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Sep 08

ProPresenter v7.2.0 (117571592) (x64)

ProPresenter v7.2.0 (117571592) (x64)

ProPresenter v7.2.0 (117571592) (x64) | 82 MB | Language: English

ProPresenter is a cross-platform (Mac and Windows) presentation & production application for live events. It seamlessly displays lyrics, slides, and media, making high-quality live productions easy. It is the indispensible tool for worship gatherings, sporting events, conferences, trade shows, and studio broadcasts.

ProPresenter operators control presentations on one screen, while dynamically presenting to an audience on one or more additional screens.

– No separate edit and present modes
– Outputs are always live
– Completely non-linear flexibility
– On demand Scripture lookup
– Separate Outputs, for lobby, auditorium, and stage displays
– Volunteer friendly
– On the fly run-of-show changes

Tell Your Story. Extraordinarily
Whatever the story you want to tell, ProPresenter has the tools to help you tell it in the most engaging way possible. With a completely revamped video engine that is equally suitable for powering presentations in a room of 100 people or 100,000, the quality and professionalism of ProPresenters output is unprecedented.

High quality video output
The ability to create high-quality video is becoming increasingly easy, making the use of videos in productions more prevalent than ever. The ProPresenter video engine (the same as is at the heart of PVP3) is the perfect way to present your final edit.

You can import and play videos instantly in ProPresenter. It also includes the ability to set in and out points dynamically, effect color, brightness, and volume, and crop/scale videos dynamically. Video effects empower you to leverage your video library to create limitless new looks for your pre-produced content. In addition, these same effects and manipulations can also be used on live video sources.

A multi-layered architecture allows for backgrounds, live video layers, slides, props, and masks to be controlled independently.

– High-quality transistions
– Announcements layer to show rolling announcements on one screen while rehearsing on another
– Individual slide settings for transitions and object builds
– Scale and cropping of media
– Data-driven text boxes (such as current time and countdown timers)
– Dynamically overlaid content
– Context driven visibility (clear a timer when it reaches the end)

Advanced Features Now included!
ProPresenter 7 has a number of advanced features previously sold separately in Pro6 as add-on, paid for modules that offered additional features and capabilities beyond what your typical church needed. The typical church these days, however, has grown more sophisticated in their productions. We love seeing this and want to see more of it so Renewed Vision is now including these advanced features in Pro7 at no additional cost (a $2,593 value if all were purchased separately)!

Output to multiple displays with different combinations of content all at once, including multiple stage displays

Alpha Keyer
Output Broadcast-quality key and fill channels

Edge Blending
Project onto wide screens with multiple projectors and blend their edges to create one seemless, extra wide image

Master Control
Control multiple ProPresenter machines from a single computer (coming soon)

Control ProPresenters functions from MIDI, DMX, or broadcast video

Send video out over SDI (coaxial cable) or over your network (Ethernet).

Stage Display
A sophisticated Stage Display output empowers you to communicate information to the people on stage. Show the content your stage talent needs to see including clocks, timers, current slide, next slide, slide notes, and stage announcements. Maintain flexibility of your Stage Display layouts using our advanced editor. With the output capabilities of ProPresenter you can use any layout on as many stage displays that you have available.

You deserve software thats easy to use
Regardless of how powerful a tool is, its value is determined by how easy it is to access that power. ProPresenter was designed from the beginning to allow beginners to feel confident in running the software with only a few minutes of training. We make all of our training available online via free video tutorials you can access before you even purchase the software. Here are just some of the ways that we make it easy for you to create the presentations that tell your story.

Release Notes:
New Capture audio inputs from any source.
New Experience video inputs in a new way with live previews, custom thumbnails, and advanced audio configuration.
New Output audio with SDI and NDI.
Adds disk capacity checks during recording to ensure ProPresenter can properly close the video file before running out of disk space.
Adds the total presentation time to the header when the presentation uses a Slideshow timer or Go To Next timers with a loop to beginning.
Fixes a bug preventing slides with custom pen-drawn shapes from importing.
Fixes a bug causing presentations to not show in search results.
Fixes performance issues when using a presentation within multiple Planning Center playlists.
Fixes print settings not saving.
Fixes a bug causing media slide elements to ignore end behavior.
Fixes a bug causing ProRemote to show an incorrect next slide.
Fixes a bug that prevents adding image elements to CCLI templates.
Fixes a bug where slide elements with media fills are cropped by a few pixels on the output.
Fixes a bug with imported PowerPoint slide images not copying to the media repository.
Fixes a bug preventing CCLI templates from having automatic builds.
Fixes a bug where where slide builds cause the next slide on a Stage screen to be incorrect.
Fixes issue with performance caused by multiple playlists containing the same presentation.
Fixes an issue where calendar actions would not trigger for Planning Center playlists.
Fixes an issue where chord charts from previous presentations are not cleared when a new presentation is opened.
Fixes an issue where playlist order is not maintained when duplicating folders in the media bin.
Fixes issues with stability when using ASIO drivers.
Fixes a bug with Bibles creating single word slides when the theme is using text scaling.
Fixes a crash when syncing support files.
Fixes an issue with text spacing and indentation when importing from Windows to Mac.
Fixes a bug where text lists are always enabled when importing from Windows to Mac.
Fixes a crash when dragging media cues from the Media Bin into a presentation.
Fixes a crash caused by recording screens with names that contain invalid characters.
Fixes a bug where reflowing clipboard text does not save changes before import.
Fixes a bug preventing a prop to be triggered via MIDI command.
Fixes an issue where local sync would not merge files when syncing down.
Fixes an issue causing imported images from PowerPoint to be low resolution.
Fixes a bug where slide labels from media actions are not removed when the media action is removed.
Fixes an issue causing presentations in ProPresenter Remote to display a file path instead of the presentation name.
Fixes an issue where remote Stage apps display content on the announcement layer.
Fixes a crash when changing support files location.
Fixes an issue causing the editor to resize indefinitely.
Fixes a bug causing QuickEdit to be unavailable for empty text elements.
Fixes an issue preventing live video thumbnails from being seen beneath a media thumbnail.
Fixes an issue where starting an RTMP stream would cause ProPresenter to stop responding for several seconds before the stream begins.
Fixes an issue where copying and pasting a slide with a MIDI action does not preserve the MIDI action’s configuration.
Fixes a bug causing IME to not work as expected on Windows version 2004.
Fixes an issue where the timer action popover does not show the selected timer’s name in the popup button.
Fixes an issue causing text tabs to not work properly.
Fixes an issue where CCLI artist data fails to migrated from ProPresenter 6.
Fixes an issue with formatting pasting text from Word.
Fixes an issue where imported document bundles are not added to the selected playlist.
Fixes a bug causing ProPresenter 6 presentation text attributes to not migrate as expected.
Fixes an issue with unexpected line height values in the stage layout after migrating from ProPresenter 6.
Fixes a bug preventing multiple copies of same document in a playlist.
Fixes a bug causing the presentation background color to not be included in the exported slide image.
Fixes an issue with an audio glitch occurring at the end of audio playback in timeline.
Fixes a bug causing text links to break during slide duplication.
Fixes a bug where presentations could incorrectly trigger to the announcement layer when using go to next timers.
Fixes an issue where media in/out points are lost in migration from ProPresenter 6.
Fixes an issue with importing SongSelect presentations with lyrics that match a group pattern.
Fixes a bug when importing text files with colon.
Fixed a bug where quick edit allows locked text boxes to be edited.
Fixes a bug causing record or streaming with Dante as an audio out to fail.
Fixes an issue with creating presentations using reserved Windows words.
Fixes an issue where the name is not automatically highlighted when a playlist header.
Fixes an issue causing bundle imports from Mac to Windows to fail when file paths are too long.
Fixes a crash when cropping media in inspector.
Fixes an issue with NIV bible not showing all verses in 1 Chronicles 25.
Fixes an issue with re-importing powerpoint and choosing "Overwrite" not overwriting the existing presentation.
Fixes a bug with Japanese/Korean/Chinese text input in the slide editor.
Fixes a bug with importing SongSelect presentation automatically switching to the library.
Fixes a bug with importing text that contains quotation marks.
Fixes a bug where line breaks are not removed from slide notes when migrated from ProPresenter 6 presentations.
Fixes an issue preventing pasting of web images in the editor.
Fixes a bug preventing audio actions from being controlled when an image is also present.
Fixes a bug where chord charts are not imported properly from bundles.
Fixes an issue where notes from PowerPoint slides do not import.
Fixes an issue where triggering multiple stage layout actions could cause the stage destinations to flip back and forth.
Fixes a bug where yellow hatches show on the stage screen when a slide is triggered with a stage layout and message action.
Fixes an issue where media elements in the editor are drawn incorrectly when cropping is applied.
Fixes a bug where background colors are not migrated.
Fixes an issue with importing a presentation to a target playlist not automatically selecting the target playlist.
Fixes an issue where the Canon EOS Webcam Utility does not show as an input.
Fixes a crash when rapidly changing changing text styles.
Fixes a crash when editing elements on stage layouts.
Fixes playback issues with .mpg files.
Fixes an issue where channeling routing for ASIO devices would not save.
Fixes an issue that prevented pasting an unlock code with hyphens into the registration window.
Fixes an issue where new themes do not have a default name.
Fixes a bug with thumbnails not reflecting the media scaling.
Fixes an issue with timeline adding two items for a single trigger event while recording.

System Requirements:
– Windows 10: Version 1903 (build 18362) or newer
– GPU: If you are outputting to more than 4 HD screens, you should have a dedicated (meaning, not integrated) GPU.
– Video compression: H264 or H265 (HEVC) at 30mbps or less for HD, 50mbps for 4K; For videos with Alpha channels, ProRes 4444 is recommended.


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