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Sep 06

Rigid Audio HyperNode KONTAKT

Rigid Audio HyperNode KONTAKT

Rigid Audio HyperNode KONTAKT | 13.61 GB

"Hypernode" is the most fully-featured complete package for Kontakt that has ever been produced, and whole songs can be made from scratch using only this system in a variety of modern styles,

including but not limited to:
+ Pop
+ Dance
+ Ambient
+ Chillout
+ Downtempo!

With 13 GB of content, all tools offer flexible sequencers, automation, five freely assignable insert effect slots, convolutional reverb and much more. You can even modulate the insert effect parameters with the contained sequencers! Create perfect sounds, put them all together, and then create an intro, chorus, chorus, fill and everything inside the system alone!
Each multi-instrument in "HYPERNODE" is called "style" and can be considered as a whole song with intro, chorus, verse, etc. You can edit any part, any section and / or sounds of each multi-instrument to your liking.

You have an accompaniment section in which you can play up to three musical chords, a section of drums, as well as additional parts such as bass, pad and harmony.
Hypernode comes with over 600 factory sounds (24 bit, 44 kHz), from keyboards and guitars to synthesizers and hybrid instruments, and you can edit every aspect of incoming sounds to the smallest detail, using filters, envelopes, lfo and effects.

The accompaniment module contains 64 concurrent sequencers! Each sequencer can operate at its own speed, the number of steps (up to 128) and, if necessary, execute a single phrase. There are also eight switchable patterns, resulting in a total of 512 table sequences for the accompaniment module.

The Accompaniment module is the most powerful and real heart of Hypernode. All magic begins when you simultaneously press several notes (for example, a chord with three notes). Then this module instantly sorts all the pressed notes from low to high when you are playing, and compares them with three built-in sequencers (low, medium and high) at the top of the section. Each such note section (low, medium, high) has a selectable FX BUS output bus, a harmony function that causes the first note pressed to remain in the same step as long as the "H" button is pressed.

Each section of the music provides control over the amplifier and the filter envelope, panning, loudness, velocity, filter cutoff, resonance, filter type and the number of filter envelopes. Sounds for individual sections of notes can be selected by categories – Atonal, Wave (form), String, Wind, Pluck and Voice. Each section of the notes can play two sounds at the same time.

The module, filled to the brim with 128 different electronic bass lines, will provide the basis for all your compositions, and just like all other modules, this can be infinitely changed to suit your needs!

The Hypernode Kick module is the beating heart of your creation. It is powered by the same insert effects as the other modules. It is equipped with a fully simulated sound engine with adjustable bass drum tuning, its decay, pitch modulation and 26 types of additional forms of clicks and noise to add realism.

The Hypernode Percussion module is equipped with five hybrid engines. Each engine combines samples with acoustic modeling.
In the clap engine, there are 26 different samples of attack and decay sound simulated clap. In addition, there is a noise layer. All the layers can be mixed and combined the way you want.

In the engine of the plates there are 26 different samples with the attack and disintegration of the simulated plate. Using this technique, you can create a huge number of interesting sounding dishes.

The fx engine is equipped with 26 different tonal shapes that you can use to create pitch, pitch and noise offset. You have total control over pitch, cut and volume. Two low-frequency oscillators can form a sound to your liking.

The Leader module in Hypernode includes all 600 Hypernode sounds and volume control, Velocity, Pan, Filter cut and resonance, Filter type, etc. There is also an adjustable LFO filter, and support for aftertouch vibration.

You have two envelopes to modulate the volume and pitch. In addition, there is a mono-legato, smooth sliding with adjustable speed, 8x multiple unison. Almost all settings can be stored in templates and called when they are changed. You can have a different sound for each pattern. It also has the same insert effect modules as all other modules.

The harmony module in Hypernode includes all 600 Hypernode sounds and is identical to the lead module. In addition to all the functions of the lead module, the harmony module works by analyzing the pressed chords at the bottom of the keyboard and generates harmonious voices for your melody. It’s great when you want to compress the leading sounds.

The pad module in Hypernode provides stunning sounds using a dual layout. It comes with full access to all Hypernode sounds (600 sounds), and also has a special pad library (128 sounds). Here you will find all kinds of sizzling pads, textures and atmospheres. By combining them with the full control of the sequencer for any parameter – you can quickly create fantastic sounds.

Each layer has full control over the effects, envelopes and even the built-in LFO for modulating pitch, volume or cut. It also has the same effects modules per insert as other modules (for each layer).

"Hypernode" is a powerful multifunctional plug-in, filled to the brim with inspiring presets that will give you infinite inspiration for your next track. It is extremely versatile and well suited for all kinds of music!


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