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Apr 18

Sub Pub Music Revolt Production Music [72 albums] (FLAC / 16 bit / Lossless)


Sub Pub Music – Revolt Production Music [72 albums] (FLAC / 16 bit / Lossless) | 14.61 GB


Revolt Production Music is a production music company based in Los Angeles, CA. We score custom and library music for the advertising industry as well as for TV, primarily in the tension, underscore and action/suspense genres. We have worked for many of the biggest networks like NBC, ABC, CBS, MTV, Discovery and History Channel.

Publisher: SPM Music Group
Format: FLAC
Quality: 16 bit | lossless | 44.1-48 kHz | stereo

RPM001: Systemic Failure
RPM002: The Cauldron Born
RPM003: Revolt
RPM004: Edo Geisha
RPM005: Rise
RPM006: Gravity
RPM007: Novosonic
RPM008: Bleak
RPM009: Pulsator
RPM010: Dark Trinity
RPM011: Distorted Dreams
RPM012: Reflections of Hope
RPM013: Kantana
RPM014: Tormented
RPM015: Juggernaut’s Wrath
RPM016: Breaking Point
RPM017: Gates of Heaven
RPM018: Superheroes
RPM019: The Laniakean Exile
RPM020: Cosmic Rain
RPM021: Into the Void
RPM022: Life Force
RPM023: The Owned
RPM024: Evolution
RPM025: The Healer
RPM026: Fade to White
RPM027: Full Tilt
RPM028: City of Light
RPM029: Conspiracy Theory
RPM030: Swamplands
RPM031: Departure
RPM032: Absolution
RPM033: Molochs Revenge
RPM034: Revolution
RPM035: Euphoria
RPM036: Drumania
RPM037: Infinity
RPM038: Treasure Hunter
RPM039: Juggernaut’s Wrath 2
RPM040: Convolution
RPM041: The Crossing
RPM042: Phenomenon
RPM043: Extreme Measures
RPM044: The Journey
RPM045: Sovereignty
RPM046: Northern Lights
RPM047: Gates of Heaven 2
RPM048: Mr Whimsical’s Adventures
RPM049: Past and Beyond
RPM050: Reclamation
RPM051: Carnival Macabre
RPM052: Kantana 2
RPM053: In Bloom
RPM054: Hyperdrive
RPM055: Tormented 2
RPM056: Hybridome
RPM057: Tempus Temporis
RPM058: Phantasmagoric
RPM059: Treasure Hunter 2
RPM060: Red Justice
RPM061: Circuit Bending
RPM062: Quantum Theory
RPM063: High Gravity
RPM064: Hellish
RPM065: Kantana 3
RPM066: Drumania 2
RPM067: Undercover
RPM068: Color of Light
RPM069: Oceanic
RPM070: Amplitude
RPM071: Juggernaut’s Wrath 3
RPM072: Gates of Heaven 3




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