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Oct 16

IMSI TurboCAD Pro Platinum 2015 (x86/x64)

IMSI TurboCAD Pro Platinum 2015 (x86/x64)



IMSI TurboCAD Pro Platinum 2015 (x86/x64) | 759.51 MB | 814.67 MB

Premium, Professional 2D/3D CAD Software. TurboCAD Pro Platinum is the top of the line CAD solution for professionals. The speed and technology of TurboCAD Pro for 2D/3D drafting, detailing, modeling, rendering, and file sharing is enhanced with advanced tools for greater control and flexibility.

Key Features & Benefits:
– Advanced architectural tools including simple BIM, parametric doors, windows, slabs, roofs, stairs, and rails, compound walls, schedules, and powerful section and elevation tools.
– Advanced mechanical tools including more robust 3D surface and ACIS solid modeling tools, smooth surface mesh tools, and more.
– Part Tree acts like a selective Undo/Redo.
– Parametric Constraint Tools geometric, dimensional, midpoint and patterns / associative arrays.
– UV Mapping to create more realistic renders.
– Ruby Scripting and SDK programming.
– Compatible with over 35 industry standard file formats including AutoCAD .DWG, .DXF, Sketchup .SKP, IFC for simple BIM, 3D .PDF, .STL for 3D printing.

Why Choose TurboCAD Pro Platinum:
– Premium, professional features you want at a more affordable price
– Low learning curve, especially when switching from other CAD
– Advanced architectural and mechanical toolsets for greater control and flexibility
– Exceptional performance features for superior productivity
– Outstanding File Compatibility

What’s New in TurboCAD Pro Platinum 2015:

Productivity and Usability Enhancements:

New Conceptual Selector
Manipulate and modify 3D objects like never before. The totally flexible design of Conceptual Selector allows users to customize any visual and editing parameters available in the application (eg. Move, scale, or rotate).

Improved Nudge
The TurboCAD Nudge function now offers more efficient pick-up and placement of selected object(s) using the numbers pad.

Improved Block/Group Editing
While in block/group edit mode, users can now snap to objects outside the block or group.

More Flexible UI
Users can now resize dialog boxes as needed for their design environment. Adjust the screen size, resolution, and more. Works with the majority of dialog boxes including general property pages, multiline text, dimensions, program setup, and Drawing options pages.

New Contact Manger & File Sharing
Users now have the ability to create and maintain contact lists and send files to individuals or groups from within TurboCAD.

Architectural / Simple BIM Tools:

New IFC Import
Simple Building Information Modeling (BIM) is now more advanced with the ability to import intelligent Walls, Doors, Windows, Slabs and Roofs saved in the Industry Foundation Classes (IFC) format, the industry standard for BIM information.

Improve Roof Angles
TurboCAD now makes it easy to control the rise/run and/or degrees of a roof angle.

New Slab Roof Object Types
TurboCAD now allows users to make a roof slab object type. With one slab, you can quickly create a flat roof, or use in conjunction with new roof angles, mitering, and edge cut tools to join several slabs together and create nearly any roof style.

New Mitering of Roof Slabs
Select two or more roof slabs and have them meet automatically.

New Roof Edge Cut Orientation
A new Edge cut roof property for roof slabs allows users to select different methods of roof building, either plumb or square.

Improved Roof Modifier
Now you can quickly create holes in roofs for chimney’s, skylights, etc. and trim edges of roofs.

Improved Drafting and Detailing:

Improved Format Painter Tool
Use the Format Painter to transfer Custom Properties and Property Set Definitions (PSD) from one object to another. This huge productivity improvement is also a crucial feature for extending BIM/IFC models.

Improved Dimension Text
Dimension Text can be set to Non-rotatable. With this property selected, dimension text will always face the user no matter the orientation of the drawing.

Sorted Layers in Drop Down Lists
The Layers in the drop down and simple lists are now sorted as per the Design Director. If you change the control view order in Design Director the same ordering will be in all other Layer controls.

Improved Trim Tools
New ability to trim hatched or closed objects and maintain the hatch or closure.

New Dimension Units Format By Drawing
Users can now globally define dimension units at the drawing level.

Improved Join Polylne Tool
The Join Polyline Tool now works on Beziers and splines without converting them to a polyline, so that their original curve status is maintained.

Mechanical/3D Modeling:

Improved Quick Pull
The popular Quick Pull tool now offers multiple selection, so you can manipulate several co-planar faces simultaneously. You can also thicken ACIS surfaces with the Quick Pull tool, and dynamically switch between Quick Pull and Imprint modes.

New Wire Wrapping
Wrap a wire around a 3D solid for use as an extrusion or sweep path.

Create Surface from Faces
When using the ACIS tool Create Surface from Faces users can now retain the source object.

Create Surface from Solid
When using the Create Surface from Solids tool, users can now retain the source object.

Improved Smooth Surface Mesh Tools
TurboCAD now offers a set of tools for editing a Smooth Surface Mesh (SMESH) as symmetrical model.

Improved Drafting Object Breaks
When a drafting object is too large to display fully, TurboCAD allows users to add a break gap to abbreviate the displayed object, adjusting the break line properties including type (straight, zig-zag, wave, or heartbeat), gap value, color, and extension length. New TurboCAD 2015 supports multiple breaks per drafting object.

Improved Unbend Sheet Tool
Now users can request to generate the required bend lines when the Unbend Sheet tool is used.

Rendering & Visualization:

New Dynamic Cutaway Plane
Cut away plane, for looking inside a 3D model, now works in draft mode, in mixed draft and wireframe, and in mixed draft and hidden line modes.

Improved Redsdk
TurboCAD 2015 now offers an updated Redsdk Engine, and also now includes a New Displacement Shader in the RedSDK materials. In additional to GPU-drawing performance, the latest Redsdk engine provides powerful photorealistic and artistic rendering, replacing the LightWorks engine for quick and easy presentations of your designs.


Improved DWG/DXF Read/Write Filters
TurboCAD now uses the latest Teigha engine for the conversion of .dwg and .dxf files to/from different versions. Dynamic blocks are imported as simple blocks.

New SketchUp SKP 2015 Support
Import/export of SketchUp 2015 files is now supported.

New Visual Effects for Exported Images
For any image that has been added to a TurboCAD drawing, you can now control the brightness, contrast, saturation, and transparency.





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