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Oct 27

SolidWorks Premium 2015 3D CAD Solution (Service Pack 4) FINAL+ Activation [WINDOWS]


SolidWorks Premium 2015 3D CAD Solution (Service Pack 4) FINAL+ Activation [WINDOWS]


Year / Date of Release: 2015
Version: (64bit) 2015 SP4.0 2DVD
Developer: DS SW Corporation
Developer website:
Bit depth: 64bit
Language: Multilingual (Russian present)
Medicine: Present (Team-SolidSQUAD)
System Requirements: Windows 7/8/8.1/10 x64
Windows x32 and Windows XP / Vista – not supported

SOLIDWORKS 2015 delivers new technical capabilities that support a wide array of industries and markets. These tailored solutions help you overcome the industry specific engineering and design challenges that your company faces on a daily basis.


SOLIDWORKS® Model Based Definition (MBD) enables drawingless product detailing with 3D PMI annotations; output to eDrawings® or 3D PDF
SOLIDWORKS Treehouse provides visual assembly structure planning, creation, editing, and viewing
Prepare models automatically for export to popular AEC applications

SOLIDWORKS Inspection automates inspection drawings and reports
SOLIDWORKS Costing supports sensors and costing of weldments, plastic/cast parts, machined castings, and 3D printed parts
Print directly to 3D printers in AMF and 3MF formats
Use advanced techniques to flatten surfaces

File size reduced by ~50%
Faster component patterning, and hide/show of assemblies
SOLIDWORKS Simulation supports Intel® Solver and multi-core for contact detection
Define specific graphic regions to render in PhotoView 360
SOLIDWORKS Enterprise PDM manages large data sets more efficiently

Sketch: Line from mid-point; rectangle with horizontal/vertical construction lines
Splines: Improved Spline on Surface; convert Style Spline to Spline Points
Patterns: Improved Fill, Linear, and Variable Pattern
Advanced geometry: Asymmetric Fillets; split surfaces; sketch plane normal to view

Mates: Center components on faces; select geometry to limit Width Mate
Routing for rectangular sections, e.g., HVAC ducts, cable trays and chutes
Simulate roller/energy chains using patterns along open or closed loops
Exploded View: Radially and along axis; space components on drag

Track view locations with automated drawing sheet zone annotations
Enhanced formatting control of drawing and table notes
Omit layers from printing; use splines as leaders
Improved angle dimensioning and command of decimal rounding

Predict product durability under dynamic loading and manage a combination of load conditions in SOLIDWORKS Simulation
View nonlinear results during the solve in SOLIDWORKS Simulation to ensure convergence
Rotating mesh regions in SOLIDWORKS Flow Simulation deliver enhanced simulation of rotating machinery
SOLIDWORKS Plastics improves plastic part design withup-front Venting Analysis

Dynamic Connector tools simplify the design and use of connectors
Advanced access to user-based controls for key tools
In-line 3D routing diagnostics identifies and resolves routing issues

Dynamic Reference Visualization shows a graphical view of relationships between features
Selection Sets let you select multiple entities and save for reuse
Isolate components while editing in context within an assembly
Temporarily preview hidden bodies or components from FeatureManager

SOLIDWORKS Enterprise PDM Web2 client connects browser-ready devices to a vault
eDrawings now has a UI adapted for touchscreen, and supports SOLIDWORKS Plastics result plots
MySolidWorks offers enhanced online learning and certification; ability to share/view designs online and research a global manufacturing network
Collaborative Sharing uses community-based social innovation to provide greater connectivity to SOLIDWORKS, eDrawings, and DraftSight®

What fixed in SOLIDWORKS 2015 SP4.0

– 184103 Drawings, Annotations – Geometric Tolerance (GTOLs) User Interface – General: Geometric Tolerance – Symbol library-Flag Tri-Rot 1.-99. (should NOT have a period after one of the two entries).
– 627494 Parts, Feature – Extrude, Display: Dimension handles of offset cut extrude are displayed in wrong position (floating)
– 640834 SOLIDWORKS Simulation Preprocessing – Connector-Bolt: Bolt connector is not allowed to propagate the bolt definition on all the holes in a Hole Series is the “Countersink screw” option is used.
– 676873 Training – Documentation: Feature – Mirror, Feature – Sweep: File from Advamced Part Modeling > Exercise 22: Mirror of Sweep feature fails on regeneration.
– 725773 Performance: Toolbox: This toolbox has a very large .index file and working with toolbox components in SOLIDWORKS is slow; caused by custom material property.
– 730477 SOLIDWORKS Simulation, Nonlinear Solver – Materials: Material model silently (no message) changes from Tresca, Drucker Prager, or Blatz Ko to Linear Elastic Isotropic in mixed mesh Nonlinear study (e.g. solid with at least one shell or rigid body).
– 737371 SOLIDWORKS Plastics: Clamp force in X-Y Plot is confusing – a different value appears rather than those specified elsewhere in the software.
– 774349 Weldment Features: User must reselect custom weldment profile in structural member PropertyManager because each time it is invoked; it does not remember last profile used.
– 798063 SOLIDWORKS API – SOLIDWORKS Enterprise PDM: File Version Upgrade Tool do not upgrade internal components.
– 804106 eDrawings – User Interface: Component configuration names are missing from Component list when viewing *.EASM files. eDrawings
– 817072 SOLIDWORKS Inspection – Addin: ‘Export to SOLIDWORKS Inspection Project’, save PDF of the drawing.: The images captured for characteristics are wrong, if we use ‘Export to SOLIDWORKS Inspection Project’ and then open in Inspection standalone.
– 826931 SOLIDWORKS Simulation – Restraints: Error message ‘The plane of symmetry can only be defined using coplanar faces’ when adding a symmetry fixture.
– 839538 eDrawings – Display: Graphics Boost on setting is not remembered between sessions.
– 841774 Parts; Feature – Weldments: Cut list items with the same description are shown with incorrect lengths in a drawing weldment cut list.
– 855321 Translator – PDF Out Color, Appearances: Color for body isn’t kept in 3D PDF export when the model is created as multi body in SOLIDWORKS 2015. SOLIDWORKS 2014 can be done.
– 856112 Toolbox – Placement Performance: Network shared toolbox is slower in processing the parts when more than one machine accessing the toolbox.
– 857347 Foreign Language – German: Text in section scope dialog box cropped in foreign languagein SOLIDWORKS.
– 862501 SOLIDWORKS Inspection -PDF: Colors are missing when exporting to Excel – measurement input. When exporting to default MXpert templates, the colors are gone!
– 863423 SOLIDWORKS Electrical – Libraries: Cable reference manager – Conductor gauge (AWG) – Editing Gauge field automatically adds a prefix of “1”
– 865161 Parts – Hole Series Smart Fasteners: Error “Unable to open master database due to the following database access error:Unrecognized database format ‘… \swbrowser.sldedb’ when create hole series.
– 865247 SOLIDWORKS Plastics – Postprocessing: Random missing Clipping Planes after Solid Mesh simulation of Cavity, Solid Body Cooling Channel, and Virtual Mold.
– 866142 Workgroup PDM to EPDM Migration Utility: Fails updating references in SOLIDWORKS 2015 format files – leads to missing references in migrated Enterprise PDM vault.
– 868966 Parts, Save, Close – Part Sketch Geometry: File specific corruption: Cannot save this part after deleting any sketch. Message ‘unknown error occurred while accessing…’
– 872003 Parts, Tools – Equations: Warning “Relation defined out of context” opening equation manager in SOLIDWORKS 2015.
– 873051 Parts, Hole Series Smart Fasteners: “Unable to open master database due to the following database access error: Unrecognized database format ‘C:\SolidWorks Data SOLIDWORKS 2015 SP5\lang\english\SWBrowser.sldedb'” error occurs wen checking “Auto sized bas
– 878277 Assembly – General External References: Deleting a plane in a component deletes much more in SOLIDWORKS 2015 than in SOLIDWORKS 2014.
– 880895 Sheet Metal Flatten: Failure to flatten for a defined configuration.

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