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Dec 19

Mentor Graphics IE3D 15.0


Mentor Graphics IE3D 15.0 | 243.6 mb


Mentor Graphics has presented IE3D 15.0, is the first SCALABLE EM design and verification platform that delivers the modeling accuracy for the combined needs of high-frequency circuit design and signal integrity engineers across multiple design domains.

What’s new in this release:

– Simulation throughput has been significantly improved. Many applications can expect throughput to double compared to previous versions.
– Implementation of Mentor Graphics License Scheme.
– Significant speed improvement on OpenMP multi-CPU support for the major processes in IE3D full-wave EM simulation engine.
– Implementation of automatic geometry connection for crossing 3D polygons.
– Integration of Physical Component Compiler Library (PCCL) for automatic geometry generation and simulations of parameterized vias, solder balls and wire bonds, etc. for both single-ended and differential structures.
– Implementation of 4-port differential via models into PCCL.
– Implementation of building wire bond structures using industrial standard profiles.
– Improvement of the User Defined Object in IE3DLibrary to provide users with more flexibility to build their own structures for EM tuning and optimization.

About Mentor Graphics IE3D. IE3D from Mentor Graphics, formerly Zeland Software is the first SCALABLE EM design and verification platform that delivers the modeling accuracy for the combined needs of high-frequency circuit design and signal integrity engineers across multiple design domains. For many companies, there is no longer just one EM problem at hand, but several different ones each presenting a unique bottleneck and delaying overall design closure. IE3D’s multi-threaded and distributed simulation architecture and high-design capacity is the most cost-effective EM simulation and modeling solution for component-level and circuit-level applications. IE3D offers the highest simulation capacities and fastest turnaround times for the broadest number of applications making it the best choice for improving your design team productivity and meeting design schedules on time.

– IE3D for Antenna Design
Today’s high performance antenna array design requires both, large capacity EM simulation and unit array cell EM design and optimization capabilities. Getting the array unit cell right from the start is essential before replicating into a larger antenna array structure. And if accuracy is sought, then the designer needs to be extremely careful with approaches that formulate estimated boundary conditions for unit cells used within larger arrays. These approaches typically suffer from poor capacity limits and do not accurately model the EM behavior between unit cells, especially for cells on the antenna array periphery. IE3D-SSD offers FASTEM to thoroughly explore the relevant design space and optimize the geometry for each unique unit cell. In addition, IE3D-SSD’s superior capacity and run-time enable even the largest antenna arrays to be solved in least amount of time. IE3D-SSD is the best solution for your antenna design.
– IE3D for RFID Design
Determining the primary and secondary characteristics of any RFID tag is always challenging. And ensuring the target layout will indeed meet the overall design objectives including a correct conjugate match is often a lengthy trial and error process. RFID design and EM modeling is a strength of IE3D-SSD where combining both disciplines of antenna and embedded passive design are best addressed. Critical geometries and dielectric impact on overall tag performance can be easily isolated and optimized accelerating design closure and improving the overall quality of the design. IE3D-SSD is the sure bet for RFID design.
– IE3D For MMIC Design
Today’s MMIC designer now require “circuit-level” EM simulation and modeling to support the accuracy and throughput demands to meet aggressive project schedule deadlines. The days of using flat planar 3D EM simulations solutions for MMIC design are over. Now full 3D geometry modeling of bond wires, via structures, and other 3D structures are a must-have for designers pushing performance. Circuit-level EM simulation captures the true electrical behavior of a designs passive structures including coupling. IE3D-SSD is the perfect fit for MMIC designers requiring full 3D geometry modeling and high simulation capacities.
– IE3D for IC Package Modeling
Increasing operating frequencies and the rapid move to multi-chip system architectures have sparking a new parasitic extraction paradigm shift for IC packaging that now requires the accuracy of full 3D EM simulation and modeling. Package models built upon simplistic 2D approximations can no longer be relied upon to secure successful design closure. IE3D-SI is the perfect answer for the circuit design and signal integrity engineer delivering the fastest throughput and capacity of any true 3D EM simulation commercially available. IE3D-SI delivers the most accurate models of packages housing stacked die, multiple die, and embedded passives with multi-height bond wires, solder balls, bumps, vias, and through silicon vias. IE3D-SI scalable computing architecture leverages your multi-core computers and server farms to solve the largest packaging problems with the fastest turnaround ensuring a fully optimized design where all end cases have been investigated prior to final tape out. IE3D-SI reduces the risk an undetected EM design flaw slips through the final verification saving time and money.

About Mentor Graphics. Mentor Graphics is a technology leader in electronic design automation (EDA), providing software and hardware design solutions that enable companies to develop better electronic products faster and more cost-effectively. The company offers innovative products and solutions that help engineers overcome the design challenges they face in the increasingly complex worlds of board and chip design. Mentor Graphics has the broadest industry portfolio of best-in-class products and is the only EDA company with an embedded software solution.

Product: Mentor Graphics IE3D
Version: 15.0
Supported Architectures: 32bit / 64bit
Language: english
System Requirements: PC
Supported Operating Systems: Windows XP / Vista / 7even / Server 2003 / Server 2008 (R2)




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