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Oct 29

Sketch 3.4 | MacOSX


Sketch 3.4 | MacOSX | 21.4 MB

Sketch by Bohemian Coding – one of the best vector editors for Mac OS X! The development of modern applications is unthinkable without the work of the designer, and the designer to work you need the appropriate software. Mainly used for the design of Adobe Illustrator, Photoshop and other professional image editors, but there are also tailored solutions. Recently, a third version of the vector editor Sketch, focused primarily on creating graphics for programs. What is the difference between this specialized vector editor?

Developers Sketch like have a powerful vector graphics editor and threw out all the excess. Then he thought, and supplemented it with all that is necessary for creating graphics in the development programs. That’s a lot of convenient “chips” and distinguish the program from other editors. It is worth noting that only one graphics software for Sketch is not limited, it can be used, for example, web-design (functions such as “copy style as CSS in this help), but nevertheless this appointment – the main.

What’s new in Version 3.4:
* Artboards can now be previewed in a web browser and shared on the local network
* Significantly faster and much more accurate Boolean Operations
* Improved and more predictable copy and paste
* You can now disable Auto Save in the Preferences
* Added Artboard preset and template file for Material Design icons
* You can now create a quick mask for a selected bitmap just by clicking the Mask button in the toolbar
* Measuring distances between layers now also works with ⌘ (Command) to drill down into groups
* You can hold ⌥ (Option) to switch between Lock and Hide icons in Layer List
* You can now Option-hover layers in the Layer List to measure distances between it and the selected layer
* Added the ability to change the selected Artboard’s background color using Control-C
* Improved Undo / Redo reliability
* You can now edit the Layout or Grid for multiple Artboards at the same time
* When pixel fitting is off, we no longer move layers by 1px increments. When it’s on, we always snap to full pixels
* Removed the ability to nudge a layer by 0.1px when holding ⌥ as it conflicted with other shortcuts
* Rotating a layer in the Inspector will now rotate clockwise
* Export previews now use a checkerboard pattern to show transparency for white and light objects
* Improved the way Symbols treat text layers with multiple font styles
* When background blur is turned on we now automatically make any fills on the same layer semi-transparent
* Make Grid now respects the “Rename Duplicated Layers” preference
* Removed the double Export buttons on the Artboard Inspector and realigned the previews correctly
* “Replace Image …” option when right-clicking an image
* Improved Background Blur rendering
* Zooming performance improvements, especially for fast consecutive zoom actions, or traditional mouse-wheel scrolling
* Improved the behavior of using ⇧ (Shift) to lock movement of layers
* Added the ability to drag embedded SVG images directly from the browser into Sketch
* Preferences now includes pane to manage installed Plugins
* Scrollbar in the layer list no longer obscures the hide / lock icons
* New gradients are now based on the current fill color
* International-friendly §-key feature to zoom to 100% when held (~ key on US keyboards)
* The command line SketchTool is now embedded inside Sketch
* Changed behavior of zooming when you hold ‘Z’ and drag. The zoom tool will stay active even if you release ‘Z’.
* If you press ‘Z’ while already dragging, it will not begin zooming. It will only activate the zoom tool if ‘Z’ is pressed before the drag.
* Plugins can optionally disable CocoaScript preprocessing

Bug Fixes
* Fixed a crash when attempting to export images that have accidentally been made insanely large
* Fixed crash when deleting a Shared Style whilst editing its name
* Fixed a crash when resizing a group via the Inspector
* Fixed a crash when adding a Page whilst the document was being saved in the background
* Fixed a crash when pasting an empty string
* Fixed an occasional crash after editing text
* Fixed an occasional crash when changing fonts
* Fixed a crash with the Layout Settings and Grid Settings panels
* Fixed a crash when dragging a Slice preview
* Fixed a crash when closing window on 10.11
* Fixed a crash when organize Text Styles sheet is open in two documents at once
* Fixed an occasional crash when stepping a value up or down in the Inspector
* Duplicating a layer no longer loses focus
* Reverting a document to a previous state no longer causes refresh issues
* Patterns are no longer sometimes displayed at the wrong scale
* Renaming a style now gives it a different identity, so copying and pasting between documents will no longer change a style with the old name in the pasted document
* Rotated subpaths now have correct coordinates
* Pasting a shape with a pattern uses the correct scale

OS – MacOSX 10.7 or Later


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