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Jan 02

XCOM 2 War of the Chosen 2017 Repack by xatab


XCOM 2 War of the Chosen 2017 RUS/ENG Repack by xatab | 39.8 GB


Earth is captured by alien creatures promising humanity a bright future. The only ones who resisted the colonization, the organization of XCOM, almost completely destroyed. Survivors are forced to hide in the outskirts, the last foci of freedom. You need to rally them, give the last battle to the invaders and restore peace and freedom to mankind …

Features of War of the Chosen:
– NEW FRACTIONS AND HEROES. In the Resistance, three additional factions formed: Reapers, Protectors and Templars. All of them have unique abilities and their own philosophy, which is often contrary to the convictions of other comrades-in-arms. Each faction guides you to help your experienced heroes, and also opens up new opportunities at a strategic level.
– FAVORITES. XCOM has never faced such clever enemies as the Chosen, each of which is endowed with unique strengths and weaknesses, changing from campaign to campaign. The Chosen lead the hunt for the Chief, therefore they try to take prisoners, interrogate and destroy the XCOM soldiers. They are also capable of harming and at the strategic level, bringing chaos into the actions of XCOM. Look for and storm their citadels by storm, to get rid of them once and for all.
– NEW ALIENS AND THREATS OF ADVENT. The battle is joined by a new deadly alien, known as the “Ghost”: he is able to create copies of XCOM soldiers. You will have to work out new tactics to deal with it, as well as with the fiery attacks of the cleaners and the psi-abilities of the “Advent” priests.
– NEW OBJECTIVES AND CONDITIONS. Tactical operations will lead you to abandoned cities, devastated by alien biological weapons, underground tunnels and thickets of extraterrestrial fauna.
– STRATEGIC LEVEL EXPANSION. You will build XCOM relations with factions, protect the Avenger from the Elected and give orders to Resistance in accordance with the chosen strategy. Now you can send soldiers, scientists and engineers to secret assignments, which, if successful, will bring you resources and increase your reputation among the factions.
– DIVERSITY AND UNIQUE RETURNS. Soldiers form a relationship with their combat comrades, gaining new abilities. The SITREP system unpredictably changes the conditions of tactical operations, turning each into a unique test. Advanced campaign settings allow you to adjust the duration and complexity of the game to your own preferences.
– TEST MODE. Choose the perfect strategy and cope with the tests chosen by the community to climb to the top of the world rankings.
– LET THE PEOPLE KNOW. You can create your own Resistance posters by choosing the poses and appearance of soldiers, filters, text and background. Your posters will appear in the game, and, moreover, they can be shared with friends.

Features of Repack:
• The release is based on CODEX
• Removed all the voice acting except English / nothing recoded
• Version: (Update 11)
• Shortcut for changing the language on the desktop
• Additions:
»XCOM 2 – Reinforcement Pack
»XCOM 2 – Resistance Warrior Pack
»XCOM 2 – Anarchy’s Children
»XCOM 2 – Alien Hunters
»XCOM 2 – Shen’s Last Gift
»XCOM 2: War of the Chosen
• The parameters for launching the game into a shortcut are registered (run the game strictly from the shortcut on the desktop)
• Installation time 20 minutes on the HDD (depends on the computer)
• Repack by xatab




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