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Nov 28

ThirdWaveSystems AdvantEdge 7.1-002


ThirdWaveSystems AdvantEdge 7.1-002 | 423.6 mb

Third Wave Systems, a premier machining computer-aided engineering provider, has released version 7.1 of its finite element analysis product, Third Wave AdvantEdge.
AdvantEdge is a validated finite element analysis solution for the optimization of metal cutting. AdvantEdge was specifically developed to improve tool design, increase material removal rates, extend tool life, improve part quality and more. AdvantEdge analyzes the machining process by modeling at the tool-workpiece level. Then, based on the physics of machining, the product embodies state-of-the-art finite element technology and material modeling for an accurate representation of cutting mechanics.

The user-friendly modeling products are used by engineers looking to improve tool design, increase material removal rates, extend tool life, improve part quality and more. Utilizing AdvantEdge decreases the need for trial and error testing, ultimately getting products to market faster.

AdvantEdge enables engineers to analyze machining processes in 2D and 3D environments. Manufacturers across the globe find AdvantEdge to be a valuable step in the design of milling, grooving, boring, sawing, broaching, drilling and turning processes. Engineers who use AdvantEdge are also given the power to analyze temperature and stress in order to predict tool wear behavior and performance. By comparing case-by-base scenarios, engineers can easily identify and implement optimum parameters.
AdvantEdge users start simulating their processes by defining tool geometry or import from a CAD program. Then, select tool and workpeice materials, input cutting conditions and run the simulation(s). Engineers can compare simulation results for different cutting conditions or tool geometries to find optimal results, such as: temperature and stress analysis, chip formation to predict improved chip evacuation and evaluate force Descriptions to lower cutting forces and power consumption


About Third Wave Systems, INC.

Third Wave Systems is a premier machining computer-aided engineering (CAE) provider. Its modeling products and services are used by progressive companies to dramatically reduce costs of machined components, accelerate design cycles, improve part quality, and get to market faster. This validated material modeling technology gives engineers access to more information than trial-and-error tests, allowing them to make better decisions. Third Wave is headquartered in Minneapolis (USA) with a remote office in Detroit (USA) and distributors throughout Europe and Asia

Name: Third Wave Systems AdvantEdge
Version: (64bit) 7.1-002

Interface: english
OS: Windows XP / 7even
Size: 423.6 mb


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