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Oct 20

MotionStudios Earth Maps Ultimate Collection 2013.02.28 Multilingual

MotionStudios Earth Maps Ultimate Collection 2013.02.28 Multilingual



MotionStudios Earth Maps Ultimate Collection 2013.02.28 Multilingual | 1.50 GB

The ultimate collection of Earth maps. The right map for every type of trip. The “Ultimate Collection” Earth Maps consists of 3 single packages “Adventure”, “Aesthetic” and “Classic”. This gives you a total of 12 base maps for you to use in Vasco da Gama.

The ultimate collection of Earth maps. The right map for every type of trip
– The “Ultimate Collection” Earth Maps consists of 3 single packages “Adventure”, “Aesthetic” and “Classic”.
– This gives you a total of 12 base maps for you to use in Vasco da Gama.
– Earth Maps “Aesthetic”: The Earth map collection for aesthetes and creative minds
– Earth Maps “Adventure”: An optimum collection for adventurers, winter tourists and globetrotters
– Earth Maps “Classic”: The right map package for those who love classic, natural maps
– The world maps cover the entire virtual Vasco da Gama globe, and are ideal for that entirely different view of our planet.

Travel the “WinterMap”
You will be delighted with the new WinterMap from “Adventure” Earth Maps. The northern hemisphere as it is in winter – just the thing for winter sports enthusiasts. The depicted snowy landscapes are perfect for once more experiencing your last snow skiing or hiking holiday through the realistic route animation.

“Rough World” – the map for adventurers
Anyone wishing to explore the rougher side of our Earth will sketch their journey with “Rough World”, also included in the “Adventure” Earth Maps collection. Everything here revolves around the theme of wilderness and Robinson Crusoe. Examples include exciting safaris or mountaineering. In order for you to be able to present your travel experiences as vividly as they were, the developers of the software have paid special attention to the colour scheme. The prevailing geographic structures are presented realistically – an ideal map therefore to visualize your latest adventure.

Political Map 1 & 2 – borders illustrated as they are
Did you visit several countries? For example, as part of a trip around the world? The integrated Political Map 1 is then especially adapted for the visualization of your travels. This map, with its subtle colors and a focus on national borders, is ideal for displaying longer voyages. The Political Map 1 shows you – precisely and accurately – where you are at any given moment.

“Brushed Metal” – the earth as a brushed metal ball
Give your travel route animation the elegant appearance of news magazines by using this particular map.

“Silver-Bronze” – the Earth as if cast from a mold
The color effects of this expressive map mean you will be able to see the world as if it had been cast from liquid metal. The structures of the planet as shown with this basic map are amazingly realistic. Mountain ranges and the depths of the seas are all presented – all as if under a thin metal layer.

“Old Paper World” – Christopher Columbus says hello
This map of the world could have had its origins in an adventure game or an historic document. One almost expects historical battles or the journey of Christopher Columbus to be displayed. The visual effects mean that the globe looks as if it has been covered with an old map dating back to the Middle Ages.

“Juicy World” – fresh, fruity South Sea feeling
Experience a world with a fresh, almost fruity finish. As the name suggests, the colors of this spectacular map have been chosen to accompany a voyage to the in warmer areas of the world. If you have already taken a cruise to the South Pacific, you might consider looking closer at “Juicy World”.

“Blue Marble NG” – the high-resolution map of the world with 131,072 x 65,536 pixels
The first of the four base maps included focuses on presenting our Earth with exquisite details and an absolutely natural appearance. Vegetation, ocean depths and mountains stand out clearly, without clouds or human influences to restrict the view from above. Offered are a particularly exciting eye-catchingly clear view of the shimmering red Australian outback or the lush greenery of the coastal areas – perfect for any travel video. The world’s oceans also came under focus, and the fissures of the sea floor can be clearly seen.

“Natural Earth 2” – a holiday mood thanks to sunny landscapes
This base map shows the Earth in bright, cheerful and welcoming pastel colors. A look at the map soon brings you into holiday mood. This sun globe, with its turquoise waters and colorful landscapes, is the perfect complement for all sun worshipers.

“Natural Earth 3” – ideal for purists
A monochromatic sea without frills awaits you. The subtle colors chosen for this map are of prime importance. The focus is on the representation of vegetation with only a small amount of surface relief. This map is the only one in the range which presents the ice covered North Pole in a natural manner. The “Natural Earth 3″world map shows the earth as we would see it if it were completely without cloud cover.

“World Relief Map” – the virtual light globe
For a dreamy touch, the colors of this base map are bright and glowing, as if lit from within. With this map, we have placed particular emphasis on the surface of the earth. Ridges and valleys emerge particularly strongly.

What’s new in version 2013.02.28:
– Released to be compatible with Vasco da Gama HD Professional.





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