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Oct 07

PhoenixFD ADV 22000 Maya 2016 Vray 3.0


PhoenixFD ADV 22000 Maya 2016 Vray 3.0 | 38.0MB

Phoenix FD/Maya – 2.2
Emit from texture/color isn’t working in the latest nightly builds – resolved.
Fix scene – resolved.
Setting output path for the caches is not working correctly – resolved.
Fix scene – resolved.
Fix scene – resolved.
PhoenixFDSource is missing name for the map parameters – resolved.
Improve the Opacity Graph – resolved.
Fix scene – resolved.
Most of the render elements do not work in geometry mode – resolved.
The cache path must be exported always with unix type slashes – resolved.
Direct RGB channel access in the fire/smoke colors – resolved.
Add the meter scale as an attribute to the Ocean texture – resolved.
Render gizmo support for Alembic files in VRayProxy – resolved.
Render gizmo should also support VRayMesh – resolved.
Rewinding meshed smoke simulation crashes Maya – resolved.
Phoenix PGroup: “Render time only” and “Use Simulator’s cache” do not work with motion blur – resolved.
PhoenixFDField doens’t work in batch mode – resolved.
Crash when using a texture map with noise – resolved.
Show the actual grid bounding box even if the cache is not loaded – resolved.
Mesher freezes with specific cache – resolved.
Crash when the cell size is set to zero – resolved.
Issue with fire and smoke simulations when changing the render mode – resolved.
Phoenix crashes Maya when using proxies – resolved.
Creating Phoenix nodes in the viewport is not working with viewport 2.0 – resolved.
Crash with nightly builds when using file textures – resolved.
The “Ocean” attribute should be grayed out for the “Maya mesh” render mode – resolved.
Ability to create animation loop – resolved.
Referenced simulators should be able to read their cache from the original scene path – resolved.
Phoenix simulation crashes when using animated particle instancer as source – resolved.
Option to turn on/off the RT support – resolved.
Textures for displacement are with flipped y/z axis – resolved.
Particle age render element – resolved.
The Visibility attribute can’t be animated – resolved.
Phoenix FD fails to initialize OpenGL 2.0 if Maya was started with a file to open – resolved.
Reusing frames with frame interpolation is not working – resolved.
Add start/stop frame controls for the resimulation – resolved.
Option to simulate with scene data from the end of the simulation interval – resolved.
Phoenix FD is not working properly when referencing the same scene multiple times – resolved.
“No to all”, “Move All” and “Copy All” buttons with the “move cache” dialog. – resolved.
Simplify the UI – resolved.
Geometry caching between renders crashes with Phoenix – resolved.
Particle group – “Render Time Only” should be always clickable – resolved.
Crash with bodies entering the simulator – resolved.
OpenGL error in Viewport 2.0 – resolved.
Fluid attraction toward objects – resolved.
Foam shader – global size threshold for all rendering types (not only fog) – resolved.
Support for motion blurred render gizmos and glass geometry – resolved.
Mesher – resolved.
Bugged UV coordinates in some rare cases – resolved.
Wrong bounding box in Viewport 2.0 – resolved.
Crash with Resimulation when “Temporary Channels” includes the UVW channel, but UVW For MB is on – resolved.
Ocean texture in Maya – resolved.
Lifespan option for the simple particles – resolved.
Support for instancers and true instancing – resolved.
Instanced geometry is not supported – resolved.
Incorrect simulator wrapping when using as non-solid source – resolved.
Random freezing during resimulation – resolved.
Generate/Receive Caustics options are swapped in the foam shader – resolved.
Foam shader caustics do not work if gi visibility is off – resolved.
Render channel for volumetric normals – resolved.
Geometry mode for the foam shader – resolved.
Particle sources are processed even when they are ignored from “Scene Interaction” – resolved.
“Disable Liquid Shadows” option can prevent also self-shadowing – resolved.
Direct support for vrmesh and alembic files – resolved.
[design] Remove Preview Color slider – resolved.
Render channel for z-depth – resolved.
[design] Curve and Gradient point reduction – resolved.
Occasional jittering with wavelet turbulence and adaptive grid – resolved.
Wrong position of the particles when resimulating with increased grid resolution – resolved.
Resimulation must automatically change the transparency graph in order to match the base simulation – resolved.
Newly created cells with adaptive grid with jammed wall, are not frozen – resolved.
“Per vertex” Object velocity is not affecting normal geometry (only sources) – resolved.
Intermediate objects must be always ignored, even if they are selected – resolved.
Foam Particles do not follow surface with displacement. – resolved.
Smoothing option for the input cache that can be used to remove grid artifacts – resolved.
Incorrect rendering with emissive lights and Irradiance Map – resolved.
Tooltips in the attribute editor – resolved.
Phoenix render elements are 2 times brighter then they should be – resolved.
Phoenix Particle Group should take into account the lifespan attribute of the particle system – resolved.
[design] Simple method needed for creating a standing volume – resolved.
Improved motion blur using the UVW coordinates – resolved.
[design] Add “Add Selected Objects” button to Source Objects UI – resolved.
Wrong bounding box calculation with adaptive grid and “No Below Initial Grid” off – resolved.
Texture animation during simulation is lagging one frame behind – resolved.
Action buttons outside the AE scroll area – resolved.
Phoenix FD Extra attributes – resolved.
Bug with “Modulate by Velocity” option – resolved.
Wrong simulation with “Maya Mesh” render mode turned on – resolved.
“Flip Y and Z” option works wrong – resolved.
Ability of the foam and splash size to vary – resolved.
Support for subdivision and nurbs surfaces during the simulation – resolved.
Emission lights do not work with texture source for emission – resolved.
Slow viewport preview even with all channels disabled – resolved.
Sometimes during the simulation the viewport shows wrong/empty frame – resolved.
Incorrect force with “Wind from movement” in the first frame if the simulation was not started from there – resolved.
Wrong size information in the “Manual adaptation limits” rollout – resolved.
Phoenix is not working with VRayDistanceTex – resolved.
Foam shader – render time particle reduction – resolved.
Simulation without cache files – resolved.
Simulator do not render with motion blur, velocity channel, “play speed” set to 0 and “wind from movement” option turned on – resolved.
Dead lock at the last frame with the new synchronization when time scale is 0 – resolved.
Support for VRayVertexColors texture – resolved.
Grid adaptation must not depend on the max advection step – resolved.
Crash/Incorrect result with quad face sets as sources – resolved.
Wrong emission with intersecting bodies if their sources are animated or the grid change in size – resolved.
Support for instancer in geometry mode – resolved.
Bodies should be able to automatically clear cells inside them – resolved.
Intermediate object affecting VRayDistance texture when used from Phoenix FD – resolved.
Support for viewport subdivision – resolved.
VRayDistanceTex do not update with moving geometry – resolved.
Invalid emission color with sharp graph changes near the zero – resolved.
Lagging animation with parent constraint nodes – resolved.
Wrong body transformation with parent constraint in batch mode – resolved.
GPU preview is not accurate with ignore alpha option – resolved.
Viscosity is working differently in Maya – resolved.
The custom gravity vector should be set in world space, not in node space – resolved.
Phoenix emitter should attach its particles system to the simulator as a parent – resolved.
The emissive lights must produce specular lighting – resolved.
The cache path is not updated properly after changing the workspace – resolved.
Ability to load frames from the base simulation in resimulation mode – resolved.
Foam shader ignores the “invert gizmo” option – resolved.
Fix the way the .vrscene exporter uses openList()/closeList() to conform to the documentation (may be major break!) – resolved.
The grid size information is not updated properly when using Viewport 2.0 – resolved.
Wrong rendering with VRay 3.0, geometry mode and other geometry inside the simulator – resolved.
Resimulation is broken – closed.


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