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Apr 26

GraphiSoft ArchiCAD 20 Build 6005 Update


GraphiSoft ArchiCAD 20 Build 6005 Update | 732.9 mb

GraphiSoft, the leading Building Information Modeling (BIM) architectural software developer, has released update of ArchiCAD 20.0. This Update focuses on teamworking, editing and modeling enhancements and contains various fixes since the original release of ArchiCAD 20.

ArchiCAD 20 features a brand new, flat-design graphical UI that sets the new version apart from run-of-the-mill BIM tools. Underneath the surface, a number of important functional improvements put the emphasis on the “I” in BIM.

This Update contains various enhancements and fixes since the original release of ArchiCAD 20.

223773 BIM Server/CRASH: The update installer of BIM Server crashed, if the admin user’s name contained non ASCII (e.g.: é) characters.
195433 BIMcloud: LDAP usernames containing an apostrophe were not displayed correctly.
187469 BIMcloud/BIM Server: If the Manager logged out the user due to inactivity, it did not, after the user entered a password, return the user to the last page visited, instead it presented the home page.
165466 BIMcloud/BIM Server: A duplicated project inherited the original project’s access rights.
223242 BIMcloud/BIM Server: Delete project/library from Manager could fail in multiselect mode.
213768 BIMcloud/FREEZE: The BIMcloud license accounting system did not provide continuity of service if one hardware key providing CALs was removed.
199323 BIMcloud/TEAMWORK/HOTLINK: Project with hotlinked Teamwork files opened very slow if a user’s license was revoked.
220884 CRASH: ARCHICAD 20 crashed after copying shadows in the 3D Window under certain circumstances.
220562 CRASH: ARCHICAD crashed when the RoofMaker Tool was started.
220872 CRASH: ARCHICAD might no start if its installation harddrive’s name contained special character.
215369 CRASH: ARCHICAD could crash when repairing a corrupt file.
212341 CRASH: In certain cases, clicking “Select Elevation marker on the Home Story and zoom to it” caused ARCHCIAD to crash.
220473 DOCUMENT: Change Markers of closed issues were visible on layouts despite the option “Show Markers of latest Revision only” having been turned on in the settings of the current Issue.
223324 DOCUMENT: Door width could be listed with wrong values in schedules, if a curtain wall was on the zone boundary.
219880 DOCUMENT: In schedules the border settings could not be set correctly in some cases, when 2D Plan Preview fields were listed as well.
217614 DOCUMENT: In some cases the Renovation Filters could appear reversed compared to the View.
222028 DOCUMENT: It was not possible to modify the ifc property of the selected element by Element Settings dialog when the category had changed.
220974 DOCUMENT: Renovation Status randomly changed to Existing.
223107 DOCUMENT: The Project Info Given Name Field couldn’t be filled in using a JPN ARCHICAD version.
220772 DOCUMENT/CRASH: The process of a adjusting dimension chains or objects with dimension chains was not handled safely in 3d Documents.
222033 DOCUMENT/CRASH: Importing ARCHICAD 19 Attribute XMLs into ARCHICAD 20 caused it to crash.
219623 DOCUMENT/HOTLINK/CRASH: A hotlinked file using Renovation Filters not included in the host file caused a crash.
220614 EDIT: In some cases ellipses were rotated in the wrong direction.
219721 EXPORT/GOODIES: In ARCHICAD 20 Construction Simulation Add-on created animations showing all construction elements as already built at the begining of the movie.
223478 FILE/2DL/EXPORT/CRASH: Sun Shadows led to ARCHICAD crash if they were exported with On a single level option.
216547 FILE/C4D/EXPORT: Merging changed geometry from ARCHICAD to Cinema4D didn’t work.
172547 FILE/DWG: In certain cases, DWG translator got duplicated when Translation Setup was opened.
223096 FILE/DWG/EXPORT: DWG export didn’t contain dimensions which used negative witness line length value.
222137 FILE/DWG/EXPORT: Solid and Percentage Fills didn’t export properly to DWF.
213874 FILE/IFC/EXPORT: Body colour of openings was exported incorrectly to IFC in some cases.
219887 FILE/MODEL/FREEZE: Walls with complex profiles could cause freeze in ARCHICAD during zooming on Floor Plan.
223500 FILE/OPEN/CRASH: Crash could happen in case of Opening PLN made in ARCHICAD 13.
220975 FILE/OPEN/CRASH: Opening old file caused ARCHICAD to crash due to legacy Find & Select criteria.
223335 FILE/RVT/IMPORT: IfcSpaces with curved geometry weren’t imported into Revit correctly the Revit Add-in.
220525 FILE/SAVE: Rendering texture with Alpha channel gave different results on Windows and (MacOSX).
194373 GDL/CRASH: Changing the Subtype of a custom Library Part to Duct Type Fitting caused ARCHICAD to crash.
222259 GDL/CRASH: StairMaker could crash with certain fill shapes.
224362 HOTLINK: An inconsistent IFC scheme in a hotlink crashed ARCHICAD.
220883 HOTLINK: Property values in labels could be lost when the file is Hotlinked into a host file.
225623, 225267 HOTLINK: Open and repair did not correct certain Hotlink corruption issues.
222939 HOTLINK/CRASH: Multiple Hotlinks using the same name but different paths caused ARCHICAD to crash.
219401 HOTLINK/CRASH: A hotlinked file using Renovation Filters not included in the host file caused a crash.
206359 MODEL: Cut line of complex wall is not visible in Elevation if node of Elevation line is in outside line of wall.
223422 MODEL: Generation of Zones in 3D was slow.
221434 MODEL: Level Dimension dimForm could not recognize some symbols.
219972, 221933 MODEL: Renovation override contour Line Pen was incorrect in case of demolished openings.
218839 MODEL: Texture mapping was distorted after applying Align 3D Texture – Set Origin. command to a curved Wall.
217293 MODEL/CRASH: In certain cases roofs could disappear if the Drag Horizontal Ridge command was used to adjust them.
215603 MODEL/CRASH: Rebuilding Detail from Source View caused ARCHICAD to crash if Elevation/Section was completely outside the detail boundary but touching the the Detail Marker polygon.
223885 TEAMWORK: Communication with server could be slow due to Interactive Scheduler.
217503 TEAMWORK: In case of large projects Reserve All could take a significant time to complete.
224375 TEAMWORK: In some cases, it was possible that a 3D document on a layout displayed wrong dimension values in Teamwork.
193881 TEAMWORK/BIM Server/BIMcloud: It was not possible to keep the local cache of a teamwork project if it was renamed or moved on the server.
93860 TEAMWORK/BIMcloud: It was not possible to re-share a project using the same name as the original.
221764 TEAMWORK/BIMx/CRASH: Clicking on “Show Elements” button in Teamwork message which came from BIMx caused crash when it was directing to the 3D window.
219452 TEAMWORK/DOCUMENT/CRASH: Deletion of unreserved changes in Change Manager caused crash.
208758 TEAMWORK/HOTLINK With certain property data in Hotlink Modules ARCHICAD crashed on update.
221147 USER INTERFACE: If property had “Option Set” type, Criteria did not register first option.
220540 USER INTERFACE: In Element setting, clicking the symbol before the Property name changed the value back to default.
223483 USER INTERFACE: When moving a static dimension line the feedback was misleading as if it was only possible to move the dimension in perpendicular direction, while moving itself worked correctly.

GRAPHISOFT ignited the BIM revolution in 1984 with ARCHICAD, the industry first BIM software for architects. GRAPHISOFT continues to lead the industry with innovative solutions such as its revolutionary BIMcloud, the world’s first real-time BIM collaboration environment; EcoDesigner, the world’s first fully BIM-integrated “GREEN” design solution; and BIMx, the world’s leading mobile app for BIM visualization. GRAPHISOFT is part of the Nemetschek Group.

Product: GraphiSoft ArchiCAD
Version: 20 INT (Build 6005) Update Only
Supported Architectures: x64
Language: multilanguage
System Requirements: PC
Supported Operating Systems: Windows 7even / 8.x / 10
Software Prerequisites: GraphiSoft ArchiCAD 20.0
Size: 732.9 mb


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