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Jan 09

Stata 14.0 | MacOSX


Stata 14.0 | MacOSX | 348 MB

Stata is a comprehensive package to address the statistical challenges in various areas of application, economy, medicine, biology, and sociology. for the first time the package came out on the market in the early 1980s.
The main advantages of Stata are:
* a large number of implemented statistical methods; the possibility of flexible batch processing (t. e. the sequence of programming commands from a load data in the memory to the details of the analysis).
* possible interactive mode completely identical batch processing capabilities;
* the relative simplicity of writing their own modules, and, at the same time, a very big range of programming tools.
* strong support from the manufacturer, and by other users Stata (via an internet mailing list); a huge archive of custom programs in open access.
* to maximize the likelihood function defined by the user.
* the availability of compatible in functionality and data formats implementations for most popular platforms (windows, macintosh, unix).
* the graphic of the views of users vary: on the one hand, they suffice for the current graphical data analysis and preparation of scientific publications, on the other, far beyond the capacity of many specialized packages like harvard graphics and presentation programs like powerpoint.

New Features
Bayesian analysis
* Thousands of built-in models
* Add your own models
* Adaptive Metropolis-Hastings
* Gibbs sampling
* Convergence diagnostics
* Posterior summaries
* Hypothesis testing
* Model comparison
* More
* IRT (item response theory)

Binary response models—1PL, 2PL, 3PL
* Ordinal response models—graded response, partial credit, rating scale
* Nominal response model
* Hybrid models
* Item characteristic curves
* Test characteristic curves
* Item information function
* More
* Unicode

* Variable and value labels
* Variable names!
* More
* Integration with Excel

Cell formatting
* Font formatting
* Insert Stata s
* Create cell formulas
* Treatment effects

Survival outcomes
* Endogenous treatments
* Balance diagnostics and tests
* Sampling weights
* More
* Multilevel survival models

Random effects
* Crossed effects
* Two, three, higher level
* Right censoring
* Exponential, Weibull, …
* Survey data
* Multilevel models

Survey data
* Multilevel sampling weights
* Survival models
* Denominator degrees of freedom
* Marginal predictions, means, effects
* More
* SEM (structural equation modeling)

SEM path diagram
* Satorra-Bentler adjustments
* Survival models
* Survey data
* Multilevel weights
* Marginal predictions, means, effects
* More
* Power and sample size

Contingency tables
* Cochran-Mantel-Haenszel test
* Test for trend
* Matched case-control studies
* Survival analysis
* Markov-switching models

Autoregressive model
* Dynamic regression model
* State-dependent parameters
* Transition probabilities
* State membership probabilities
* Survey statistics

Multilevel models
* Survival models
* SEM (structural equation modeling)
* Multistage/multilevel weights
* More
* Panel-data survival models

Random effects (intercepts)
* Random coefficients
* Right-censoring
* Exponential, Weibull, …
* Survival s
* More
* Fractional outcome regression

Fractions, proportions, …
* Beta regression
* Probit and logit
* Heteroskedasticity
* Odds ratios
* Marginal means and marginal effects
* Multiple outcomes
* Multiple equations
* Integrate over random effects
* Integrate over latent variables
* More documentation

Two all new manuals
* 12,000+ total pages
* Quick starts
* Thousands of worked examples
* Overview of statistical methods
* More
* More statistics

Hurdle models
* Censored Poisson models
* Beta regression
* Structural break tests
* z tests comparing means
* More distribution functions
* Mersenne Twister
* More
OS – MacOSX 10.7 or Later


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