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Jan 30

Tecplot Rs 2015 R2

Tecplot Rs 2015 R2



Tecplot Rs 2015 R2 | 266 MB

Tecplot RS gives engineers the ability to manage and analyze simulation data, uncover knowledge about reservoir model behavior, and gain confidence in making crucial decisions.

Understand Your Reservoir

Integrated Work Environment

Supports most major reservoir simulators.
Compare data from multiple runs with historical well data while simultaneously viewing the well location in the context of the grid solution.
View bubble pie charts to analyze the relationship between well production data and the movement of reservoir fluids.
Deep Reservoir Exploration

Explore 3D solutions with arbitrary slices, blanking, and iso-surfaces.
Interactively seed streamtraces in the reservoir flow.
Examine multiple grid properties in one view.
Display fault surfaces and explore adjacent grid properties.
Calculate new grid and well variables using conditional expressions.
Use delta bubbles to find regions with a poor history match.
Tecplot RS Streamlines
Understand your reservoir with Tecplot RS. Try it for free.
Tecplot RS differs from other visualization packages on the market in several ways. Tecplot RS is easy to use, offers more capabilities, and produces better-quality images, both on screen and hardcopy.
– James Gilman, Director of Engineering at iReservoir

Streamlined Reservoir Engineering Workflows

Use the plot gallery to save specific XY, 2D, and 3D plot configurations and recall them
at any point during the project.
Record macros and templates to streamline repetitive tasks.
Interactively define well groups and compare group results for multiple simulations.
Modify properties for selected regions and output for subsequent runs.
Unique Analysis Tool

Easily perform sums and averages of properties in regions and layers.
Create histograms and cross plots to gain statistical insights for your reservoir.
Calculate periodic production rates from cumulative variables.
Integrate grid properties in subdivided regions and intervals.
Quantify history match quality.
Responsive Tecplot Support

Take advantage of new software releases twice per year.
Get response from our technical support team in one day or less.
Get help with installation, troubleshooting, and solutions for workflow issues specific to your workplace.
Advisory Council

Made up of our largest customers, the Advisory Council members have a direct influence on the Tecplot RS feature design.

What’s New in Tecplot RS 2015 Release 2

Weighted KSum and KAvg

The KSum and KAvg operators have been enhanced with an option to include a weighting variable. This new capability is accessed from the KSum/KAvg Options dialog. The user selects the weighting variable. Then, when the KSum operator is activated, the weighting variable is multiplied times the selected grid variable and the product is summed for each column of cells. The result is displayed on the reservoir grid.

When KAvg is activated, new operators calculate the weighted-average for each column of cells and display the results on the reservoir grid. New weighted-average operators are available for Arithmetic, Geometric, and Harmonic averages.

Multi-Variable Quick XY Plots

The Quick XY plots for grid variables have been enhanced to include lines for multiple variables depending on the type of plot being displayed.

Multi-variable Grid Plots – Multiple grid variables can be displayed simultaneously by activating the Multi-Frame option and selecting a grid variable for each frame. As the user clicks on a cell, the new Quick XY plot will display the time history of each displayed variable for that cell.

Dual Porosity Cases – When the matrix and fracture grid solutions are displayed together, the new Quick XY plot will display the time histories for both matrix and fracture data for the displayed grid variable. The plot is updated as the user clicks on each cell.

Comparing Multiple Grid Cases – When comparing multiple grid cases, the Quick XY plot displays the time history for the selected variable for each grid solution as the user clicks on a cell. This allows users to compare the differences between the grid solutions.

Time Indicator – A moving vertical line represents the current grid solution time in the Quick XY plots for grid variables.

Multi-edit for Line Styles

A new multi-edit capability is provided in XY Lines page of the Plot Options dialog. This allows users to select multiple elements of the line styles and apply the changes to multiple variables and multiple style sets simultaneously. This greatly simplifies the setting up of standard line styles to be used in XY plot types.

User-selected Variables for Probe

This new features lets users select a set of grid variables that will always be updated in the Probe dialog as the user probes the grid solution. The new Probe Variables dialog is accessed from the Data menu. The values for the selected set of variables will be updated regardless of which variables are being displayed in the grid plot.

New Multi-Plot Frame Controls

Two new sets of controls are available in the Multi-Frame Options dialog when displaying multiple plots. The first set lets the user control the spacing between plot frames. The second set controls the location and size of the Quick plots, which can be placed on the right-side or bottom of the page.

Plot Gallery Enhancement

The Plot Gallery now records the view and range for XY plots. If a user zooms into a region of the plot before saving it to the Plot Gallery, the zoom settings will be retained.

What’s New in Tecplot RS 2015 Release 1
The benefits of using the new features in Tecplot RS 2015 R1 are shown in this 3-minute video »

New Interactive Equation Editor

A new calculator-style equation editor simplifies creating and modifying sets of equations for derived variables. Complete equations, including the appropriate syntax, can be entered interactively by selecting functions and existing variables from supplied lists.

New Bubble Plot Style

The new bubble plot enhancements allow users to present well production data in 2D and 3D grid plots through pie-chart symbols. The user assigns well variables to be displayed as pie segments, whose size is be based on the relative value. The size of the bubble can also be assigned to a production variable. Each variable may also be scaled independently to convert to consistent units. The Delta bubble option is provided to compare simulation runs or visually identify wells that do not match the observed data.

Support for Multi-Reservoir NEXUS Models

It is now possible to load and display solutions for multi-reservoir models from NEXUS simulations. Multiple reservoir grids can be viewed together or separately layer by layer. The long names for entities such as wells, regions, and network nodes are now supported for NEXUS solutions in the VDB format. Long grid names are also supported.

New Welcome Screen

When Tecplot RS is launched, you are presented with a new ‘Welcome’ screen that provides quick access to recently used layouts, documentation and online resources. You can also proceed directly to data loaders. After the Welcome screen is dismissed it can be recalled at any time from the View menu.

License Roaming

Users who need to travel can now check-out a network license for their laptop computer and take it with them on trips. The user will then have access to a licensed copy of Tecplot RS while they are disconnected from the office network. The check-out process is handled efficiently from a simple utility in the Help menu.

3D Rotate Dialog

The new 3D Rotate dialog provides the capability to precisely rotate 3D plots. You can interactively specify the center of rotation and the exact angles for the plot.

Date: 2016
Version: 2015 R3 build 2015.2.0.67923 (January 13, 2016)
Developer: Tecplot, Inc.

Bit depth: 64-bit
Language: English
Medicine: Present (Team-SolidSQUAD)
System requirements:
Windows / Linux 64-bit
-Processor 2GHz 64-bit
-500 MB of disk space and 2 GB of RAM
LCD monitor with a resolution of 1024 x 768
-Video Card with OpenGL support





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