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Nov 08

Piano Runs & Fills 1: Play Dreamy Whole Tone Scale Runs


Piano Runs & Fills 1: Play Dreamy Whole Tone Scale Runs
English | 2015 | mp4 | H264 1280×720 | AAC 2 ch | 1 hr | 200 MB
eLearning, Music, Instruments | Skill level: All level

Play Piano Runs by Ear: Learn whole tone scales & play whole tone scale runs to introduction in any 12 Keys on piano.

Whole Tone Scales – the easiest scale to create beautiful runs for songs introduction

Have you ever wondered how musicians produce beautiful professional sound in the beginning of the song to wow the audience?

The Secret: They make use of the EASY Whole Tone Scale Runs!

Whole Tone scales make wonderful unexpected sounds as they are different from the normal major scales. There are no half tones in this whole tone scale! The beauty is that once you learn 2 whole tone scales, you have learned all the whole tone scales for all 12 keys.

This is good news for all piano players!

They don’t need to spend time to practice and practice.

The Magic Secret: In order to play the whole tone scale quickly in a flash to create that beautiful sounds, use 2 HANDS! When you use 2 hands to cross over, you will be able to play the runs in a beautiful flow with great coordination!

This course will help you play whole tone scale runs without the need to practice, practice, and practice.

1. You don’t need to memorize the notes, because memorizing notes will slow you down.

2. You need to know how to “THINK” in terms of Black and White Keys.

3. You are going to find how how efficient both hands move when your mind directs your fingers in the process of creating these beautiful runs.

In this course, the following music theory will be covered as well:

1. Whole Tone Scale Sounds

2. Learn the 6 Tone Scales for all 12 Keys

3. 2 Hands to play the whole tone scale runs going up and down

4. Identify the Black & White Keys in one flash.

5. Understand how all 12 Keys fit into the C and C# whole tone scales.

6. Play 2 whole tone scales in a flowing manner with the correct thinking.

You will find that within an hour, you will be able to play this whole tone scale runs beautifully, even for a beginner.

There are 4 Piano Techniques:

1. C Whole Tone Scale Run for Song Introduction

2. C# Whole Tone Scale Run for Song Introduction

3. Whole Tone Scale to Create a Beautiful Harp Sound

4. Whole Tone Scales to Create Special Effects

There are 6 Piano Demos:

1. C Whole Tone Scale

2. C# Whole Tone Scale

3. C Whole Tone Scale Run for Song Introduction

4. C# Whole Tone Scale Run for Song Introduction

5. Beautiful Harp Sound

6. Special Effects

Requirement for this Course:
There is no need to have prior knowledge of scales, chords theory.
Follow the lectures and you will be able to create these beautiful runs and sound like a professional.

Come on in and we will have a lot of fun together,



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What are the requirements?
– total beginners can start this course

What am I going to get from this course?
– Over 32 lectures and 58 mins of content!
– PLAY professional sounds for introduction of songs
– WOW the audience with the ethereal whole tone scale run
– UNDERSTAND music theory behind whole tone scales
– SPOT out the whole tone scale to play in any songs
– IDENTIFY the whole tone scale to play with which key
– USE 2 hands to coordinate well to play whole tone scale run
– DISCOVER how easy it is to play whole tone scale runs
– KNOW which whole tone scale to play for the Dominant 7 Chord
– WOW your audience with these dreamy professional introduction to your songs
– LOVE playing runs using the concepts of thinking in Groups
– PLAY by EAR with these runs without the need of music score

What is the target audience?
– students who want to play beautiful runs
– students who have difficulty playing runs will find this course most useful
– this course is not for students who want all the notes written out on score sheet




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