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Jul 06

Microsoft Windows 10 Enterprise 1703 RS2 x86/x64 (07.2017)


Microsoft Windows 10 Enterprise 1703 RS2 x86/x64 (07.2017) | 8.01 GB


Assembly based on the original Russian images of the newest operating system Windows 10 Enterprise (Corporate) VL x86-x64 (msdn) from Microsoft with additional material of different capacities on 2 different DVDs (x86 and x64). The installation is completely standard “manually” with the choice of OS installation parameters. Integrated: system updates, language packs English, German, Ukrainian, a program for returning to the system familiar to us buttons and Start Menu, gadgets for the desktop, additional themes and pictures of the desktop, etc. The assembly is designed for those who prefer to formalize the external The look of your operating system to your taste.

The corporate edition of the system provides the maximum features and functions from all editions of the OS of the Windows 10 line. Compare editions, see details here.
The assemblies are based on the official images of MICROSOFT MSDN (Release date: March 2017):
– Updates on July 2, 2017 are important and recommended (see note) one of them is large cumulative;
– language packs for changing the system interface (LP) English, German, Ukrainian.
Automatically installed applications during OS installation:
* StartIsBack ++ 2.0.9 Final (Ru / Ml), the program to return to the system the familiar attributes of the OS – buttons and the menu “START” (see notes);
* UltraUXThemePatcher 3.2.2, a patcher program for adding the possibility of using third-party themes;
* 8GadgetPack v23.0, the program for installing into the desktop gadget system;
* Anti-virus database for the defender of windows on July 1, 2017;
* Microsoft Silverlight 5.1.50907.0, a plug-in for browsers;
* Additional themes, background images, gadgets, user avatars.

Installing the Operating System
The installation of the operating system is no different from the installation of the operating system from the original. At the very beginning of the installation, you must select the interface language for the installation time and the language of the installed system. The installation time of the OS varies from 30 to 45 minutes, depending on the number and power of the computer. The applications are installed by the post-install method by the internal installer of the OS. The content of images can be transferred to a bootable USB flash drive or burned to a DVD disc by the corresponding procedure for creating bootable media. The assembly was tested in all installation options on a real machine from a DVD drive and from a bootable USB flash drive. There were no installation errors. The most optimal installation from the flash drive as the fastest, or with DVD, as the most reliable. It is recommended to use to create a bootable USB flash drive Rufus (download). The performance of the assembly is guaranteed only when installed on a “clean”, i.e. When installing from under the boot of the computer to a clean, formatted partition (disk). Also, I recommend immediately after installing the system to restart the computer to accept the settings of the current user. To owners of computers with disks with a GPT structure, I remind you that the installation is possible only 64-bit version of the UEFI interface from a DVD or a flash drive created with certain conditions, such as the Rufus program (UEFI to GPT, FAT32)
To simplify installation, on computers with direct Internet connection, I advise you to temporarily disconnect the connection physically.
After installing the system, I strongly recommend that you run the program OldNewExplorer and configure it according to the screenshot that is present in the program folder for better display of the themes integrated into the assembly of the desktop.

For convenience, small changes have been made to the image of the OS:
For convenience, small changes have been made to the image of the OS:
▫ The .NetFramework 3.5 OS component is running (2.0 and 3.0 inclusive), it is required for many programs,
▫ show “My Computer”, “Control Panel” and Internet Explorer on the desktop,
▫ in the “file” menu added “open the file with Notepad (Open with Notepad)”, “move to …”, “copy to …”
▫ “Device Manager” is added to the “Computer” menu,
▫ in the “Desktop” menu a convenient submenu “Personalization” was added to manage the design,
▫ in the “Desktop” menu a convenient submenu “Control Panel” (Control Panel) was added to manage the computer,
▫ From the window “My Computer” removed the labels of 6 folders “User Libraries”,
▫ show hidden files and folders,
▫ show file extension,
▫ Google, Yandex and Wikipedia search sites have been added, the author’s home page in Internet Explorer has been added,
▫ the transparency of the bottom panel is turned on (depends on the included theme),
○ added additional background images for the desktop,
○ added additional themes,
○ Added additional gadgets.
► Account Control (UAC) has been turned into the minimum notification mode.
► Windows services, processes and components are left by default. Nothing was removed and did not change.
▫ All the changes in the assembly, registry tweaks, adding the material were done by the standard Windows ADK tools. The applications are installed by the post-install method by the internal installer of the OS.
Also additional material was added to the image of the dvd disc.

Differences from previous versions:
1. Replaced images of sources on the official installation images of OS 1703 from the Microsoft website.
2. Replaced automatically installed programs for current versions.
3. Added new working activators, tested for the date of July 2017.
4. Updates are integrated on July 1, 2017, one of them is a large cumulative update.
5. Added themes for the desktop, fully compatible with the version 1703, removed incompatible.
6. Installation The install.wim image file is maximally compressed to reduce the size.
7. In the installation DVD image added programs to create a flash drive, see screenshots.
8. Added antivirus databases for Windows Defender to the installation on July 1, 2017.
9. Integrated language packs for the ability to change the language of the installer and the system itself (English, German and Ukrainian added to the Russian language).

Additional material:
After the system is installed on the system drive C: folders with additional material are created.
○ The folder “Bonus” contains additional material for the design of the system: the program for setting the window type OldNewExplorer (See pic), the packages of system icons for different tastes (HUD and AZURE) and the program for changing information in the property panel (OEM Info Updater).
○ The Activators folder contains several different activators for this system.
○ There are user avatars in the folder “Avatars”.
Also in the DVD image are added programs for creating flash drives, poster and cover for dvd. In the folder “AntiSpy” there are programs for removing from the system monitoring and spyware functions O & O ShutUp10, Ashampoo_AntiSpy and Destroy Windows 10 Spying (See pic). You can extract it by mounting the image to a virtual drive or by any archiver.
Note: All additional material is designed for self-installation according to your desire. Folders on the disc and shortcuts on the desktop can be easily removed if you do not need them.

Activation of the system:
To activate the system, use your license or think about its purchase. Who does not like this option, apply the alternative. After installing the OS on the system disk, the “Activators” folder is created, where you can find a selection of tools for activating the system. I recommend using the automatic KMS activator KMSAuto Lite Portable (See pic).
1. Disable the antivirus, if installed or make the activator in the exception (recommended, not necessary).
2. Open the folder “Activators” on the system drive (CSmile or go through the link on the desktop.
3. Run the “KMSAuto” file from the KMSAuto Lite Portable folder.
4. Activate.
5. We reboot and after the reboot we check the result.
6. If not, try other activation methods from the submitted material.
◄ Note: ► Activation of the system is possible by KMS activators for 180 days with subsequent reactivation in manual or automatic mode. In addition, the activator can create a schedule for automatic periodic activation of the system, so as not to worry about activation in the future.

Assembly notes and useful recommendations.
1. Before installing this system (10), make sure that your computer (laptop) supports it, and also whether there are drivers for all equipment (suitable from 8 and 8.1) for this system. Download the necessary drivers and save them on some kind of media.
2. The most correct and reliable way to install the system is to install from a DVD, provided it is correctly and correctly recorded.
3. Owners of a computer with disks with GPT structure need to know that installation of only 64-bit version is available, and when installing the system from a flash drive, it must be formatted in FAT32. I recommend the Rufus program of the latest versions with the selection of the corresponding parameters in it.
4. The final version of the StartIsBack program is included in the assembly to return to the system the usual buttons and the Start menu. Presented in the menu system from Microsoft is not quite familiar and convenient, in my opinion.
5. Assembly is not installed, immediately after installation, activate it according to the suggested recommendations.
6. After installation, I advise you to configure StartIsBack to your taste, select the desired interface language, the menu view and select the Start button. Just go into personalization, choose the theme of design and the picture of the desktop to your taste. In the user settings, you can select your avatar from the corresponding folder. Keep in mind that themes from previous versions of 10-ki to this version are not suitable, so do not try to apply them in this version.
7. When installing, you can use both a Microsoft account and create a local account. Some applications require a Microsoft account. To sign or not, it’s up to you.
8. Updates from the update site are installed automatically when you connect to the Internet, so the computer initially slows down a lot. Connection to the Internet can occur automatically at the stage of installing the system if it is physically connected.
9. The built-in antivirus “Defender Windows” at first pretty much slows down the system. By default it is started. Disable it or not, it’s up to you. Many third-party antiviruses support Windows 10 only in their latest versions. Do not try to install older versions of antivirus software.
10. The overall impression of the system is mostly positive, if it is slightly adjusted to “yourself.” Microsoft regularly corrects system errors and makes new ones, but the process is still there.
11. Voice Assistant Cortana does not work in the Russian version of the system, regardless of which language is selected as the main language.
12. Users who are sensitive to their privacy advise you not to accept the standard settings when installing the system, but to configure them for yourself, disable everything that tracks the user and set up a local register. You can also configure these settings after installing the system from the “Privacy” panel (Settings – Settings). Additionally, the folder “AntiSpy” with antispyware programs is added to the assembly. All users must choose for themselves the balance between their privacy and new conveniences and chips of the system.

The name of the operating system: Microsoft® Windows® 10 Enterprise (Corporate) VL
Stage of development: Release
Year / Release Date: July 2017 (integrated updates)
Version: 10.0 build 15063 Redstone Release (RS2) Version 1703 Creators Update (10.0.15063.447).
Developer: Microsoft corp.
Bit depth: 32bit, 64bit (x86 / x64)
Language: Multilingual (Russian is present)
Tabletka: Present, KMS activator
Assembly Author: OVGorskiy®
Minimum system requirements:
If you want to use Windows 10 on your computer, you will need:
■ Processor: At least 1 GHz or SoC
■ RAM: 1 GB (for 32-bit systems) or 2 GB (for 64-bit systems)
■ Hard disk space: 16 GB (for 32-bit systems) or 20 GB (for 64-bit systems)
■ Video card: DirectX 9 or higher with WDDM 1.0 driver
■ Display: 800 x 600 pixels. (More …)





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