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Oct 01

Substance Painter


Substance Painter [WIN] | 1.1GB

Added :
[Plugin] New “Export to Photoshop” plugin (export complete layer stack)
[Export] Allow to specify the width of the padding (in pixels or infinite)
[Export] Allow to set the type of background outside of the UVs
[Shelf] New material layering shader to blend 10 materials
[Shelf] New clay shader to view details with the height/normal channel
[Shelf] New baked lighting filter with environment input
[Shelf] Updated some mask generators to add non-square transformations
[Viewport] Add composited normal map (normal+height+bake) to the solo mode
[Scripting] Allow to export additional maps
[Scripting] Allow to query available Additional maps per Texture Set
[Scripting] Allow to retrieve channel format
[Scripting] Add examples in the baking documentation
[Scripting] Allow to query the visibility of a layer
[Scripting] Allow to query layer’s blending mode and opacity
[Scripting] Allow to export converted maps (final normal maps, mixed AO, etc.)
[Substance] Read and connect custom usages
[Shortcuts] Add modifier key (SHIFT) to cycle solo mode backward
[Export] Updated default export preset to disable alpha
[UI] Thumbnails are now only computed if the engine is available
[UI] Display a mention when thumbnails are computing

Fixed :
Crash with some old projects when opening them
Crash with corrupted texture channels cache
Crash when blending more than 4 materials with Material Layering workflow
[UI] Tool shortcuts don’t work if the toolbar is hidden
[UI] Iray toolbar is labeled “Untitled” in the View Menu
[UI] Plugin toolbars are named “Untilted” in the View Menu
[Baker] Pressing Enter while editing a bake setting launches the bake process
[Baker] Incorrect ranges for some parameters
[Import] Impossible to import OBJ meshes because of very big numbers
[Import] Some OBJ files are imported with too many sub-objects
[Export] channel background is filled with black instead of default color at export
[Tool] Particles don’t work properly if FOV is too low
[Tool] Brush preview color is incorrect with masks in sub-stacks
[Viewport] When brush goes into empty areas in 2D view it becomes gigantic
[Viewport] Blank brush preview when painting Normal textures
[Scripting] Incorrect documentation : “ao” listed instead of “ambientocclusion”
[Scripting] Process started with subprocess() is killed when closing Painter
[Shelf] Baked lighting filter use incorrect AO input
[MacOS] Removed Fire Hydrant project (incompatible)
Default project opens when loading a *.spt file (instead of *.spp)

Known Issue :
[Plugin] Because of Photoshop, the height and normal channel can’t be translated as-is

Install Instruction:
(1) Run the installer
(2) Replace Substance Painter 2.exe with the cracked file


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