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Jul 21

Golaem Crowd 6.2


Golaem Crowd 6.2 | 95.2 mb


Golaem releases Golaem Crowd 6.2, is a crowd creation tool for Autodesk Maya, and it manages everything from making, animating and simulating a crowd, to rendering.

GOLAEM 6.2 (2017/10/27)

From this release, Golaem Navigation relies on Golaem Sensors. Thus, all previous scenes using the Navigation Behavior will produce a slightly different result due to an improved perception system
New Golaem plugin for Katana which allows to preview and render Golaem Caches within Katana, KtoA and RfK
New Geometry Tag mechanism to switch the Geometry Files used in the different steps of the pipeline (simulation cache replay, render and bake)
Introduction of the Golaem Attributes as replacement for the PPAttributes
New Golaem Attribute Spreadsheet Tool to monitor and edit Golaem Attributes
Navigation Behavior now uses Golaem Sensors for its perception. Sensors can be configured
Support of Geometry Tags in the Geometry Behavior
OptionVar glmGeometryTags can be used to define custom Geometry Tag names
All selected items are deleted when clicking on a Simulation Layout Tool Layer delete button
GLM_CROWDUNIT environment variable can also be used for the 3ds Max plugin
Entity Scales are taken into account in the Perception
Orient Pelvis On Ground Normal attribute now works in particle mode within the AdaptGround Behavior
Fixed motion blur computation with Arnold 5
Fixed a crash when using the physics Behaviors and some specific collisions
Fixed a crash when using Group EntityTypes
Fixed a crash when using a Translate and a Rotate Expression in the SetBone Behavior
Fixed a crash when displaying the Maya Rigid Bodies in the Character Maker under Linux
Fixed Autocompute Skeleton Mapping not mapping some effectors in the Character Maker
Fixed glmClearChOpEditor and glmRefreshChOpEditor being called in Maya batch
Fixed geometry repartition within the Golaemisator Tool
Fixed Golaemisator not opening with Maya 2017 and Linux
Fixed Reset Shaders button with Renderman shaders
Fixed time offset in the One File Per Entity Alembic Bake Mode
Fixed Trajectory Edit and Trajectory Mode order in the Simulation Layout Tool
Fixed error message about missing Simulation Cache when using Trajectory Layers
Fixed Group Laxness not set correctly when using multiple Navigation Behaviors
Fixed the loading of old Character Files (pre-v6) in the Character Maker
Fixed V-Ray Subdivision
Reorganized icons in the Simulation Layout Tool
Crowd Archiver does not archive Simulation Caches anymore by default
SiToA is not supported anymore
The Character Geometry files are now returned and set per Geometry Tag in the glmCharacterFileTool command
Geometry properties now include the Geometry Tag in the glmCharacterMaker command
Removed glmGetNavMeshDefaultValue command
Removed glmSpatialRequestCmd command
Mtoa 1.4.X
V-Ray For Maya 3.6X, 3.5X & 3.40.XX
V-Ray For 3ds Max 3.60.XX
Renderman Studio 21.3 & 21.4
Mental Ray 3.13.X
Redshift 2.5.30
3Delight Studio Pro 11.0.XX & 12.X
Guerilla Render 1.4.4
Katana 2.5 and 2.6 with KtoA 1.1.X, 2.X and RfK 21.X 2.0 & 1.4.X
Also supported (but must be manually installed)
Mtoa 2.0
Redshift 2.0.91-93

About Golaem Crowd. Golaem Crowd is an artist friendly crowd simulation tool for Maya used in production by a long and growing list of visual effect studios. With Golaem it’s easy to create diversity and apply behaviors to create natural looking crowds in a shorter time than has traditionally been possible. This introduction course assumes no previous knowledge of Golaem Crowd, but covers all aspects of the software and is based on direct production experience, so even existing users should find something new to learn.

About Golaem. Golaem develops artist-friendly tools to animate digital characters. Integrated in Autodesk Maya, Golaem makes it fast and affordable to populate worlds with directable digital characters, from a few to thousands. Artists from all over the globe use Golaem to bring life to commercials, episodic productions, feature films and games.

Product: Golaem Crowd
Version: 6.2
Supported Architectures: x64
Website Home Page :

Language: english
System Requirements: PC
Supported Operating Systems: Windows 7even or newer
Software Prerequisites: Autodesk Maya 2016-2018



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