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Oct 31

Paragon Partition Manager 15 Home v10.1.25.779 (x86/x64)


Paragon Partition Manager 15 Home v10.1.25.779 (x86/x64) | 130/227 MB

The original! Flexible partitioning and management of hard drives. One solution for a wide variety of traditional data maintenance tasks. Paragon Connect VD – Exclusive technology for direct partitioning of virtual hard drives. All operations are alignment aware and can be performed on AFD of any capacity.

Disk Management for Virtual Hard Drives
Re-partition your virtual hard drives without booting your virtual machine. With Paragon Partition Manager Professional you can easily connect your virtual storage to our software and perform all major partitioning operations. The non-destructive connection of a virtual disk allows complete safety and minimal downtime during complex re-partitioning operations since all changes are saved to a snapshot.

Use Windows XP with 2TB+ Hard Disks
It’s common knowledge that drives with capacities beyond 2TB are out of the supported size range for the popular Windows XP system. We can help you augment Windows XP by adding support for GPT (GUID Partition Table) disks, enabling you to use all the disk space on ultra high capacity drives.

Boot Management for your flexibility
If you need to install a second operating system on your Windows PC, you can allocate some space to create a new partition with Paragon Partition Manager by taking the unallocated on-disk space or the unused space of other partitions if necessary. Then format the newly created partition to a particular file system, check its surface for bad sectors to avoid possible data loss, and finally reboot the computer to launch the installation procedure. With Paragon’s Boot Manager you can now easily manage several operating systems.

Easily Split Your Partitions
If you neglected to create two different partitions for your music and your videos in the past, you can now simply split your multimedia partition into two. Just select a partition, then the files and folders you’d like to move to the new partition, and finally redistribute free space between the two partitions (if necessary), and you’re done!

More Space on “C:” Without Reboot
After installing a number of resource-consuming applications and system updates, your system partition (NTFS formatted) may have started to suffer from a lack of free space. If your adjacent data partition has plenty of redundant space, you can enlarge an NTFS partition (system, locked) with Paragon Partition Manager Professional without rebooting Windows and interrupting your work.

Comprehensive File System Support
Thanks to Paragon’s exclusive Universal File System Driver (UFSD) technology, Paragon Partition Manager gives you the option to browse and modify partitions of the most of file systems, including hidden and unmounted partitions.

Whats New :
Paragon Partition Manager 15
No Data Loss: Partition Manager 15 is safe to use for all your partition management needs and requirements, whether you are looking to partition your operation system, applications, files and games in one or two partitions in your PC. This tool can make sure your memory storage is used ideally! For example, it can make you a new NTFS partition by making the best possible utilization of the resources available, with the function called automatic alignment.
No complex partitioning: It is an intuitive program for ensuring you are meeting your goal in the fastest manner possible and can help in redistributing insufficient memory storage space as well as in defining the partition size based on your demands.
Can help in increasing your system and hard drive function and performance: The Partition Manager 15 can make an ideal hard disk structure for you with its automatic partitioning alignment feature for ensuring that the performance of your PC is not compromised due to incorrectly aligned partitions. Therefore, you can optimize the performance of your hard disk and enhance your file system operations.
Security made better: The Partition Manager 15 combines all the advanced safety features to meeting the highest security standards there are, especially with its Smart-Partition technology to use in conducting safe partition operations. It also comes with the Integrated Paragon backup features for letting you make a backup before partitioning a hard drive.
NEW Recovery Media Builder 3.0: This function lets you make your personal recovery environment using an external device and starting up your PC for maintenance or recovery. For example, using the bootable recovery environment allows you to fire up your PC, secure important data, load current backup and correct booting errors.


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