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Feb 02

Music Binder Pro 3.2 (Mac OSX)


Music Binder Pro 3.2 | macOS | 29.99 Mb

Music sheets organizer and Music Player designed for live performance.

1. Basic
Support PDF and Chordpro filesQuickly sort your songs by Title or ArtistEmbedded Chordpro editorTranspose (Chordpro files only)Add notes to songsRecord Time Markers (page changes, message, note, MIDI events)Use Tabs to create Setlists or CollectionsVisual Metronome (in sync on all screens).Messages and Notes can be sent to any screenGestures and some keys can be customizedSupport of Bluetooth external keyboards and foot controllers (example:AirTurn BT-105)Keyboard Shortcuts (no mouse or trackpad are required during live performance)
2. Quick Search
Retrieve ANY song in only 1 second.Always in Search mode : No need to activate a search field.The search is always performed on all songs even if a tab is selected.Do a special request and quickly go back to your setlist.
3. Quick Filter
Quickly display a song list according to an existing Tag or any keywordQuickly list songs from the same artist as the current songQuickly list songs havng the same tempo as the current songQuickly list songs that have already been played
4. Tags Assignments
Manage your tagsAssign tags to your songsMassive tags assignments (add tag to multiple songs in a single operation)Automatically add tags using filenamesAutomatically add tags using folder name
5. Setlists and Collections
Create Setlists (list of songs that you intend to play during your next performance)Create Collections (list of songs having common properties, example:Country songs)Setlist Import
6. Playback (using iTunes)
Music Binder Pro automatically match the corresponding songs in your iTunes libraryUse Genre to specify the playback prority (original, cover, backing track,…)Three Pages Mode (display the third page over the first page when the time marker Page 2 Bottom is reached)A single song in Music Binder Pro can be used to play multiple versions in iTunes
7. Fully Customize your Display
Object Inspector (customize properties and colors of windows and objects)Multiple display modes (2 pages, 1 page, half page zoom)Multiple windows support
Example: Display 3 Pages on a Single Screen
Example: Display 4 Pages on 2 Screens
Example: Display Lyrics to the Audience

Available window objects: Title,Artist,Progress,Next Song Title,Note,Track Time,Remaining Track Time,Tempo,Metronome

– Summary Window (title,artist,tempo,metronome and note)

The Summary window is usefull for other band member who not needs chords and lyrics.

8. Alternate Versions
Manage multiple versions for each songsDisplay music sheets (master or alternate versions) to other musiciansOther musicians can control their own page changes
MIDI In/OutMIDI Event LibraryMIDI Triggers (assign actions to received MIDI events)
Available actions: Previous/Next Page, Song or Tab, Play/Stop, Go to, Message, Start/Stop Metronome, Select Genre and many others.

Example: Use a MIDI Footswitch to scroll pages or control playback
Example: Use a MIDI keyboard to Open/Play Songs
Example: Control an External App using MIDI
Example: Use a Guitar Pedalboard to Scroll Pages
Example: Display status of your effect processor

What’s New
Version 3.2:
Three Pages Mode: When timer is running, press Play to manually preload page 3. Press Play again to stop.Three Pages Mode: Automatically go to page 1 when timer is stopped.New option in Preferences: Reverse Left/Right Swipes.ChordPro rendering: Support of {soh}…{eoh} directives (Start/End of Highlight).
Compatibility: OS X 10.11 or later, 64-bit processor

Home Page –

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