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Nov 04

LinuxCBT Enterprise Linux 7 – EL7


LinuxCBT Enterprise Linux 7 – EL7

English | Size: 3.53 GB (3,793,674,389 Bytes)

Discuss features of RedHat® | CentOS Enterprise Linux 7
Explore installation options
Perform GUI installation
Perform Text-Mode Installation
Provision Network Installation repository
Perform Network Installation
Perform Kickstart Installation
Peruse Rescue Mode

Duration: 25 Hours

Course Objective

Features | Installations

Basic $SHELL Tools
‘pwd’, ‘touch’, ‘stat’, ‘ls’, ‘id’
‘echo’, ‘cat’, ‘head’, ‘tail’, ‘more’, ‘less’
‘cp’, ‘mv’ – transport content as needed
‘tty’ – Discuss terminals
‘tar’ – explore features and advantages of tarballs
‘gzip’, ‘bzip2’, ‘zip’ – Compress content
Use checksums to validate data pre|post-transmissions
‘file’ – discuss logic used to ascertain file type
‘dd’ – generate content as desired
Use ‘w’ commands
‘ps’ – explore process lists
free & top – explore process management with top
Process lines with: ‘grep’
Process fields with: ‘awk’
Explore ‘sed’ – streams processing
User and group management concepts

SystemD | System Control
Discuss new framework
Contrast with INITD
Identify FS footprint
Alter system run-states via system control
Manage services as needed
Peruse INITD support

Storage Administration | File System (FS) Semantics | Features | Usage
Discuss latest default FS implementation
Identify common FS object types
Discuss the benefits of Symbolic Links
Implement a variety of Soft Links and evaluate characteristics
Contrast Soft && Hard Links
Implement Hard Links and evaluate characteristics
Manipulate both Link forms and evaluate
Identify current virtual memory environment
Implement file-based additional virtual memory
Allocate partitions to virtual memory usage
Enable | Disable virtual memory as required
Explore default XFS implementation
Provision XFS storage blocks as needed
Expand XFS blocks as required
Explore default Logical Volume Management (LVM) Environment
Provision LVM storage components
Aggregate components into accessible blocks as desired
Manipulate LVM storage on-demand

CRON – System Scheduler
Peruse Cron Implementation
Examine schedule options
System-wide && User-wide Cron Jobs
Run jobs as needed
Check Cron status periodically

Syslog | Log Rotation Facilities
Explore LOG rules engine
Examine OS-provisioned LOG entries
Archive LOGs to remote system
Peruse Logrotate environment
Rotate LOGs as needed
Examine results

Common | Invaluable Network Tools
‘ping’ – availability
‘mtr’ – interhost paths and metrics
‘telnet’ – TCP socket availability
‘netstat’ – examine sockets
‘arp’ – L2 broadcast domain (VLAN) neighbors
‘dig’, ‘nslookup’, ‘host’ – name resolution tools
‘wget’, ‘curl’ – content retrieval agents

Time Administration | ChronyD
Examine default environment
Contrast with prior versions
Explore ‘chronyd’ time service
Contrast ‘chronyd’ with ‘ntpd’
Configure ‘chronyd’ to permit internal synching
Ensure synchronized time across nodes

YUM | Package Management
Discuss features
Contrast with ‘rpm’
Compare with similar tools
Explore default environment with ‘yum’
Install | Remove packages as needed
Apply updates where applicable
Provision internal PROD YUM Repository
Ensure functionality
Manage packages

IP Administration
Discuss features
Contrast with ‘ifconfig’ | alias method
Discuss ‘NetworkManager’ && ‘ifcfg-*’ scripts
Peruse appropriate config tree
Examine important directives
Add IP resources dynamically
Committ desired resources to persist
Test persistance of IP resources

DHCPD | BIND DNS | Services
Provision dedicated virtual DHCP subnet
Setup DHCPD with basic configuration
Ensure address assignation
Trace administered resources
Provision DNS Caching-Only service
Test relayed resolution of proxied requests
Setup Primary DNS service && Test
Replicate Primary DNS records to Secondary instance
Test replication and resolution across nodes

FTP Server
Identify && provision secure FTP server service
Explore default configuration
Alter configuration to suit hypothetical security policy
CHROOT user principles to heighten security
Test configuration
Move data

HTTPD Server
Discuss features
Implement HTTPD server
Explore default configuration
Identify important directories, files and directives
Configure IP-based Virtual Hosts && Test configuration
Update configuration to support Name-based Virtual Hosts
Contrast configurations
Use ‘apachectl’ to validate && effect configuration changes

Explain implementation – features | benefits
Implement on targets
Secure instances and test access
Explore defaults
Provision simple DB container with table and sample data
Test access
Purge sample DB container

NMAP | Reconnaissance
Discuss features
Install NMap
Explore footprint
Analyze locally-published resources
Contrast with routable resources
Explore broadcast domain
Perform a variety of scans to obtain more intel
LOG results for post-processing

Packet Capturing
Discuss sample use-cases
Capture default traffic set
LOG captured traffic for post-processing
Tune captures with BPF filters
Post-process with TCPDump && WireShark

Discuss implementation
Relate to IPTables
Install GUI management tool
Explore default policies
Contrast Run-Time && Permanent Policies
Enter ‘Panic’ mode in hypothetical situation
Resume normal communications
Define PROD service group for rules-aggregation
Apply PROD service group and test communications

Intro to SELinux Implementation
Examine default SSH behavior
Restrict SSH access to SFTP only connections
Enforce file nomenclature via SSH
Test functionality

Format: QuickTime/MPEG-4/Motion JPEG 2000 format
Stream count: 2
Bit rate: 361 kb/s
Meta info:
compatible_brands: isomiso2avc1mp41
minor_version: 512
encoder: HandBrake 0.10.0 2014112200
major_brand: mp42

Stream 0
Type: video
Codec: h264
Width: 1358
Height: 766
Sample aspect ratio: 1:1
Display aspect ratio: 679:383
Pixel format: yuv420p
Frame rate: 5 fps
Bit rate: 94 kb/s

Stream 1
Type: audio
Codec: aac
FourCC: mp4a
Duration: 00:30:39
Bit rate: 263 kb/s
Sample rate: 44100 Hz
Sample format: s16
Channel: 2

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