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Aug 30

Siemens LMS Test Xpress 10A x64 with TecWare 3.11

Siemens LMS Test Xpress 10A x64 with TecWare 3.11 (Win-Linux)


Siemens LMS Test Xpress 10A x64 with TecWare 3.11 (Win-Linux) | 1.14 GB/3.02 GB

LMS Test.Xpress – application for noise and vibration analyzer that provides unrivaled performance
LMS Test.Xpress is uncompromising analyzer and noise and vibration logger designed to perform these and many other problems on the collection and analysis of data. The measuring system combines ease of use of traditional analyzers with high performance, measurement data quality and versatility of modern vibro-acoustic measurement system. LMS Test.Xpress is based on more than 25 years of experience LMS company in the field of noise and vibration studies. This software is part of a complete solution for physical testing and the design of products and mining, which offers optimal scalability, openness, and allows you to protect your investment. You prefer to start with a four-channel system today and expand it to a multi-channel in the future? All this is possible with the help of LMS Test.Xpress software.

High productivity in processing in real time. Rapid testing – more simple diagnostics
Designed for optimal performance, software LMS Test.Xpress provides an ideal combination of features for data collection and analysis. Do you conduct qualification tests or doing troubleshooting doing troubleshooting, LMS Test.Xpress software performs FFT analysis, order and octave analysis, waveform recording to the disk in real time and in parallel. During measurement, the system displays instant results of calculations and stores the raw time data for archiving or further processing. Do you want to solve more complex problems? LMS Test.Xpress offers tools for more in-depth processing, such as filtering, smoothing, averaging and a mathematical combination of channels directly in the course of the experiment.

• Vypolnnenie FFT, octave analysis, and serial and registration of temporary signals in a "digital recorder" mode, in parallel with the display screen on the results of the experiment in real time
• Execution of a plurality of tasks in real-time processing and analysis, which greatly reduces the time required for the data post-processing
• Checking on-site data quality – detection of possible problems in the measurement process
Performing tests with a single click. Automation of the measurement process
Want to speed up your daily experiments without compromising the quality of the results? LMS Test.Xpress will help you to automate your specific testing processes, starting with the preparation and conduct of the experiment and ending with a special post-processing of results and report generation in MS Office formats. To reduce the time for preparation and testing, you can create your own measuring project in his office, while retaining its configuration file. During testing, all you need to do is download the appropriate project file and perform the procedure stored in it.
• Automation of the measurement process, from data collection to report generation
• Before you begin testing the programs and a reduction in time for their set-up and execution
• Protection of critical measurement parameters from accidental changes by the user to provide the required quality and data integrity
The strength of the ease of use. Ideal for use in noise and vibration analyzer mode
LMS Test.Xpress designed for optimum ease of operation and high performance. Affordable and intuitive interface has "at hand" all the necessary functions and displays graphically all the important measurement parameters. At any time, the system displays all the characteristic parameters and instantly displays them on the screen change. The interactive interface allows using the drag & drop technology, drag and drop data, add new displays and easy to compare data from several measurements. It provides fast training to work with the system and optimum efficiency – with Test.Xpress you will use all the features of the analyzer to the maximum.
• One-page user interface allows you to place "at hand" all the necessary functions and displays the measured parameters
• Interactivity and Flexibility add displays and drag their data at any time
• Short work cycle of training with the system – no need for a long-term training
Lightweight, compact and portable. Ideal for laboratory and field tests
LMS Test.Xpress software is fully integrated with the hardware platform of the new generation LMS SCADAS Mobile. You can select a compact and ultra-portable 4-channel system with the possibility of extension up to 8 channel SCM01 or SCM05 system which includes 5 free slots for expansion to 40 measurement channels. Both systems provide impressive performance, are of excellent quality performance and uses the latest technology related to measurement, embodied in a rigid, compact design.
• From 4 to 40 channels
• Sampling rate up to 102.4 kHz per channel
• 24-bit digital signal processing technology
• S / N Ratio – 105dB
• The capacity of the channel recording 2.2 Mega samples / sec
• High-speed Ethernet interface to the PC
• Stand-alone operation of the built-in rechargeable battery for 4 hours
• Suitable for measurements in harsh conditions and at high temperatures
Investment protection. Scalable solution, adaptable for future challenges
LMS Test.Xpress system is scalable and allows you to increase the number of channels from 4 to 40. You can directly connect to the input channels of strain gauges or CAN bus analyzer and use the built-in GPS receiver. LMS Test.Xpress is an open system and allows you to import and export data to external formats, as well as to communicate with the LMS Test.Lab software. You can also expand LMS Test.Xpress using LMS Test.Lab applications for more professional analysis of parameters of noise and vibration, using the same LMS SCADAS Mobile analyzer.
• scalability of the software and hardware platform
• Full data compatibility with the LMS Test.Lab software
• Easy import / export of external data formats
• Based on 25 years of experience in the LMS experts in the field of vibration analysis and noise

Year / Release Date: 2016
Version: 3.11
Developer: Siemens PLM Software
Bit depth: 32bit
Language: Multilingual (Russian is present)
Medicine: Present (TeAM SolidSQUAD-SSQ)
System requirements: Windows, Linux

LMS TesWare- package for the experimental analysis of the fatigue life
This package allows you to perform the following tasks:
– Efficiently handle large amounts of data
– Clarify the data on the results of Pleven tests, bench tests and KEA
– Effectively manage the collected data
– Analyze fatigue dolgovechnochti
– Accelerate the process of the durability tests
– Create test schedule

Year / Release Date: 2016
Version: 10A
Developer: Siemens PLM Software
Bit depth: 64bit
Language: Angltysky
Medicine: Present (TeAM SolidSQUAD-SSQ)
System requirements: Windows

Windows XP x64
Windows Vista x64
Windows Server 2003 x64
Windows Server 2008 x64
Windows Server 2008 R2 x64
Windows Server 2012 x64
Windows Server 2012 R2 x64





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