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Aug 22

Reallusion Popvideo v3.01.0411.1 (x64)

Reallusion Popvideo v3.01.0411.1 (x64)


Reallusion Popvideo v3.01.0411.1 (x64) | 89.98 MB

PopVideo delivers a one-click background screen removal feature with a wide range of chroma key color options to instantly turn videos and image sequence into crisp, transparent videos. Deal with various imperfect shooting conditions thanks to the powerful chroma key Timeline editor and a comprehensive set of Mask tools. Supports a proprietary synchronous popVideo format compatible with Reallusion animation software for real-time 3D/2D video compositing. Work with industry standard formats for practical export and use with 3rd party video editing applications.

– Easy to create transparent videos from green, blue and other color backgrounds
– Complete mask tools and powerful chroma key timeline editor
– Cope with various shooting scenarios like imperfect lighting, camera movement, or color spill caused by poor recording conditions
– Supports industry standard output formats for professional post editing
– Compatible with iClone 3D animation software for real-time synchronous video compositing
– Easy to create and manage a transparent video library

Video Production
Build up a library of transparent videos for use as in montages, video remixes, or collages that can be quickly used to create catchy, professional, commercial-quality videos.

3D Compositing
Immerse real actors in the created 3D worlds while adding stunning visual effects, and real-time 3D composited assets for filmmaking, or movie previz.

Virtual Sets
Set up showrooms, news studios, or video walls for effective announcements displaying products, actors, or illustrated concepts in a professional way.

What’s New in popVideo 3:

Intuitive and Flexible UI for Comprehensive Functions
Just drag-and-drop your source videos in popVideo 3, and get total control over chroma keying with custom Mask Tools and an advanced Timeline editor. Freely dock/undock tool-bars, panels and the timeline for a better view of the preview window. If you have dual displays (monitors) for your PC system, then it’s a good idea to put all the tool-bars, panels and timeline onto one display while the main program is on the second display for easier workflow, especially during mask editing.

3 View Modes
Quickly change between modes to review Source video, Mask video, and Transparent (Chroma Key) Video.

Source Video Rotation
For those unintentional video positions, popVideo will help you rotate your source video in order to match your correct dimension.

3 Editing Modes
– Original Video Mode: change output size, speed, frame rate and format of imported video.
– Chroma Key Mode: includes a well-designed Chroma Key & Mask Settings with a smart one-click background removal and further adjustment options for optimized results.
– Mask Video / Image Mode: combine source & alpha videos into one popVideo file, or filter out unwanted parts of source image / video file to create a transparent popVideo file.

Background Options
– Chessboard: use Default mode to check chroma key results.
– Background Color: pick background color and adjust chroma edge color to blend in before exporting as transparent video.
– Background Image: replace background image, and preview compositing result before exporting transparent popVideo.

Works with Any Shooting Device
Whether the videos or images came from a professional DSRL camera, or snapped by a smartphone in the spur of the moment — popVideo will reliably turn them into crisp transparent videos every time.

One-click Background Removal & Wide Range of Chroma Key Color Support
Besides traditional green or blue screen backgrounds, you can also use other color backgrounds to set them as your chroma key. With popVideo 3 you are now free from past limitations of merely blue or green colors, and are finally able to mask out any colored background!

Powerful Chroma key Timeline Editor & Comprehensive Mask Tools for Imperfect Shots
The most exciting part about popVideo 3 is the newly-added Timeline, as now all chroma-keyed masks and settings are fully key-able. This greatly copes with various shooting conditions such as; lighting change, camera movement, color spill, or even out-of-frame recording. Allowing anyone with a mobile camera and a low budget, to quickly achieve their ideal results.

Integrating Sequenced Images into Transparent Video with Lossless Quality
When the source media are sequenced images with alpha data or background with plain colors, then it can be converted into one synchronous transparent popVideo format for later compositing. For most 3D tools, you can generate the source sequence images in PNG or TGA formats for lossless video conversion.

Combining Source & Alpha Videos into one popVideo File
If you already have perfectly pre-processed chroma-keyed video clips from other professional video tools, or if the acquired media library contains both source videos and alpha videos, then they can easily be converted into popVideo files to ensure real-time iClone 3D compositing performance.

Build your Transparent Video Library
Most chroma-video clips are saved in proprietary project files, which makes them hard to reuse across software pipelines. popVideo gives you the power to convert them into one transparent video file for easier archive and reuse in iClone or upcoming Reallusion tools.

Supports Popular Image & Video Formats
– Drag-in standard video formats that don’t need installed codecs: .avi, .wmv, .mpeg, .mpg, .mov.
– Open Video (*.*) for additional formats: .mp4, .mts, .m2v, .avc, .m2ts, .m2t.
– (Install K-Lite BASIC to cover most formats, as it supports full DirectShow Codec for Windows media playback).
– Image format support: .bmp, .jpg, .png, tga.

Industry Standard and Enhanced Output Formats
No matter if it’s for existing popVideo content, or for your own chroma-video production, you can output MOV ProRes4444 transparent video for both PC and Mac, in up to 4K video size. Most video editors can import this transparent video for further editing. You can also export standard Windows AVI format with separate alpha video files.

Adjustable Export Speed, Frame Rate & Resolution
Scale down size for optimal performance, or re-adjust source video speed up to +/- 5x, or just keep the required portion of the main subject with the Crop tool.

Duo-Resolution File for Speed and Quality
Two encoded video resolutions in one convenient file format. You can choose to use the preview resolution when working on heavy 3D compositing projects to maintain real-time editing smoothness in iClone, and do a high-quality final render in full source resolution.

Platform: (64 bit only): Windows 10 / 8 / 7 (SP1).





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