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Nov 21

SolidWorks 2015 SP5.0 Win64 Full Multilanguage Integrated ISO-SSQ


SolidWorks 2015 SP5.0 Win64 Full Multilanguage Integrated ISO-SSQ


SOLIDWORKS 2015 delivers new technical capabilities that support a wide array of industries and markets. These tailored solutions help you overcome the industry specific engineering and design challenges that your company faces on a daily basis.


SOLIDWORKS® Model Based Definition (MBD) enables drawingless product detailing with 3D PMI annotations; output to eDrawings® or 3D PDF
SOLIDWORKS Treehouse provides visual assembly structure planning, creation, editing, and viewing
Prepare models automatically for export to popular AEC applications

SOLIDWORKS Inspection automates inspection drawings and reports
SOLIDWORKS Costing supports sensors and costing of weldments, plastic/cast parts, machined castings, and 3D printed parts
Print directly to 3D printers in AMF and 3MF formats
Use advanced techniques to flatten surfaces

File size reduced by ~50%
Faster component patterning, and hide/show of assemblies
SOLIDWORKS Simulation supports Intel® Solver and multi-core for contact detection
Define specific graphic regions to render in PhotoView 360
SOLIDWORKS Enterprise PDM manages large data sets more efficiently

Sketch: Line from mid-point; rectangle with horizontal/vertical construction lines
Splines: Improved Spline on Surface; convert Style Spline to Spline Points
Patterns: Improved Fill, Linear, and Variable Pattern
Advanced geometry: Asymmetric Fillets; split surfaces; sketch plane normal to view

Mates: Center components on faces; select geometry to limit Width Mate
Routing for rectangular sections, e.g., HVAC ducts, cable trays and chutes
Simulate roller/energy chains using patterns along open or closed loops
Exploded View: Radially and along axis; space components on drag

Track view locations with automated drawing sheet zone annotations
Enhanced formatting control of drawing and table notes
Omit layers from printing; use splines as leaders
Improved angle dimensioning and command of decimal rounding

Predict product durability under dynamic loading and manage a combination of load conditions in SOLIDWORKS Simulation
View nonlinear results during the solve in SOLIDWORKS Simulation to ensure convergence
Rotating mesh regions in SOLIDWORKS Flow Simulation deliver enhanced simulation of rotating machinery
SOLIDWORKS Plastics improves plastic part design withup-front Venting Analysis

Dynamic Connector tools simplify the design and use of connectors
Advanced access to user-based controls for key tools
In-line 3D routing diagnostics identifies and resolves routing issues

Dynamic Reference Visualization shows a graphical view of relationships between features
Selection Sets let you select multiple entities and save for reuse
Isolate components while editing in context within an assembly
Temporarily preview hidden bodies or components from FeatureManager

SOLIDWORKS Enterprise PDM Web2 client connects browser-ready devices to a vault
eDrawings now has a UI adapted for touchscreen, and supports SOLIDWORKS Plastics result plots
MySolidWorks offers enhanced online learning and certification; ability to share/view designs online and research a global manufacturing network
Collaborative Sharing uses community-based social innovation to provide greater connectivity to SOLIDWORKS, eDrawings, and DraftSight®

What’s New:
Updates: official site does not provide any info about changes in this version


What fixed in SOLIDWORKS 2015 SP5.0

486769 Sheet Metal Features, Sketch Geometry: Sketches embeded in library features cannot be unfolded (Flattened).
519208 SOLIDWORKS Simulation – Deformed Geometry: “deformed shape is not supported for beam and sheet metal” message even when sheet metal part is treated as solid.
539708 SOLIDWORKS API – Mate – Standard: AddMate3 doesn’t work with the swMateCOORDINATE option when used with a sketch point and a component origin.
649705 Drawing Views – General: Delete entity is not possible – it appears ‘None of the selected entities could be deleted” if one of components has frozen features.
677785 Drawings -Annotations – Centerline: Crash on inserting the drawing view with centermarks ON in options.
712945 Graphics – Photoview 360: Enhancement: PhotoView 360 Round sharp edges illumination appearance property not saved to appearance.
721401 Parts – Derive Component: Sketch of inserted part moves when Ctrl+Q in this derived part.
732506 SOLIDWORKS API, User Interface: Problem with feature “Envelope” and “Exclude from BOM”.
769355 Drawings: Weld symbols attached to the end treatment do not move when drawing view is moved and also do not dangle on CTRL+Q.
801460 User Interface – General: Ehancement: Add a system option to enable or disable Dynamic Reference Visualization.
845050 SOLIDWORKS Simulation – Nonlinear Solver: Switching to (Ctrl+Tab) or opening another file while Nonlinear study is running with ‘Show intermediate results’ aborts solver (no error, no results).
845747 Parts: Feature – Cut List: Document Property ‘Rename cut list folders with Description property value’ is not saved with part templates.
846478 Drawings -Tables – General: General table with linked custom property shifts the property text. Linked text in Bill of material (BOM) also shifts, looses alignment.
846757 Pack&Go – Drawings: Pack and Go ‘Include Drawings’ option takes 4x longer to find drawings in 2014 than in 2009.
875544 eDrawing – Display: eDrawings 2015 is unable to show stitch line style in drawings.
880020 Sketcher- Sketch Geometry: Performance problem when deleting sketches in the sketcher in part with multiple feature patterns.
898313 crash when replacing ‘Replace text with’ and ‘save to folder’ from pack and go (crashes when replacing \u \m sequence)
902645 Installation General – Installation Manager :Many Add-Ins are missing after installing or upgrading SOLIDWORKS if Microsoft KB3072630 is installed. Also warning when opening some files that GDTAnalysis cannot be loaded.


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