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Apr 10

Keysight Suite 2019 (2019.04.02) Win64-SSQ


Keysight Suite 2019 (2019.04.02) Win64-SSQ | 10.58 GB


Model Builder (MBP) – a program for modeling devices

Model Builder (MBP) is a complete solution that provides automation and flexibility in simulating silicon-based semiconductor devices. The MBP program includes powerful built-in capabilities for modeling and defining device parameters, as well as an open interface for customizing the simulation strategy. The unique architecture of the Task Tree allows you to adapt the model extraction process to specific data and enables developers to use modern, competitive modeling techniques.
Key Benefits of Model Builder
• Ready-to-use solution for creating SPICE models
• A set of software packages for the extraction of models for MOSFET transistors, bipolar transistors, diodes and passive components
• Support for modern models, including BSIM6, BSIM-IMG, BSIM-CMG, etc.
• Ability to create models of aging, models of functioning under overload conditions, models of high-voltage devices
• Ability to automate and customize the extraction process
• Friendly user interface and a wide range of modeling tools.
Model Quality (MQA) – model quality control program
The Model Quality Assurance Program (MQA) allows designers and manufacturers of integrated circuits to carry out validation, comparison, and documentation of SPICE models. The MQA program provides industry-standard quality assurance for SPICE models and an open communication environment. The program allows you to automatically conduct validation, comparison and documentation of models and ensures high quality design.
Key Benefits of the MQA Program
• Ready-to-use, adaptable solution for testing the quality of SPICE models.
• Automatic validation and high quality SPICE models
• Debugging SPICE Simulation Results
• Validation of factory models; creating detailed reports on model quality control
• Comparison of differences between model versions, SPICE simulators and production technologies
SystemVue- software for system-level design
SystemVue software is a specialized CAD environment designed for designing electronic devices at the system level. SystemVue CAD allows system engineers and algorithm developers to optimize the physical layer (PHY) of next-generation wireless systems and aerospace / defense industry communications, and also provides unique integrated capabilities for developers who use RF components, digital signal processors, FPGAs and specialized integrated circuits . As a specialized platform for system-level design and signal processing, SystemVue replaces general-purpose digital, analog, and mathematical environments. SystemVue allows you to halve the design time at the physical level and device verification, and also provides the ability to import results into the main design route.
Main advantages of SystemVue CAD
• Best-in-class modeling accuracy among the existing tools for designing the physical layer, RF and digital parts of devices
• Integration with measuring equipment allows to reduce development time and optimize the design-based design route from the creation of the architecture to the verification of the project
• The possibility of interaction between different groups of engineers when working on a single project allows increasing the efficiency of developing systems with mixed signals

EMPro – electromagnetic 3D modeling software
Keysight EEsof EDA’s Electromagnetic Professional (EMPro) software is an electromagnetic (EM) three-dimensional (3D) simulation software platform for analyzing the volumetric EM effects of various electronic components, including high-speed and high-frequency IC cases, connecting wires, antennas, in-circuit and external passive elements as well as interconnects of printed circuit boards. The EMPro program is characterized by the availability of modern design tools, modeling and analysis, high-performance modeling technologies, and the ability to integrate into CAD systems ADS – the industry’s best system for developing RF and microwave devices.
Key benefits of EMPro EM Simulation
• Integration of the design route. Creation of 3D components that can be modeled in conjunction with topologies and diagrams using ADS CAD systems using the EM Schema co-simulation
• A wide range of modeling technologies. Setup and start of analysis using 3D EM modeling technologies in both the frequency and time domains: the finite element method (FEM) and the time domain finite difference method (FDTD)
• Convenient design interface. The rapid creation of arbitrary bulk structures using a modern easy-to-use interface; advanced scripting features
ADS (Advanced Design System) – Computer Aided Design
ADS is the industry’s most advanced computer-aided design (CAD) system for RF, microwave and high-speed digital electronic devices. For the first time, innovative and commercially successful technologies, such as X-parameters * and 3D electromagnetic (EM) modeling, used by leading companies in the field of wireless communications, computer networks, in the aerospace and defense industries, were used in CAD ADS. Due to a wide range of libraries and co-simulation at the scheme-system-EM analysis level in a single software package, the ADS system provides a full cycle of design and verification of WiMAX ™, LTE devices, high-speed data transmission devices, radar and satellite systems.
The main advantages of CAD ADS
• Complete integrated set of easy-to-use programs for accurate modeling of systems, circuits and electromagnetic modeling
• Specialized Designer Assistants (DesignGuides) for various applications accumulate many years of experience in designing electronic devices.
• Unlike other design systems, ADS CAD systems are provided with exclusive early support by leading chip and component manufacturers

IC-CAP 2018 Win64 build date 2018-04-30
Genesys 2018 Win64 build date 2018-07-31
System Vue 2018 Update1 Win64 build date 2019-01-09
WaferPro Express 2016_04 Win64 build date 2016-07-15
ADS 2019 Win64 build date 2019-03-26
EMPro 2019 Win64 build date 2019-01-15
MBP 2019 Win64 build date 2019-02-07
MQA 2019 Win64 build date 2019-02-07
GoldenGate 2015.01 Win64 build date 2014-12-11
Year / Release Date: 2016-2019
Version: 2016-2019
Developer: Keysight Technologies
Developer site:
Digit capacity: 64bit
Interface Language: English
Tabletka: Present (TeAM SolidSQUAD-SSQ)
System Requirements: Windows



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