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Oct 02

TecDescription Focus 2017 R2 Build 2017.2.0.79771 (x64)


TecDescription Focus 2017 R2 Build 2017.2.0.79771 (x64) | 380.70 Mb


Language: English | (Win / Linux / macOSX)

TecDescription – software for engineering Descriptionting with a wide functionality of XY, 2D and 3D. The program is designed to measure operational data, build test data, mathematical analysis, and for engineering construction in general. TecDescription users can now use the vast array of available open-source libraries. Doing any development or scientific project, use this software for drawing and visualization, which will help to present your work in the most favorable light. And if you are thinking about presenting your data in a new, better and different ways, then TecDescription gives you full control over 2D and 3D drawing parameters.

One of the most important new features of this product is the ability to write scripts in Python. This feature was created specifically for engineers who require additional analysis (FFTs, splines, statistical functions, etc.), as well as the flexibility offered by the ability to write scripts, compared to writing macros.


TecDescription Focus enables you to quickly Description your line and surface engineering and test data exactly the way you want. You can analyze and explore complex data sets, arrange multiple XY, 2D and 3D Descriptions, and communicate your results to colleagues with high-quality output.

What’s New in TecDescription Focus 2017 Release 2

Extract Precise Line. The Extract Precise Line function has returned. It’s now in the Extract submenu of the Data menu, rather than on the Tools menu.
Axial Rotation and Duplication. 2D and 3D grids can be rotated, and zones may be duplicated by repeatedly rotating them around an axis. This feature is commonly used in turbomachinery applications (for example, to duplicate blade rows). A 2D version of the rotation feature was in older releases of TecDescription Focus.
Easier Frame Deletion. It’s now possible to delete the active frame using the Frame menu, or the frame’s right-click context menu in the work area or the Frames sidebar.
Improved Font Support. Greek text is rendered better, and the bold and italic tags in text objects now work with system fonts.
Choose Surface Generation Method. When creating slices or iso-surfaces, you can now choose from two surface generation methods, to achieve smoother contours or to avoid holes in the surface. Look for this setting in the Other page of the Slice Details dialog and in the Style page of the Iso-Surface Details dialog.
Improved Animation Controls. All animation features now use VCR-style controls. Previously, only some animation dialogs had them.
Easier License Installation. The Licensing dialog now accepts a pasted single-user license key.


TecDescription Focus helps probe manufacturer showcase technology and sell products. Read the full case study.

Create, Alter, IF Conditions and Transform Data: Alter your data or create new data using mathematical expressions. Store mathematical expressions for reuse. Create mirror images of existing data. Create new data as a subset of existing data.
Interpolate Data: Choose from linear, inverse-distance, and kriging interpolation.
Triangulate: Create sets of triangles from data points defined in a 2D plane.
Discrete Fourier Transform (DFT): Transform onedimensional ordered linear data into the frequency domain for visualization and further analysis.


Slicing Tool: Interactively slice 3D volume and surface data displaying mesh, contours, and vectors on the slice plane.
Iso-surface Tool: Change iso-surface values interactively.
Probing Tool: Click on the surface to display interpolated variable values and cell indices. Snap selections to nearest grid point.
Streamtrace Tool: Interactively seed rakes of streamlines, streamrods, and streamribbons in 2D and 3D. Specify lines to terminate streamlines. Display markers along streamlines spaced by vector magnitude. Place streamline rakes. Generate surface streamtraces on a no-slip wall based on shear stress vector field. Auto seed a specified number of streamtraces on a selected surface.
Contour Tool: Interactively add and delete contour lines or levels.
Extraction Tools: Interactively define sets of points or polylines to which 2D and 3D surface data is interpolated and extracted for display as a separate Description.
Curve Fits: Use least squares linear, polynomial, power, and exponential curve-fits. Use least squares curve fit of a linear combination of specified functions.
Data Blanking and Clipping: Set multiple constraints (or masks) to blank the display of data based on local field variables, functions of variables, grid indices, or depth from viewing position. Clip surfaces of 3D volume data to reveal internal variations. Omit zones or peel away surfaces to highlight specific details.
Data Extraction: Extract iso-surfaces, slices, subsets, streamtraces, polylines, the surface 3D volume finite-element data, and point sets from 3D data to new data segments (zones) for further Description customization.


Configuration File and Batch Files: Set new defaults and perform initialization with configuration files and start-up batch files.
Macros: Use macros to perform multiple, repetitive changes.
Layout Files: Return to Descriptions exactly as you created them by saving a layout file recording the frames, Descriptionting attributes, and the data. Apply layout styles to the same data set or diff erent data sets.
Stylesheets: Record all aspects and appearances of a Description frame without the data in a stylesheet. Apply a stylesheet to recreate a previous Description or to apply Description styles to another set of data.


Cross-Platform Capability: Run TecDescription Focus on Windows, Mac, and Linux platforms. Interchange TecDescription Focus macro files, layout files, stylesheets, color map files, and data files between all platforms.
Expanded Data and File Sharing: Compatible with TecDescription Focus 2008 and later. Compatible with TecDescription 360.

Working with Multiple Data Sets

View multiple data sets simultaneously in multiple frames.
Load up to 5 million data points per frame.
Create PowerPoint-like presentations with multiple pages.

Description Annotation

Text: Place text interactively on Descriptions. Use all your system fonts with TrueType capabilities. Set color, angle, size, font, background color, and justification.
Geometries: Interactively create polylines, rectangular boxes, circles, and ellipses. Duplicate, reposition, and resize geometries. Create and modify geometries (point-by-point) interactively and read from a file.
Images: Import JPEG, BMP, and PNG files into your Description.

Output Formats

Vector-based and Raster Description Files: Export vector-based files in PostScript, EPS and Windows Metafile formats. Export raster files in PNG, JPEG, BMP and TIFF formats. Configure image resolution independent of screen resolution.
Animations: Export images to Flash (SWF), MPEG-4, WMV, and PowerPoint-compatible AVIs.

Data Input

General Text Loader: Scan ASCII data files for titles, variables and data, set filters, and preview processed data.
Subset Data on Input: Read subsets of variables, data blocks, and data points to accelerate Descriptionting.
Custom Data Reader: Use the TecDescription Add-on Developer’s Kit to create data loaders for your proprietary file formats.
Auxiliary Data: Attach supplementary information (name/value pairs) to data sets, frames, or zones.

Line, 2D, 3D, and Polar Descriptionting

Time and Dates: Display time and date on any axis.
XY Features: Create scatter Descriptions, line Descriptions, bar charts, semi-log Descriptions, log-log Descriptions, error bar Descriptions, splines, curve-fits, and more. Configure tick marks, symbols, legends and more. Work with multiple horizontal and vertical axes.
Mesh layer: Display 1D, 2D, and 3D grids. Color mesh lines by variable, and remove hidden lines.
Contouring: Display contour lines, color fl ood between contour levels, and color fill cells (or elements). Use multiple contour variables to view and analyze interrelationships among several variables simultaneously.
Vectors: Display 2D and 3D vectors on planes, 3D surfaces, and in volumes. Display 3D vector components tangent to 3D surface. Specify length, color, line type, and head style. Color by variable.
Polar Description Features: Create polar line Descriptions (r, theta). Configure angles in radians, degrees or arbitrary units. Select between linear or logarithmic radius.
Edges: Display the edges of data segments on 2D and 3D surfaces and volumes. Configure color and line type. Draw creases based on user-defined angle.
Lighting Effects: Set the level of translucency, and include specular highlighting on 3D surfaces. Set the lighting model as uniform, paneled, or Gouraud.
Create shade Descriptions.
Combine Description Layers: Assign combinations of mesh, contours, vectors, scatter, boundary, shade, lighting, and volume attributes to various data segments.

System requirements:
Windows 32/64 bit: Vista SP2 +, Win7 / 8 +
(Mac OSX) 64-bit: 10.6.8, 10.7.5, 10.8, 10.9.5, 10.10
Linux 64-bit: Red Hat Enterprise Linux (RHEL) 5.5, 6.0; CentOS 5.5, 6.0;
SUSE Linux Enterprise Desktop (SLED) 10.4, 11.2; Ubuntu 12.04 LTS
-Processor 2GHz (32-bit / 64-bit)
-850 MB of disk space and 2 GB of RAM
-Display with a resolution of 1024 x 768
-Video card with OpenGL support

Year / Release Date: 2017
Version: 2017 R2 Build 2017.2.0.79771
Developer: TecDescription, Inc.
Developer’s site:

Code: Select all

Bit depth: Win / Linux / macOSX 64-bit
Language: English

About TecDescription Inc.

TecDescription, Inc. is a leading provider of data visualization and analysis software. Located in Bellevue, Washington, TecDescription empowers engineers and scientists to discover, analyze, and understand information in complex data, and communicate results with professional images and animations. Our company culture is casual, yet focused on providing high quality visualization products that helps users to be more creative, efficient and productive. With thirty years of experience, and thousands of users worldwide, TecDescription, Inc. has become a trusted name in data visualization.



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