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Jul 05

Vray 3.40.04 for SketchUp 2017 3.40.04 x64


Vray 3.40.04 for SketchUp 2017 3.40.04 x64 | 390 MB


V-Ray 3 for SketchUp is a new quality of rendering. It was redesigned from scratch. The new user interface is clean and simple. Thanks to quick settings and simple controls, you can focus on creativity without thinking about technical difficulties. Now everything has become faster and easier than ever. Create great renders right in SketchUp.

V-Ray 3 is the smartest and fastest solution for SketchUp. Its two-engine rendering architecture is built in such a way as to take full advantage of the latest computing technologies of the processor and graphics processor. Thanks to a wide range of creative tools, V-Ray allows you to visualize everything – from fast design models to the most detailed 3D scenes.

V-Ray For SketchUp is comprised of two different projects, the SketchUp project and the
NeUI project (A cross platform common UI for V-Ray products). Below are their change logs.
V-Ray | Sketchup
[New Feature]
(*) Add ‘Render Output / Aspect Ratio’ option ‘Match Viewport’
(*) Support renaming of materials during RT
(*) Implement ‘Active State’ for the render buttons that can also be used to stop the rending process
(*) Rename “Pack Scene” to “Pack Project”
(*) Move ‘Show Progress Window At Render’ to ‘V-Ray Render and Options’
(*) Disable ‘Safe-frame’ by default
(*) Safe-Frames stop working after a Scene/Page is saved
(*) Asset Editor’s Interactive Render button becomes unresponsive after using it to stop the process
(*) Changing the color of lights does not update the render in RT
(*) Max Photons for Caustics does not work in SketchUp or Rhino (see video).
(*) SketchUp materials imported once a scene has been activated fail to setup opacity correctly
(*) Archvision RPCs fail to renderer
(*) Batch Render – the VFB “Stop” button needs to stop the entire Batch Render
(*) ‘Match Photo’ views/cameras FOV is incorrectly set
(*) Section planes fail to load into the NeUI
(*) The ‘safe-frame’ behavior (focal-length tweak) breaks the ‘Photo Match’ SketchUp workflow and saved scenes
(*) Rectangle light can be resized but it keeps the original size in the render output (OSX)
(*) Textures with existing bitmap paths shouldn’t get auto-resolved
(*) image_filter plugins are not being serialized with the model
(*) Proxy fails to import correctly
(*) The “Track mouse while rendering” option of the VFB responds slowly
(*) VRMeshFile class leaking memory
(*) Replacing any map with a Bitmap tex causes issues with the select a file dialogue
(*) The Shadows switch does not update the scene during Interactive rendering
(*) When exporting Animation in .vrscene the output image is a single one overwritten for each frame
(*) The frame should be set correctly when an .vrscene file with animation is exported
NeUI 1.0.1
(*) Change light parameter defaults and slider ranges
(*) Add visual indication to the render buttons dropdown to make it looks like it is on top of everything else
(*) Add ‘Type’ icons in the Asset Editor ‘Light & Geometry’ lists
(*) The ‘Pick Focus Point’ and ‘Update'(viewport aspect) button icons should be updated
(*) Replace ‘render’ icons with the corresponding ‘stop’ icons, while rendering
(*) Add ‘Stereo Layout’ drop-down with ‘Top – Bottom / Side-By-Side’ options
(*) Add ‘Match Viewport’ option to the ‘Render Output / Aspect Ratio’ drop-down
(*) Change the colors of the NeUI icons to have consistent brightness
[New Feature]
(*) Re-organize Lights parameters
(*) Disable SettingsCaustics::show_calc_phase to prevent wrong results in rendered caustics
(*) The map’s checkbox of Rectangle light must be disabled by default
(*) The ‘Progressive’ switch button must be gayout in Interactive mode
(*) Selecting a matertial in host app make it the active material in the NeUI
(*) Rectangle and Mesh lights should use their own parameters for the color and texture
(*) The Render buttons and the Open Frame Buffer button are not blurred when the texture editor is open
(*) Decrease the animation length of the NeUI ‘Toggle’ buttons
(*) Directionality slider in the Rec. light has the wrong values
(*) Disabling the Max Trace Depth via its checkbox doesn’t work as expected on CPU production renderer
(*) Changing any of the Renderer section toggles while rendering is ongoing reflects only in the NeUI
(*) Reflect Backside and other setting like Trace reflection seem that are not hooked in the NeUI
(*) Selecting the fur object in the viewport do not select the fur object in the NeUI
(*) Environment :: Aerial Perspective switch button doesn’t work
(*) Fog color does not get correctly updated
(*) The arrow in the droppable area indicator is too big for colors dragged over the material Quick Settings view
(*) Problems selecting BitmapTex twice in a row
(*) Asset Editor buttons are draggable
(*) TexEdges::Pixels input is not working
(*) The ‘Safe Frame’ toggle tool-tip is incorrect
(*) noise texture is not scaled correctly
(*) automatically scroll to new added materials from the material library while the Quick Settings section is open

Year / Release Date: 2017
Version: 3.40.04
Developer: Chaos Software Ltd
Developer’s site:
Code: Select all

Bit depth: 64bit
Language: English
Tabletka: present
System requirements: Processor Intel® Pentium® IV or compatible processor with SSE3 support.
RAM 4 GB RAM and 4 GB swap minimum recommended 8 GB or more RAM, 8 GB or more swap file
TCP / IP Only IPv4 is supported. IPv6 is currently not supported
Operating System Windows® 7, Windows 8.1, Windows 10. (64-bit versions only)
SketchUp Version 2017 (64-bit versions only)




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