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Jul 20

Unity Pro 5.6.2 p3 x64


Unity Pro 5.6.2 p3 x64 | 3.37 GB


Unity is a game development ecosystem: a powerful rendering engine fully integrated with a complete set of intuitive tools and rapid workflows to create interactive 3D and 2D content; easy multiplatform publishing; thousands of quality, ready-made assets in the Asset Store and a knowledge-sharing community.

For independent developers and studios, Unity’s democratizing ecosystem smashes the time and cost barriers to creating uniquely beautiful games. They are using Unity to build a livelihood doing what they love: creating games that hook and delight players on any platform.

What News?

Android: Enabled NEON in Umbra.
Animation: Optimized evaluation of complex blend trees, and blend trees with empty child nodes.
Graphics: Added R8 and RG16 Texture formats, and RGBAUShort and RG16 Render Texture formats.
Improved Outline Editor module performance in Sprite Editor Window.
IOS: Added support for the 5th generation iPad.
Networking: Added a timeout property to UnityWebRequest. This gives coarse grain control over timeouts for webrequests.
Physics 2D: SpriteRenderer’s Sprite Tiling behavior changed when width/height is negative value.
Physics 2D:Update BoxCollider2D Sprite Tiling generation to produce cleaner shape
UI: CanvasRenderer::OnTransformChanged will not be called when object is inactive. (815861)
Video: Optimized video decoding directly into RenderTexture if it is the same size as the video stream
Video: Skip-ahead functionality improvements.
VR: Updated Oculus to version 1.14.


GI: Added support for LOD baking in Progressive Lightmapper. Light Probes are not necessary anymore when baking LODs using Progressive Lightmapper.
GI: Support for double sided materials in Progressive Lightmapper. Added a new material setting that causes lighting to interact with backfaces. When enabled, both sides of the geometry get accounted for when calculating Global Illumination. Backfaces do not count as invalid when seen from other objects. Backface rendering is not controlled by this setting nor will backfaces be represented in the lightmaps. Backfaces bounce light using the same emission and albedo as frontfaces.


2D: Added Sprite changes in play mode when using [TIGHT] texture packing and high quality compression. (871871)
2D: Changed warning message “MaterialPropertyBlock is used to modify these values” to info message. (888016)
2D: Fixed an issue where SpriteUtility.GetSpriteUvs returned invalid Uvs. (898383)
2D: Fixed an issue whereby blue line briefly flickers when moving mouse in Sprite Editor “Edit Outline” mode in OSX Metal. (903668)
2D: Fixed an issue whereby Sprite packer caused Out of memory error. (897066)
AI: Added missing API for minimum region area when building a NavMesh using the runtime API. (906017)
AI: Fixed a crash happening when Warp() is called many times for a NavMeshAgent. (904910)
AI: Fixed a regression where a NavMeshAgent with ‘autoTraverseOffMeshLink’ set to false would not move freely. (905621)
AI: Fixed an internal limitation of slope maximum of 60 degrees when building a NavMesh using the runtime API. (906012)
AI: Fixed an issue where carving obstacles could create wrongly shaped holes on NavMesh instances of arbitrary rotation. (902956)
AI: Fixed missing support for triangulating NavMesh instances with arbitrary rotation. (886302)
Android: Buildpipe – Fixed slow loading with OBB by processing streaming assets in obbassets.
Android: Changed threshold to recognize big cores of ARM big.LITTLE architecture better. (915805)
Android: Dropped obscured touch events to prevent tapjacking. (900191)
Android: Fixed a regression where Banner Ads are invisible, but still clickable. (916119)
Android: Fixed an out of memory crash when using a static splash screen. (905867)
Android: Fixed assertion failures of GLES calls without valid context on debug and development builds. (898900,868921)
Android: Fixed pause/resume issues when loading with static splash image. (867891)
Android: Fixed the build process when using Gradle so that checks for signed applications are performed at the beginning of the build process, instead of at the end. (890531)
Android: Make SoftInput not take fullscreen on landscape orientation. (905581)
Animation: Fixed a crash when loading an asset bundle with an override animator controller. (908960)
Animation: Fixed an issue where using an override controller multiple times would not animate correctly. (910194)
Animation: Fixed animating Material Vector4 properties when in linear color space. (908999)
Animation: Fixed animation root motion layering. (900109)
Animation: Fixed DeoptimizeTransformHierarchy crashing when a GameObject with a SkinnedMeshRenderer was attached to an exposed bone. (896498)
Animation: Fixed incorrect animated color values when in linear color space. (893042)
Animation: Improved build and AssetBundle data determinism for Human components.
Build Pipeline: Fixed a crash when building a project containing materials with missing shaders. (915659)
Build Pipeline: Fixed AssetBundle statistics that are printed to the editor log when building AssetBundles. (890644)
Build Pipeline: Fixed issue with Scene AssetBundles that would cause multiple builds with the same Scene to generate different results. (895452)
BuildPipeline: Fixed an issue when trying to build asset bundles for target other than what was selected in Build Settings. (865770)
Editor: Fixed 1-dimensional sphere bounds handle had no wireframe representation.
Editor: Fixed an invalid index error when deleting custom resolution in game view. (879531)
Editor: Fixed an issue where the editor would go unresponsive and text would turn red (“Missing built-n guistyle”, “Unable to find style”). (888678)
Editor: Fixed issue where color picker would crash on Metal. (901529)
Editor: Fixed issue where Mesh and Model previews would not render in the Inspector window.
Editor: Fixed issue with NullReferenceException when deleting the last remaining quality setting. (903620)
Editor: Fixed issue with Xcode project; queueDebuggingEnabled is now included. (908964)
Editor: Fixed PrimitiveBoundsHandle.DrawHandle() not resetting Handles.color if alt-clicking to rotate camera.
Editor: Fixed SerializedObject.maxArraySizeForMultiEditing not being respected when using default property drawer. (817640)
Fix to prevent crashes in the editor due to UI and animation (889776)
Fixed an issue where plugins would only clear part of the framebuffer when single pass stereo is enabled. This also fixes VRWorks’ Single Pass Stereo and Lens matched shading. (908990)
Fixed issue where profiler would crash when the active frame was out of view. (903397)
Fixed TextureImporter to allow newly-imported textures to have their AssetBundle name/variant set. (905640)
GI: Added support for negatively scaled Meshes in the progressive lightmapper. This now allows you to mirror Meshes using negative Transform values. (883844)
GI: Added support for quads in progressive lightmapper. (890651)
GI: Avoid a threading issue, where the Progressive Lightmapper cannot find an instances when it was removed too fast. (891834, 916806)
GI: Fixed “Bake paused in play mode” hanging on opening another scene in Play mode. (726106)
GI: Fixed a crash when creating Reflection Probes from OnWillRenderObject. (873026)
GI: Fixed AddInstanceProperties errors thrown when baking progressive lightmapper. (899488)
GI: Fixed an issue where a certain combination of GI settings and multiple Scenes being additively loaded would make baked light maps vanish. (815031)
GI: Fixed an issue where Final Gather would cause light bleeding when baking with the Enlighten lightmapper backend. (898200)
GI: Fixed baked Area light affecting objects behind meshes where light shouldn’t be present. (875096)
GI: Fixed halos display when more than 64 of them. (902205)
GI: Fixed quality Level button not wide enough and clips text. (875894)
GI: Inverse squared falloff in progressive lightmapper.
GI: Stop Gauss filter from correcting certain pixel values in invalid regions. (893958)
GI: Synchronized Box Projection option in Reflection Probe component with the global setting from current Tier Settings. When the option in Tier Settings is disabled, the probe UI with show a disabled unchecked checkbox for Box Projection.
GI: Updated the tooltip for Box Projection option in Reflection Probe component. The setting can be affected by the Reflection Probes Box Projection setting in the Tier Settings.
GI: Visible artifact when using point lights in linear color space. (751629)
GI: When editing Lightprobes they can be duplicated. (900888)
Graphics: Disabled directional shadows when Screen Space Shadows (Edit > Project Settings > Graphics) is set to No Support but Cascaded Shadows is enabled in the Tier Settings. (867797)
Graphics: Fixed a crash and error when attempting to set color surface as depth render target or vice-versa. (898318)
Graphics: Fixed a crash in DrawMeshNow. It will now throw a null reference exception instead of crashing.
Graphics: Fixed a crash in Graphics.Blit() with a NULL source and destination. (896686)
Graphics: Fixed a crash that occurred when Texture.GetPixels or Texture.SetPixels were used with invalid input parameters. (771031)
Graphics: Fixed a crash when mesh was removed from meshrenderer on an object with cloth component. (898923)
Graphics: Fixed a crash when using DestroyImmediate() on a RenderTexture in OnPreRender callback. (897665)
Graphics: Fixed an issue in mesh compression that under the ‘right’ circumstances would have caused the maximum value in the range to be rounded to the minimum value. (883901)
Graphics: Fixed an issue where instancing variants being incorrectly stripped away for shaders that use fallback mechanism for e.g. shadow caster pass. (903790)
Graphics: Fixed clear artifacts appearing on Metal when only the UI camera was used in the Scene. (909607)
Graphics: Fixed coherent alpha channel importing for various image format especially formats with more than 32-bits per pixel. Do not generate alpha channel if the alpha value is constant in the source texture. (901649)
Graphics: Fixed CommandBuffer.Blit always writing to the first depth slice of a 3D render target and ignoring the depthSlice parameter. (879378)
Graphics: Fixed crash that occurred while turning off occlusion culling with high shadow distance. (888704)
Graphics: Fixed Cubemap.GetPixel returning the wrong data from a BC6H compressed cubemap. (871140)
Graphics: Fixed inconsistent initialization in ComputeScreenSpaceShadowMap. (767050)
Graphics: Fixed issue where, when Scene is set to Validate Albedo mode, Unity would render Baked GameObjects and other GameObjects in the Scene as planes. (893187)
Graphics: Fixed Mesh (and memory) leaks when the Profiler window is open. (822255)
Graphics: Fixed R8 & RG16 texture support for D3D11.
Graphics: Fixed rendering of multiple cameras and depth being ignored when setting camera viewports to be different to each other. (885051)
Graphics: Fixed RenderToCubemap when using a HDR enabled Camera. This fixes prevents error message “Releasing render texture whose render buffer is set as Camera’s target buffer with Camera.SetTargetBuffers!”. (902409)
Graphics: Fixed Texture and Cubemap Arrays only containing the first texture in Standalone builds. (899324)
Graphics: Fixed Texture2D.PackTextures not copying the source texture data correctly in an uncompressed atlas with non-zero padding. (898285)
Graphics: Fixed UI and gizmo being rendered with the wrong gamma in scene view. (878724)
Graphics: Fixed Windows Standalone player sometimes crashing on display activation when color space in player settings is set to Linear. (901270)
Graphics: Improve the documentation for RenderTexture to clarify the behaviour of RenderTexture.DiscardContents .
Graphics: Update documention to clairfy that a MaterialPropertyBlock cannot set the render state. (889652)
IL2CPP: Allow now the Guid attribute to be used on generic types. (914197)
IL2CPP: Applied a fix to prevent the following exception occuring on some projects during runtime: ‘NotSupportedException: IL2CPP encountered a managed type which it cannot convert ahead-of-time. The type uses generic or array types which are nested beyond the maximum depth which can be converted’. (905659)
IL2CPP: Fixed an issue which caused IL2CPP to fail to convert assemblies if two non-existing methods with the same declaring type were referenced from any assemblies. (917343)
INTERNAL: Android: Buildpipe – Print the step duration in the editor log .
iOS: Fixed broken microphone permissions when camera is not used in app.
Linux: Fixed uninitialized screen dimensions at startup with some window managers. (880426)
Linux: Unlock cursor when switching from Locked to Confined mode.
Metal: Fixed GPU hang on A7/A8 devices in some MSAA scenarios. (902650)
Metal: Fixed the issue of not rendering of standard shader with webgl emulator. (916365)
Mobile: Disabled RunInBackground on Android and iOS. (826473)
Mono: Applied a fix to prevent a crash that might occur when deep profiling is enabled in the Unity Editor. (898854)
Mono: Corrected a crash in the C# compiler when two or more overloaded operators were used in the same statement. (910302)
Mono: Corrected an invalid C# compiler error with generic types in compiler generated code (like lambdas and enumerators). The error from the C# compiler often includes this text: “There is no boxing or type parameter conversion from…”. (847798)
Mono: Fixed Mono C# compiler on Windows when using “non-standard” locales. (910101, 875075)
Mono: Prevent a crash in a crash in mono_class_from_mono_type when using “new Enum[]{}” array in the script. (914470)
Mono: Prevent an intermittent crash in Unity when the managed debugger is attached. (914171)
Multiplayer: Fix for the issue where reliable messages can be dropped in high dropping rate environment.
Multiplayer: Network simulator works again.
NavMesh: Fixed the tile carving algorithm so that it’s capable of handling colinear degenerate triangles. This was causing the generated NavMesh to have a double line on polygon and was causing a trembling movement for its associated GameObject. (905335)
Networking: Fixed possible crash on old Android devices due to alignment problems. Note: this change breaks protocol compatibility with previous 5.6.x builds. You need to recompile and redeploy existing 5.6 projects and builds (5.5.x and older should work without problem).
OSX: Unity no longer destroys RenderTexture when switching the Standalone player between fullscreen and windowed. (902663)
Particles: Correctly initialize default curves, when creating new Particle Systems. (907449)
Particles: Fixed a crash on certain Android hardware caused by zero sized particles. (896001)
Particles: Fixed an occasional crash when emitting from a skinned mesh renderer shape. (907277)
Particles: Fixed incorrect values for emission burst min and max when upgrading from an older Unity version.
Particles: Fixed performance regression causing Update Jobs to be dispatched slowly on some platforms. (904810)
Performance Reporting: Fixed an issue where native symbols for iOS builds were not uploaded when building on OSX Sierra. (916515)
Physics 2D: Fixed an issue where ContactFilter2D collision normal limits failed. (912158)
Physics 2D: Fixed an issue with Raycast not always detecting a CapsuleCollider2D or a BoxCollider2D. (917323)
Physics: Do not show missing Effector2D warning in Collider2D inspector when the Collider2D is using a CompositeCollider2D. (907407)
Physics: Fixed a crash that happened when continuously scaling a MeshCollider while activating and deactivating it at the same time. (878740)
Physics: Fixed a crash that happened when scaling a Mesh that the physics system (PhysX) failed to process properly (like a convex MeshCollider with too many vertices). (892396)
Physics: Fixed a crash that occurred while updating active skinned Meshes. (845868)
Physics: Fixed a crash when removing a CompositeCollider2D. (907157)
Physics: Fixed a crash where contacts for Collider2D were not deleted correctly. (912024)
Physics: Fixed an issue where contacts between Effectors were not correctly evaluated when Effector Collider masks were used. (901950)
Physics: Fixed an issue where Physics.ComputePenetration and Physics.ClosestPoint were not returning the correct value when a rotated Collider had its centre offset. (865250)
Physics: Fixed an issue where unexpected trigger events were fired to scripts when a degenerate CapsuleCollider was used. (701504)
Physics: Fixed an issue with Raycast not always detecting an EdgeCollider2D when attached to a Rigidbody2D in certain poses. (916478)
Scene Management : Fixed an issue where objects marked as ‘DoNotDestroyOnLoad’ and are disabled could be deleted on scene load/unload (792933)
Shaders: Applied improvements to Metal shaders performance when using GroupMemoryBarrier().
Shaders: Fixed an incorrect shader translation to GLSL and Metal shader code from a logical OR on boolean vectors. Fixed shader compile errors on Vulkan eg “Shader error in ‘Hidden/Post FX/Screen Space Reflection’: ” : compilation terminated at line 141 (on vulkan)”. (901719)
Shaders: Fixed an incorrect shader translation to GLSL and Metal shader code from unsigned divide operation.
Shaders: Prevent assert failures and crashes when attempting to compile tessellation or geometry shaders on platforms where they’re not supported. (891914)
Shaders: Vulkan added support for vector scalar expansion constructors. Fixed crashes with errors like “SymGetSymFromAddr64 error: ‘Attempt to access invalid address.'” (898850)
UGUI: Fixed crash issues when re-parenting inactive GameObjects. (898809)
UI: Fixed an issue where UI Button didn’t update its SelectionState after interactable value changes. (908073)
UI: Removed the extra call to CanvasRenderer.OnTransformChanged when the canvas is set to ScreenSpace.Camera render mode, and the Camera’s Transform is changed. (886258)
Video: Added support for transcoding to tiny VP8 resolutions. (900524)
Video: Fixed an intermittent failure to load video tracks on iOS. (898171)
Video: Fixed crash on Samsung Android devices with 4.1 OS when stopping playback. (907048)
Video: Fixed failing VP8 transcode on Windows due to unsupported audio codec. (904924)
Video: Fixed invalid video stride evaluation. (906044)
Video: Fixed issue on Android where H.264 videos above 480p crash on devices with 4.1 OS and Adreno 203 graphics. (907049)
Video: Fixed issue on Android where VP8 videos would not play on Samsung devices with 4.2 or 4.4 OS. (907051)
Video: Fixed issues regarding video looping/end detection. (909020)
Video: On Android, applied a fix to prevent garbage collection from being over-used, and fixed an issue where the app would freeze when changing a video clip during playback. (905282)
VR: Added support for different eye texture color formats on Oculus Rift.
VR: Enabled termination of Cardboard applicaiton when pressing the <- button during the splash screen. (911205) VR: Fix for Android not being able to change AA (Anti-Aliasing) settings at runtime. (896253) VR: Fixed iOS crash in SetTexture() with Google VR SDK 1.2. (891965) VR:Ffix for VR on PC doesn't render if rendertexture format RGB565 is created, crash possible. (899030) WebGL: Fixed AudioSource.time return value. (904578) WebGL: Fixed custom cursor support. (905625) WebGL: Fixed IE InvalidStateError load-time error. (903767) WebGL: Fixed Profiler connection. (901252) WebGL: Fixed Template Custom tags not being replaced at build time. (903092) WebGL: Fixed unresponsiveness when loading cashed AssetBundles with http://WWW.LoadFromCacheOrDownload. (895810) WebGL: Fixed WebAssembly build failure with Full exceptions on Windows. (892185) WebGL: Fixed WebAssembly missing setTempRet function. (897782) WebGL: Fixed WebAssembly missing setThrow function. (891835) WebGL: Fixed WebAssembly runtime error: integer overflow/unrepresentable. (891431) WebGL: Released WebCam after use so other tabs can use it. (898210) Windows Store: Fixed a crash when animating scripting objects on .NET scripting backend. (899087) Windows Store: Fixed a crash which happened when retrieving WheelHit.Collider after having previously set it to null on .NET scripting backend. (871541) Windows Store: Fixed a harmless assert which happens when building for Universal 8.1 SDK. (903232) Windows Store: Fixed a potential stack overflow when building a project with a large custom cursor. (909977) Windows Store: Fixed an out of bounds array access assert in Mesh code. (866141) Windows Store: Fixed Build & Run with VS2017. (897807) Windows Store: Fixed building player when some files (like UnityOverwrite.txt, WSATestCertificate.pfx, project.lock.json) are set to read-only. (888029) Windows Store: Fixed exceptions thrown in OnGUI callback not being logged on .NET scripting backend. (914797) Windows Store: Fixed IL2CPP not being able to build C++ code with VS 2017 Update 2. (916281) Windows Store: Fixed issue where Ctrl+C would delete input field instead of copying it. (881845) Windows Store: Fixed issue where pasting an item in the InputField always pastes the item that was first in the clipboard before launching the player. (880362) Windows Store: Fixed issue where pressing and holding Xbox One controller button A led to false keydown events during the first frame of a Scene. (875834) Windows Store: Fixed serialization when a serializable type derives from another serializable type in another assembly that has a serializable private field. (892653) Windows Store: Fixed System.Numerics.dll not being referenced by scripts when using IL2CPP scripting backend. (912074) Windows Store: Fixed UNetWeaver crashing when using .NET 4.6 API Compatibility level with IL2CPP scripting backend when deriving from .NET 4.6 specific types. (909703) Windows Store: Fixed WorldAnchorStore.GetAsync crashing the player. (902234) Year / Release Date: 2017 Version: 5.6.2 Build p3 Developer: Unity Technologies Bit depth: 64bit Language: English Tabletka: present Home Page: Code: Select all




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