tracks correctly.
* Viewer now updates properly when reordering Effects in the Controls Panel for items on the Editor Timeline.
* Renaming assets no longer clears the RAM preview.
* Deleting points from a mask path no longer causes stability issues.
* Improved scrolling behavior of video tracks when new tracks are added.
* Clarified the error message that appears when trying to export AAC audio using an unsupported sample rate.
* Improved error handling if you try to export MP4 with the sample rate set too low.
* Improved Viewer rendering when working in 16-bit color on the Editor.
* Turning on ‘Use full data range’ option now updates the Viewer correctly.
* Improved rendering of particles when working in linear color.
* Added support for AVIs and WAVs containing floating-point audio.
* Importing an .fbx as a 3D model no longer creates two entries in the history.
* Moved the Temp Directory location, so unexported projects contained in the export queue will no longer be deleted by OS maintenance tasks.
* The built-in preset buttons in the Curves Preset effect now create the correct shapes.
* Rendering Proxies involving the Puppet Tool now works correctly.
* Keyframe control points now display correctly when selecting multiple keyframes on the editor.
* Rendering shadows in non-active views when there is no active camera no longer causes stability issues.
* Slide transition now update correctly when the downsample mode of the viewer is changed.
* Layer dimension button now updates correctly.
* Using Shadows and Ambient Occlusion on an Extrude effect with front faces now renders correctly.
* Tracking viewer controls now update correctly when playing back tracking data.
* Generate mesh in the Puppet effect now renders correctly at all Paused Resolution Settings.
* Generate mesh in Puppet no longer adds two entries to History panel.
* Downsampling of images in the PiP (Picture in Picture) effect is improved.
* RAM Preview works correctly again on timelines containing a camera.
* Pressing enter after typing in the duration field of a composite shot’s properties now validates the dialog correctly.
* Keyboard shortcuts now trigger correctly when text tool is selected.
* The Rotate By Layer behavior now correctly supports keyframed rotation values.
* Improved performance of the Trimmer when entering specific timecode into its timecode widget.
* Generation of audio waveforms and preview film strips on the Editor has been improved.
* Creating export presets that use a sample rate of 16000 Hz now works correctly.
* Improved feature tracking, so tracking won’t stop if the feature being tracked stops moving.
* Improved waveform creation on the editor, so waveforms will be visible even if the AAC audio stream contains errors.
* Improved generation and rendering of error messages on High-DPI & Retina displays.
* Modified several export presets to support projects set to 12000 Hz sample rates.
* Aligning a camera to a 2D layer with a parent no longer causes stability issues.
* Improved decoding of PCM audio in MOV files. (PC)
* Displaying a 3D model with effects applied to it in multiple views no longer causes stability issues.
* Scale slider is disabled for very short timelines where it cannot be used.
* Audio now plays correctly in composite shot when the sample rates of the composite shot and of the project don’t match.
* Interpolated color values now update properly when the linear color setting is modified.
* Removed use of Desktop Window Manager to fix flickering issues when drawing dialogs. (PC)
* The ‘Make Composite Shot’ option no longer appears in right-click menu for selections that do not support that option.
* Duplicating a plane with a transition applied to it no longer causes stability issues.
* Position property of a transition now duplicates correctly when an object with a transition is duplicated.
* The playhead no longer moves unexpectedly when switching timelines.
* Undoing the creation of a mask point no longer causes stability issues.
* Eliminated a stability issue when exporting a timeline that includes RE:Vision Effects’ Deflicker plugin.
* Media resolution is now handled properly during the handoff of media assets to mocha VR.
* Black frames will no longer appear in exported files when exporting a file longer than 5 minutes on an Intel HD 520 / 530 graphics processor.

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